Reminder: House Rep. Ilhan Omar Is An Islamic Operative And She Despises America

(Tea Party 247) – Ilhan Omar is an Islamic plant in American politics. It’s blatantly obvious that she hates America, hates democracy and especially hates Christians and Jews. She plays her part well enough to fool enough people into actually voting for her that she won and is now a state representative in Washington DC but she most definitely isn’t fooling everyone.

In 2013, she tweeted a post indicating her disapproval of Muslims celebrating Christmas.

Big League Politics reports:

According to Omar, it’s unfortunate that some Muslim Americans should choose to celebrate a storied American holiday.

Islamic reformer Imam Tawhidi shared the old tweet on Thursday.

Some Muslims do in fact celebrate Christmas, and the practice isn’t as uncommon as Omar’s tweet might make it seem. Jesus is revered as a prophet in Islam. Perhaps ironically, it may be more common for Muslims in Islamic countries(usually with substantial Christian minority populations) to celebrate Christmas than in the west.

Some American Jews also celebrate Christmas in a secularized fashion.

Since being elected, Omar hasn’t spoken of the same spiteful anti-Christmas sentiment. She even went so far as to wish the constituents of her district a Merry Christmas, but her holiday greetings might seem hollow in light of her remarks about the tradition back in 2013.

Omar has increasingly become a progressive leader in the Democratic Party. There are other reasons to believe she harbors a fair degree of Islamist views, including a vote against official recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Omar has made it clear her top priority and interest is Islam. She has posted some seriously intolerant and hateful things in the past but now tries to downplay these things to maintain her position of power and Americans are literally giving her a free pass and the means to push the Islamic agenda within our own government.

Make no mistake; Ilhan Omar is attempting to undermine our very democracy and destroy America from the inside.

Liberal Americans are so completely blinded by their virtue-signaling and faux morality that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Islamists have been telling us who they are for centuries yet in enlightened 21st century America, we’re welcoming their disdain and hatred with open arms. Liberals are even calling it the “religion of peace” despite their repeated demonstrations of terrorism to show us just how peaceful they are.

It’s racist to point out Islamic terrorism in woke 21st century America.

Muslims have been placed near the top of the liberal social caste system and are virtually untouchable. If a Muslim executes a mass shooting, like the one that just occurred at the Florida Naval base, the mainstream media goes into immediate defensive mode to protect Islam.

It’s hard to even process the fact that American media outlets are literally downplaying acts of terror carried out by Muslims in which Americans are killed. That is downright deranged.

Meanwhile, Muslims all over the Middle-East are laughing at us. We are playing right into their hands and thanks to ignorant voters in Minnesota, they now have an operative on the inside.


  1. I have said since her unfortunate election victory & uttered her 1st words that she’s an anti-American terrorist funded by ISIS, Al Qada & other terrorist organizations. Talib is another – AOC is just a flake with no financial or engineering intelligent research to back up her hair-brain half wit fantasies. But I have to wonder, much like many sane & practical Americans, is how she actually got that many votes to win. Did any of those voters actually hear her speak? Saw a Youtube news video from 1980 when some educated idiot stated the world would end if we didn’t clean up our pollution act in 10 yrs. Well that was 40 yrs ago & we are still here.


  3. Ilhan Omar has serious issues with her country of origin and her religion. Firstly, why else is she in the USA. Secondly, and why is she always in the news regarding her religion. She and her pals who make up the Squad have serious issues regarding their personal esteem and now like a plague has hit the American population.

  4. Re Somali sea-piracy.
    Ever hear that line from them and their liberal excusers that , oh, umm, the Somalis only engage in boarding and ransoming tankers etc, because foreign fishing boats fished out their fisheries, denying them their traditional livelihood.

    If that is true…why don’t they just jack the foreign fishing boats?
    Instead of tankers and container-ships?

    I’m sorry, but Africa is just wasted on the Africans.

  5. Less than 20 years after 9-11, something like THIS is able to not only actually be endorsed as a (D) congressional candidate, but actually be elected to US Congress.
    Where it then actually proceeds to lecture you on a weekly basis.
    Picture, THIS…juxtaposed against 9-11, less than 20 years on.

    How has this even been possible?
    immigration policies?
    Our own “tolerance” obsession turned blatantly and directly against us?


    • Omar is nothing more than a Somalian pirate. She supports all piracy of ships coming anywhere close to the garbage strewn country of Somalia. Frankly, I wouldn’t even come close to those “people.” They have more diseases than Thrifty has pills. You have to feel sorry for someone born and raised there, but I don’t.

  7. That idiot Mayor De blasio. or “Big Bird”if you’d rather
    has the nerve to say that the White house is the reason anti-semitism is on the rise when you have a BLATANT anti-semite in Omar representing the democratic party
    These people are the epitome of the word hypocrite!
    because thats what they do they accuse others of what they have or are actively doing at any given time!

    • That’s exactly right – it’s as though they are looking in a mirror. They are either totally stupid or they know they are lying when they are being hypocritical. I believe they turn things around because they know their liberal base will lap it up. Their base believes whatever they say and never hears the other side or, if they do, they refuse to believe anything other then what they are being fed from the left media and politicians. I know someone like this who never even votes. If I dare say the word Trump, she gets extremely defensive and agitated and it’s clear she has no idea what she’s talking about. They are like sheep with no minds of their own. It is extremely sad that this is going on and very frightening. I really worry about our country.

    • my question exactly, as laid out above.

      9-11 + <<20 years.
      Somehow, the Democratic party endorses this as a candidate, and somehow, our electorate as a whole, actually sends it to Congress.
      Would we have believed this possible, THAT day 2001?

  8. House Rep. Ilhan Omar is an Islamic operative ? . . . . OR, a contemporary, progressive Democrat version of an anti-American Trojan horse.

    • Proably both but one thing is certain; she should not be in Congress because she entered this country illegally using the name of Omar and that is not her family name. It means she falsified the documentation to enter this country. She has ties to terrorist organizations as well which, under the law could subject her to deportation.
      Where is the Department of Justice on this?

  9. Oh no shit? Have to ask where they got their first clue? Woman needs to have citizenship stripped and deported back to Somalia.

  10. her district is mainly muslim thanks to bath house barry. she’s been accused of being a spy, married her brother to come to this country. she’s not happy here, then ship her muslim back side back to somila and let her take the rest of the squad with her along with the democraps, libturds, socialist, and commies and all those idiot actors who also hate this country with her.. i’m sure somlia is nice this time of year. she ‘s a lot like bath house barry she hates this country and all that it stands for.

    • She is very happy, or very eager, to be here, or anywhere in the west, same as they all are.
      None would go back.
      They do not cause the trouble that they do, because of not wanting to be here.
      It’s hardwired into them to cause trouble wherever they go.
      It is actually part of their religion, to be the cuckoo bird.
      Don’t let them give you this ‘Islam teaches respect the law of the land” double-talk.
      It teaches them to respect the law of the land provided it is in step with their AD600 brain-tumor religion. Failing that, it is their duty to fight it, by sword or pen or big mouth.

      It’s why they just got their asses chased out of Myanmar.
      When even the Buddhist monks start coming for you, maybe it is just time to actually take an honest look at your own ugly reflection in the mirror.Something they have just never attempted.

  11. Insightful and accurate.
    Americans need to elect more leaders that will stand up to this degradation of our society. First we must stop the invasion disguised as immigration until the genuine American immigrants have been able to assimilate.
    It might take one or two generations for them to fully integrate in to the american way of life. Otherwise, our culture will be lost and be nearly impossible to recover.
    Not being xenophobic, just living in the real world. Patriotism is a good thing, do not be fooled by the propaganda unless you are ready to lose your hard fought way of life. History is the best teacher, pick up a book and read before the agenda driven propagandists steal what’s left of your independence. Maybe start with some George Orwell. Time is running out America, it’s our future at stake.

  12. First, her citizen ship has to be rescinded and she should NEVER be allowed to become an American citizen again.She has displayed traitorous methods to get into our country, she should be sent back to Sudan, where she came from; see how far her imperious attitude and big mouth takes her.
    She should charged to repay all the education she got from us especially university.
    She has violated many rules of Congress, while the deep state allows this anarchy to prevail. I have come to believe ALL democrats, RINOs are in league with the Mexican drug cartels and the Soros’ anarchy groups pay them all off, like whores on the street, to denigrate and destroy our country.
    We must take back our educational system, teach the kids the truth, not the propaganda being fed to them now.

  13. Let’s get it straight……It is not the ignorant voters in Minnesota as much as it is the large number of Somalian refugees that were settled in the district that she represents. They intentionally voted for her!!

  14. Send her back to Somalia including her family, those people will never assimilate to our society. If she is an operative of Islam she should be treated as a spy nd treated as such

  15. Wherever Islam expands there is blood letting, looting and rape.Sweden, 2019-Germany and England. Omar is a known quality yet young Americans, who have been indoctrinated in Universities, believe the lies,the antisemitism,the hate for America coming from “progressives”.Example: Obama was a god to these students preaching Islam is a religion of peace” and it was the USA that was the worst country in the world.

  16. Yes allowing unlimited unvetted refugees to populate an area that is also largely populated by libratards suffering from “white liberal guilt” who also embrace all things progressive like removing the Pledge of Allegiance from city council meetings you get Ilhan Omar, AOC Rashida Talhib etc.!!!! It is on good conservatives to correct this problem at the ballot box in 2020!!!

  17. Now maybe you can understand why china is trying to get rid of the muslims in their country. They are trying to destroy our way of life and our wonderful congress is sticking up for them against china. China is no better but just for once can we mind our own business n butt out.

  18. My “theory” is that Obama opened many “lanes” of information to our enemies during his two terms in office. I venture Obama gave our enemies several means to be able to “peak” into our sensitive military and government files to garner many secrets. Omar and Tlaib are using their access as members of our Congress to more sensitive materials and passing info onto persons who then pass it onto our enemies in the Nation of Islam both here and abroad.

  19. Remember,all elections have consequences.Do your homework before you vote.Save ourselves a lot of heartache.The good LORD will take care of this garbage pail.Don”t even have to raise a finger.

    to boot !!


    • BULLSHIT ! get her the hell out of american soil. Nothing but a DIRT BAG. Her kind was kicked out af ABRAHAMS tent all those years ago with ISHMALE. HAND MAIDEN my ass. A thorn in SARAS side and one of the best humans on the planet.

  22. Obviously Americans can be really stupid. They won’t learn until it personally affects them. Make no mistake there will be another 911 that will be 10’s worse. This is my belief before someone calls me a terrorist. We’re so worried about hurting their feeling and being politically correct that we forget about our fellow American lives. This is exactly what they want and they are not a peaceful religion. They have proven this all over the world. Do we want to become another Sweden, Europe. Look how they overtook those countries. Their citizens have no freedom of speech, options or they are the ones prosecuted not the terrorist who wrote threatening letters. Example, the journalist in our country who literal pasted what the terrorist at the Naval Academy said and was fired. Unbelievable, they are doing what they set out to do. When you have to bow down and women have to be subservient or be killed, there will be no turning back. This is why the border wall is so important. We literally let in some terrorist from 911 even though we knew they were suspected terrorist. So who really is to blame? Stop being so socially political and stop them before it’s too late. Do not let them I. The government to make our laws.

    • I guess when it DOES happen again, THIS time, we will actually have to take part of the blame ourselves.
      We had 9-11…and we learned virtually nothing from it.
      We have taken more of them in each year post 9-11, than we did b4 it.
      For the express purpose of Islamic triumphalism, to flip us the finger, they built a thinly camouflaged-by-euphemistic-name so-called ‘prayer centre” ie, mosque, 3 blocks from the twin towers..while a Jewish liberal NYC mayor applauded and stood up for them doing so????

      When we do get slaughtered again on our own streets by them, do we still even believe that even THIS time, we will pull our heads out of the sand and just get it?
      If 2001 was not enough of a wake-up call, what would it take?
      It has adversely affected the quality of life ever since, not just in America, but entire West. We ALL spend $billions needed elsewhere on airport and port security,and on constant but dubious programs at ‘monitoring” militant-minded muslims on our own streets.We have surrendered conveniences in our luggage etc in the name of safety.That largely came about not from 9-11, but from a subsequent plot to down 10 US/UK airliners at once with carry-on soda-bottle bombs.
      It came within a hairs-breadth of success, as at least two shoe-bombing attempts have.
      Apparently –scores or hundreds– of failed/thwarted attacks do not really count.

      One of our answers to all of this, is to usher something like IOmar into US Congress.
      I despair that anything that happens will effectively wake us the f*8k up already.
      But yeah, little doubt there are some great and greater than 9-11 horrors ahead.

  23. it is sad so many Americans are being so guillable that they believe anything that comes out of the mouth of people who HATE this country and the guillable cannot hear the hateful rhetoric that is being spewed

    • Very frightening situation & woman! How can sharp, astute, semi-intelligent Americans fall for her blatant hate of ALL we hold dear. Many many people have given their lives to protect & defend EVERYTHING AMERICA IS!!! This heretic needs to be GONE…in any way . And American voters & young NEED to WAKEUP!!!

    • The Muslims are now in the Halls of Congress. I is like having the Nazis Gestapo or the Communist in Congress making law for the people of this Country. God Help us?

    • GOD helps those who help themselves. He is on the side of the RIGHTOUS. I am fallen human but that doesnt blind me to the TRUTH !!!

    • We need to keep a close eye on those crooked Dems, they are going to pull out all stops in this 2020 election, the time to act is NOW, call family and friends, keep each other informed on what’s going on in this country, we have to have security at every polling place, the Dems are going to try and steal any area they can, be on your guard and spread the word!! we may not get a second chance, if we lose this one, GOD HELP US ALL!!

    • it’s worse than Gestapo /Nazis or communists.
      Under Western totalitarianism, at least the trains usually ran on time.
      Islam finds ways to combine fascism/totalitarianism with decay and shambles.
      Everything turns to utter Third World sh** and you still get a free skydiving lesson off the roof if you critique any of it.

  24. You got it wrong. It’s not the voters we should give thanks to. She took an oath and has violated it. Blame the “Deep State” that has no accountability for such violations and encourages it to destroy America from within. We don’t expect the blame to go where it needs to be by so called journalists.

  25. We have November 3rd 2020 to get it right people. If we don’t get it right then I’m afraid we will only have one other option and it’s not going to be pretty. Vote these idiot’s out in 2020. Vote for America not Islam.

    • Yup, your right, I’m afraid if this crap keeps happening and evil demonCrats keep getting elected it will take shots fired to solve the problem!

    • Yes, but this twat was elected mid-term Congressional elections AFTER Trump, right?
      So, even if Trump wins next November, which seems better than even-money bet atm.
      Her and Talaib will still be there in Congress, and , one assumes, may well be re-endorsed and then re-elected by same local black muslim voters as put her there in the first place?

      I always thought that one of the saving graces about Minnesota was that they were mostly Swedish or Norwegian…Why are there blatant in the open cells of al-Shabab Horn of Africa Blackhawk-down genre blacks there anyway?
      How did ANY of this come about, less than 20 years post 9-11?

  26. Cautiously optimistic about todays T PARTYY. Back in 2006-2009 I was very active but now I’m a lot older 93 and not alive any more. By the way two things

    #1 ISLAM HAS HAD THE GOAL OF WORLD DOMINATION FOR OVER 1,400 YEARS and ALL muslims are dedicated to that goal regardless of what they are doing now but pulling the “wool
    over our eyes especially the politicians.

    #2 It the DEMOCRAT PARTY every time the IC is used it makes them happy because that is the way they want it to be used.

  27. Let’s quote the Kuran: Islam is the religion of peace for the “true believer”, but a religion of war for the infidels.
    There are three approved reasons to lie: to make peace between wives; to make peace between your mutual friends, and to enemies, “because deceit is the essence of war. The term “true believers”, has caused untold wars between Islamic sects and against all other religions. Muslims will lie about anything that can further their ends.

    • NEVER A REASON TO LIE so use that excuse on those who believe BULLSHIT. The quran for something else like starting a fire and the meaning of that print is exactly that. I DONT STUTTER

    • QURAN SUCKS ROTTEN EGGS EVERY SINCE THAT MURDERER MOHAMMAD HAD EPELITC NIGHTMARES wrote his delusions down and said it came from god (notice little “god”)

  28. So amazing! We all know of the past history of muslims and their hatred of non-muslims and their agenda of taking over the world at which time non-muslims would be killed. And then the western world brings them in and allows them to proceed. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • I do not even really believe that Satan would even hire these crying yelling wailing psycho freaks.

      If Satan had an army, it would tend to be more apparently savoury.

      It is not really because they are particularly good at their jobs that they have managed to even colonise us to the extent that they have.
      It is our own stubborn post-modernist naivete and stupidity, plus some intriguing by the likes of Soros and Juncker Globalist elites, that even one load of them was ever allowed to enter the West.
      Satan might be laughing at all of this, or maybe not, not sure about that..not sure he actually wants this particular insanity malaise and kind of evil to inherit the world.
      I think maybe Putin and what has happened in places like Russia is more classic Satan.
      Really bad bad guys have totally triumphed there, maybe in a lot of the rest of Eastern Europe too.
      But not ridiculous lunatic locusts…

  29. More BS from the “patriots”, whatever that means. When you have an opportunity please define
    the term “patriot.” It seems to mean someone who agrees with nonsense.

  30. If she is so dis-enchanted with America and its people she should be sent back to the Middle East and deposited in whatever filthy hole we can find for her. She is no longer welcome in America and the less we hear or see of her the better for all!

    • The Byotch came from Darkest Africa, Somalia, to be Exact! She falsely married her own Brother, who was already in the U,S, A., to be allowed to stay here! She reportedly has Other lovers as well! A real POS! You can thank Obammy ‘Yo Mammy’ for Importing Thousands of Somalis to Minnesota!

    • She came from a place which is a S-hole even by African standards.
      And despite engaging in immigration fraud, false statements, which have since been exposed, she is not only still here but has been able to get hired to Congress.

      I agree that she actually needs a Senate committee investigation, and the whole thing needs putting right, by pushing her scarfed ass head-first out of back of C130 onto Mogadishu airstrip.

  31. Ilhan Omar is the most ungrateful foreigner I have ever seen . I hope her constituents see this.
    By the way, Ilhan, Merry Christmas!

    • Ever encountered an actual grateful one of her kind?

      there are glad ones, but not many actual grateful ones.
      It’s not the same thing.
      One problem is that ever since the end of Colonialism, and utter failure of post-Colonialism, our colleges have run around incessantly pushing the barrow that we are somehow to blame for their problems for ever, and that we owe them something.
      Which we are not, and do not.
      Hard to get away from the fact that it is those from our own ranks who have enabled ALL of this.
      The Ilhan Omars of the world, and there are countless more like her over there waiting, cannot make it here without idiots among us collaborating with them.
      What excuses are made?

  32. Why is she still in office?
    Better yet why was she even allowed to run for office? Doesnt anybody vet these people? Didnt we learn anything after Obama got elected without being thoroughly vetted?

    • The same reason islamobama was “placed” in office by Russia. The Deep state needs her and many more like her.

    • she still is in office because we still have DEMON-CRAPS idiots in the government. They are just as corrupt as OMAR is.


  34. The fact that she married her brother and has children by him, then cheated on her 2nd husband with her friends husband shows she has less morals then a dog. She has shown her disdain for America and everything we stand for so we should send her back to where she came from.

  35. America is NOT a Country for Muslim’s to Live in, IF they Can’t accept our ways. I knew
    when We started to Allow them Just to come in without having a strong Vetting before
    allowing them to enter America,we would regret it and Hussein Obama Allowed this.
    I am very GLAD I am 78, so I won’t have to live with them, trying to change America,

    • OBAMA (BARRY SORTORO) imported 20,000 of those mixed up sand ni**ers to MINNISOTA alone and thats only the tip of that mountain. Their was another huge importation in the southwest

  36. Where are the Crusaders !!???
    It is real …the call of Jihad has reached our shores! Damn liberals, holier than thou, welcome Islamic immigrants without understanding the threat to destroy us from within. liberals also allow foreigners to be elected to infiltrate our government to destroy us Like. We allow American Citizenship to anyone without knowing where they came from…we are too lacks!
    ALL ARAB MUSLIM COUNTRIES HATE AMERICA! So why are they here????

  37. She is an Adultress! Doesn’t that qualify for a good Stoning in the Sharia Law?
    Dig a hole, take off her shoes and light her up!!!!!

    • This thing is not the only one that should be exterminated. If we let this crap continue we will be in a world of hurt. Bottom line————

    • Is it not the height of hypocrisy to desire to impose Sharia law on us and then commit a sin worthy of death under Sharia law and deny that it happened. Not only that but the record shows she paid her lover hundreds of thousands of dollars out of her campaign fund which is illegal under our election laws. Where is the outrage in the major news outlets for this. Impeachment is just trying to divert attention away from the many crimes being committed by Dem politicians hoping that crooks like Omar, Tlaib, AOC, Biden and others will be able to continue to bilk the taxpayers out of huge sums of money while claiming they are good moral people. Lock them up and throw away the key. Wake up America.

    • This POS is a muslim! No muslims belong in our country! I’m for live and let live but, these PsOS want to destroy our county! This is soetoro’s fault and he should be punished by execution!

    • muslims out birth Americans. So does people of LATIN desent like the dirt bags from the southern border and TRUMP is trying to change that with a border WALL., SO DAMN MANY THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR WITH welfare, medical free stuff, drivers licence, actual cash pay outs, and people like Garsetti and Newson politions. I knew we were in trouble when Newsom was in power in San Frisco

  38. I tried to expose her intentions for America about a year ago but to no avail because no one wants to know the truth about her march to destroy our Country and America and Christianity in America. We must not allow her to continue to do this to our Country or the people of America or Christianity in America. She must be removed from office now and forever because she is a disgrace to the Country and the world and dangerous for the House of Representatives where she is destroying our Country from within

    • The DEMON-CRAPS are mostly non christian like PELOSI although she says she prays but more like PREYS and to a heathen god. I am an unworthy person but I follow JESUS and he is in control and will soon take the stage and then we all pay for our wrong doings, The key deiety is CHRIST and he has NEVER given control to the EVIL ONE

  39. And yet she and the left call conservatives racist. They love to twist and turn the tables tp benefit their own cause of destruction of America. Wake up and please remember 9/11.

  40. Why was there NOT a FULL BACKGROUND CHECK done before this she-dog enter congress?
    Oh yes that right it was done by the Anti-American Nazi socialist democrats!

  41. Still can’t wrap my head around the fact that was actually elected! Just shows you how stupid and dangerous identity politics is. Biggest problem is that none of the idiots who elected them end up being victims of them.

    • How she got elected is the Islamic refugees concentrate in a certain area until they get enough Islamics in that district to win an election. It’s been going on for years in England. They have eleven Muslim mayor’s in England including London. They got elected employing those very tactics. That’s why the people voted to leave open borders EU. They have had enough. Wake up America.


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