Religious Discrimination At Play As One Michigan County Threatens 14 Amish Families

(Tea Party 247) – Some people just like being miserable and since misery loves company, it’s a scary thing when these kinds of people manage to find themselves in positions of power. One of the biggest threats facing Americans today are miserable people who want to restrict our religious liberties and freedom. Such is the case for an Amish community in Michigan who could soon be facing the demolition of 14 of their homes.

According to DC Clothesline:

After harassing the Amish community for years regarding its water supply and disposal, the county health department posted signs on the Amish families’ homes earlier this year condemning them as “unfit for human habitation” and filed lawsuits against 14 Amish families in November.

If successful, the lawsuits would result in the demolition of the Amish families’ homes and would effectively banish an entire religious community from Lenawee County. The ACLU and Wright & Schulte filed answers to those lawsuits Wednesday in Lenawee County Circuit Court, which include counterclaims against the county for religious discrimination in violation of the federal and state constitutions and the federal Fair Housing Act.

“The county is persecuting this Amish community because of their deeply held religious beliefs that have safely guided their way of life for generations,” Phil Mayor, senior staff attorney with ACLU of Michigan, said. “Lenawee County residents should be outraged that their local officials, using taxpayer money and in the county’s name, have condemned their Amish neighbors’ homes and are threatening to demolish their houses, and leave them homeless. They should contact their county commissioners and other local officials and implore them to end this vicious attack on the Amish religion.”

Ironic how the ACLU is all about protecting the Amish and their “deeply held” religious convictions but hell hath no fury like the ACLU when they find out Christians are displaying the nativity at Christmas time. There is no tolerance for those religious convictions, apparently. Maybe no one told the ACLU that the Amish believe in Jesus Christ? I digress. On this particular issue, we should be glad the ACLU has decided to take a stand for the Amish, who are being unfairly targeted.

DC Clothesline continues:

The Amish community in Lenawee County adheres to their “old order” religious way of life by hand-pumping water from wells, using outhouses instead of flush toilets, and not using electricity, cell phones, or automobiles. Despite the fact that the Amish community’s choice to live in traditional ways causes no harm to themselves or anyone else, the Lenawee County Health Department has condemned their homes and is now asking a court to authorize the demolition of their property, unless the Amish community abandons its religious beliefs.

“This is not a question of public health – it’s Lenawee County officials using religious discrimination as a tactic to run this Amish community out of their homes and destroy their way of life,” stated Richard Schulte, and attorney with Wright & Schulte, LLC. “This community’s commitment to live according to their religion harms no one.”

This is true. Not only do the Amish take fine care of themselves, as they have been doing for centuries, they aren’t hurting anyone else either. This is blatant religious discrimination and it will be an absolute outrage and travesty if the county makes 14 Amish families homeless.

The Amish keep to themselves and local governments need to respect that and leave them be. Not to mention the fact that they have the same religious liberties and freedom that all Americans are privileged enough to enjoy and therefore this kind of treatment is completely unconstitutional.


  1. The Amish is a religious sect that should be protected by the Constitution, and easy win in court. I do not know who is driving this evacuation and the reason’s behind it? I witnessed the Amish in Pennsylvania and was a pleasure to see the old life without technology is carried on, the quilts and craftsmanship is second to none. I do realize their is a large Muslim population that is intolerant to any other religion. We also need to be careful about protecting Islam which is not only a religion; but, a political movement and if this is the case it cannot be treated the same way under our constitution, specifically if this is behind the movement. I do not know if this is a fact, we should look into the root cause as well as the motivation on city politics which cannot over rule the constitution and the Amish need to be protected regardless.

    • Excellent. Please keep talking as many are clueless and believe the sob-story lies about Muslims being persecuted.
      Islam has now considered itself as conqueror of America, and American apathy feeds this demonic monster.
      Jesus is our only hope as Allah is Satan, or a high under lord.

  2. This is the new wave of the socialist secular/humanist bologna slicers of America. Why are the other citizens of this county not in an uproar over this? Don’t they realize they’ll be subject to this and other idiotic decisions made by the jackass’ in the court house! The Amish are not looking at this, but if they hear about it let them know others out here think the county is in VIOLATION of the U.S. Constitution!

  3. Read the article… it specifically states it has nothing to do with health regulations. They want their religion gone. (And their well kept property for their own financial gain)

    • Not only do the supposed government in that county want the land. It is perfect land that has been tended for hundreds of years by a group of Americans who have chosen to live their life off the map. Their lands are pristine, their animals and crops are well tended and the children go to their own school. If that govt takes over and pushed these people out of their land, we (AMERICANS ). HAVE COMMITTED A CRIME AGAINST THESE PEOPLE BUT ALSO AGAINST GOD>. I’VE READ ABOUT THESE SO CALLED “GOOD CHRISTIANS” AND THEY ARE NO MORE CHRISTIAN AND BELIEVE IN GOD THAN MY DOG DOES. THEY, LIKE THE DEMS AND CLINTONS ONLY DESIRE POWER, CONTROL AND MONEY. THESE PEOPLE DESERVE TO BE ALLOWED TO LIVE IN THEIR TOWN THEY CREATED. AGAIN, BIG GOVERNMENT!

  4. I’m with the AMISH–Something like this happened like this to another religious group in the 1830,s and 1840’s . It was mainly in Missouri and Illinois and New York and OHIO. Look up HAHN’s MILL , when innocent women, and children and some men were gunned downed. IT was a fight over religion–and land– Yep– it was ‘them Mormon’s. They were run out of the country–Evan the FEDS were chasing them–

  5. Watch out for ACLU. They are the attorneys for the Humanist! This all sounds like Randy Weaver’s Waco, Texas, all over again.

  6. Watch out for ACLU, they are the Humanist’s attorneys. Sounds like Randy Weaver’s Waco, Texas,
    again. Where was ACLU back then?

  7. Religious Liberty is so important to America, that it was enumerated in the very First Amendment to the Constitution. Religions teach individuals to change themselves. Political movements advocate changing others, sometimes by force of government, sometimes by force of arms.

    It’s apparent to me that those that knuckle under to the demands of political Islam, that surrender American values to the tyranny of Sharia law are the true “Islamophobics.” They fear Islam so much that they refuse to stand against it, allowing it to use our religious tolerance against us, even though they know it will destroy freedom and equal rights everywhere it’s allowed to control people.

    As Abraham Lincoln said: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

  8. What bothers me these days, as a side comment, is how anti-America Muslim refugees are being welcomed in, and in some communities they have made it too uncomfortable to Americans living there to remain, so they sell and move out, and the new caliphate community doesn’t want non-Muslims to live there, thereby establishing a sort of national sovereignty in our own country. Shouldn’t that problem be more public and clearly addressed? It’s terrible for other Americans to go after the Amish, while welcoming those who hate our country and make no bones about it.

    • So true James!!! Michigan still hasn’t cleaned up Flints water!!! Will Smith and his Son still contributes bottled waters to Flint. And Our Politicians are scared of the Muslims. Many many Muslims in Coldwater MI. If I was the President I would have never ever allowed them in the USA. And the ones that are here called CAIR, our Troops will give them an exit out of here. See how much they would be welcomed back home.

  9. Odd, isn’t it how parallel these actions are to similar cases now ripping through Sweden, Norway, Finland, Norway, Denmark, France, BraziGermany, oh well! I should have just said “the earth!”

    • Mainly the biggest Mega Farms We live bout 2 to 20 miles from cities,towns,n villages.We don’t have manure spills,excess chemical runoffs polluting the aquifers rivers,streams,etc.Like some Factories,n English farmers.Some mite say different,Farming has n always will be our religious lifestyle

    • Isn’t that exactly what the invading European hordes and squatters thought about the Native Americans?! That they weren’t “using” their land right?!

  10. CalConservative, I suspect you’re right to wonder who wants the Amish’s land, and for what. I lived in Solano County, California for about 10 years or so, and became friends with a family who owned a rural second hand business on a corner of a 3-corner road. Large warehouses (2) and items often received as the clean-out after estate sales or home-owner moves. Three older boys/men of the family, great family, well-loved by the locals. But one politician and wealthy landowner saw profit in that location, and began to exert influence on wealthy friends/politicians to pressure the family to move their business elsewhere in the county — which they are unable to afford to do. They are still there, but the situation is tenuous. I suspect that this occurs a lot across America as the greedy try to and do bully the less fortunate out of their property. To go after the Amish is inexcusable. They are better shepherds for God’s country than any one of us non-Amish, and there is no question about their Golden Rule beliefs.

  11. Ok, so this is Wonderful! Michigan has ZERO Homeless people! NO One Living on the Streets, sleeping in Tents, urinating and defecating in the gutters! So much so that the state can declare 14 Amish homes “unfit for human habitation” So obviously there is such a High Standard of Housing in this State and EVERYONE has a Habitable Home- that there is No Excuse for these Amish to have a subpar Residence! The State Must Destroy these Inadequet Dwellings!

    Force the Amish to Live in the States High Standard homes!

  12. What we need to do is to ask the Amish how to live-in every way-they are wonderful people and they will be the ones to get through when this nation starts to go hell in a hand basket.

    • STARTS????????? We are already moving down that hill, and the speed is increasing every day.
      America does not see the stone wall that it is headed to. As my husband says, “Never mind that the horse is blind, just keep loading the wagon”.

  13. I can’t believe these people are persecuting the Amish. They keep to themselves and never bother anyone. The ACLU needs to fight hard for these poor people and let them live there lives in peace and their religious beliefs.

  14. Sad that when a state starts being overrun by a different religion and liberals are involved in government that attacking another religion is okay. Michigan is going to burn much like NY and California. Like I said, sad.

    • Many absolutely hate religion period, any kind Christian, etc, they , if truth known, hate our loving God, and Jesus Christ our savior!

  15. Be glad to help any Christian people in need. We live as they do off grid and haul water and we are not a hazard to anyone. Why can’peopke leave well enough alone. Sure going to funny when the democrates mess up our country completely and the Amish people are asked for help for those people that want them gone.
    Sure looks like a land grab. Smells like a land grab. Tastes like a land grab. Everyone open your eyes can happen to you.

  16. per Bob Eldridge. Thank you for your comment. There is a difference between individually exercising religious rights and having the govt support a specific religion -which just happens to be unconstitutional. That is why the ACLU is supporting the Amish. AND – what is this knee jerk need to excoriate the educated & pile everything disliked onto “liberals”? You do notice that it is the “liberal” ACLU that is supporting the Amish here.

  17. Watch for the developers right after the bulldozers. This reeks of crony capitalism. Whenever we tolerate the seizure of people’s private property for any reason, we all deserve the consequences. We should stand up for the Amish as well as for any other citizen whose property is threatened for any reason. I include people like the Kelo case. Private property ownership should be sacrosanct.

  18. Whomever wants their land, shame on you. The Amish are very hardworking law abiding CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES, leave them alone

  19. The health department corrupts itself when its only goal is to have people paying for city water and sewage services.

    These are the same excuses that saw millions of Native American children forcibly taken from their parents. It isn’t our job to decide one’s providing is incorrect because it is different.

  20. Not to be critical of the Amish, but you can only run so far. God will forgive them be sure it’s time to take a stand. Where else can all the immigrants and other persecuted peoples run to now? We here in the US must make liberty’s last stand. It’s one of two choices. Hold the line or get out of the way. The Fed doesn’t care about you! It wants everything, no matter the cost. They may win, but it won’t be cheap and it won’t be easy. That is my commitment.



  22. So, in the liberal world the streets of San Francisco, streets covered in feces, urine, hypodermic needles and every other type of trash are acceptable places to live but not someone’s home just because it doesn’t have indoor plumbing?
    I suppose if those living on the streets were doing so as a matter of religious doctrine, that would instigate their removal.

  23. Who are the politicians going after these people an what’s the real reason?? I ope the truth comes out before these people’s homes are destroyed!

  24. This a deliberate attack on the religious liberty off these people who are God-fearing, hardworking and dedicated to the love of their families. They have lived their lives for years without ill effects. So I am beginning to suspect there is something else behind all of this–other than what is being said. Is there anyone in the background who would benefit by the confiscation of their land–corporations or developers?
    It sounds like there is more to this and it could well be money. This should be investigated.

  25. Well, no pun intended, this is indeed an interesting case!

    The ACLU, in my experience as a past board member in my county, does not oppose religion or the practice of one’s Religious beliefs. The misinformation comes only when the ACLU opposes. Christian symbols on public land. Since the adoption of any one religion by public entities
    Causes conflict with the Constitutional articles which prohibit the adoption of religion. Having won the war with England that clearly adopted a religion, the founders, Adams, Jefferson etc purposely wanted that separation so all Americans could practice their religion as they see fit, including the Amish.

    But, I also see the other issue relative too public health and the environment having worked in Environmental Protection for nearly 30 years. In my state septic systems must be 100 feet from a drinking water supply to prevent what can be deadly diseases, or the contamination of someone else’s well or land downstream.

    So we have ACLU defending the Amish on religious grounds. It will be interesting to see how the court rules.

    In the meantime, you might also need the ACLU some day
    if your civil rights are violated, they protect everyone from discrimination no matter what you believe.

    I hope this gets printed. For me it was a great opportunity to set the record straight. Thank you…,and Merry Christmas to all out their who celebrate Christmas. Obviously being a melting pot of people from all religious backgrounds not everyone does, which kinda made us lazy. Saying Happy Holidays so that covered everyone no matter if u celebrate Christmas or not. It was never meant as a slight to Christians. It really was a lazy social way of including everyone. Like you might say “Merry Christmas if you celebrate Christmas, if not Happy Holidays for whatever you observe.”

    Once again hope this is helpful if it gets printed.

    • The 1st Amendment; Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of religion,. I either misunderstood you or we have a difference of interpretation. I read it as the government can’t establish a religion or pass any law prohibiting the free exercise of. I don’t see anything prohibiting non government funded public displays. I have read several it several times and I just don’t see it. What I do see is people adding the word INTENT. Therefore they can make the law mean what ever they want it to mean. I take it as written and mean what it says and I don’t presume to know what their intent was over 200 years ago.

  26. Now the Amish have been pushed out of many places, for just the same thing. In most cases it has nothing to do with Religious discrimination. In the local area the Amish farms were a good ways from town but hat is how the town seem to grow and in about 20 years the town needed to annex more land to be with the growing need so it annexed in the area where the Amish had a lot of homes and buildings and part of their farm land. Now once the annexation was done were the persons who put in new building going to have to follow city code, or do as the Amish did, so there was a crack down and eventually the Amish sold out a t far more money than their property would normally bring and move to Ohio and Canada.
    I did not think it was right at the time but what was the city to do, show partiality which is against the law because it would be religious discrimination in reverse.

    • Sometimes the concept of eminent domain should not be the bottom line for expansion of the city. I live in a rural area of California, about 8 miles out of the City limits. The road is narrow, and most people out here have multiple acres, deer and other game are all over and occupy at times our properties, which we enjoy. About 2 miles further into the countryside is a popular gun range, used by many for shooting events. The City and private developers now want to build 166 homes on the same narrow road leading to the gun range but a mile or so beyond it. In other words, bringing suburbia to the country. We are country folks out here, we live here because we like the atmosphere and comraderie of good neighbors. We don’t want to see 166 times 2 equals 332 more cars traversing our narrow road, speeding, throwing more junk/trash into our yards, hitting the deer or other animals, and causing more vehicle accidents. We do NOT want the County demanding of multi-acre homeowners that, if anyone sells their property, to “lot it out” meaning to take the acreage and create smaller lots to to be able to build more homes on a previous large lot. Do the rural people have to give up their life styles to accomodate a housing division where some company makes the profits and the current inhabitants suffer the consequences of urbanization into our neighborhood? Americans should consider that homeowners/landowners should not be preyed upon and be encroached upon by the questionable tool of eminent domain. Sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it’s just a tool for someone to make money with. Sounds like it is this tool the City/County wants to use against the Amish here.

    • In addition, by the way, in another city about 20 miles south, where another gun range was, another suburban community was built near it, and within a year after homes were sold, that new community managed to force the gun range to close down completely, and it had been there many years. I do not doubt but that the same fate will occur with this local gun range business owner if this new development is approved.

  27. It seems that these politicians have some financial gain to obtain if they have the Amish removed from their property which they own and have lived for many, many years most likely past down from one generation to another. Pretty sad and disgusting,

  28. The ACLU supports people’s rights – the right to practice religion as well as the right to not have religion dictate the laws of the country. It is dedicated to maintaining the line between church and state and is not interested in denying religion to those who want to practice it. So in the same breath, it can protect the Amish and their religion and also make sure that prayer stays out of public education.

    • The false line between church and state is just that false. It is not in the Constitution.

      In the First Amendment we find the following; Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

      The progressive left is always spreading this false rumor of separation of church and state and it is not in the Constitution.

    • You poor uneducated man. Separation of church and state never intended to keep prayer out of schools. It’s intent was to not allow the government to create a national religion. Some left wing judge created that idea.

    • Yes Bob, but it also has a history of picking and choosing to support the left wing agenda, while ignoring those who it disagrees with politically. You did not see the ACLU coming to the side of the Weaver family in Idaho or the Branch Davidson’s in Waco. In both instancses it can well be argued that govt was able to single this two groups out and abused their freedoms because they believe differently. if for example the FBI had issued a shoot-on-sight order for a black panther and then executed one who they had no paperwork on no warrant for an arrest, I believe we would have heard about it in the press extensively. This is precisely how the federal government executed Randy Weaver’s wife. they issued a shoot a shoot-on-sight order for her, despite the fact they had no evidence that she’d ever committed a crime ever. Then the government compounded the crime by covering for the individuals responsible. No one was ever held accountable for these crimes not the man who pulled the trigger who shot Mrs Weaver while she was holding her infant child, not the FBI officials who issued an execution order for this woman. The ACLU was completely silent on both of these issues I believe because both of these groups were perceived to have come from the quote right side of the aisle end quote.

  29. Sounds like there is a land grab someone wants the land for there use and has lots of money invested . Wonder who will benifet ????

  30. Wonder why health department doesn’t do its job in
    San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego! Need more proof what Deep State is and how operates?

  31. I pray our DOJ will intervene as this seems to be religious persecution. I grew up in area near the Amish. Good people and they mind their own business.

  32. Am I missing something. Where are the environmentalist? They should be down in full force protesting at the county offices. The Amish way of life is what they are screaming for. Everything part of the Amish farm operation is green and natural. They true organic farms. The Amish don’t depend on any government aid or welfare. They take care of themselves. Another thing they are not affected by power outages because they don’t use it.It is the greenest way of life there is. Come on environmentalists, These are the poster people for green and organic life style.

  33. I am ashamed of any American that forces another American out of their legal home! These are the most law abiding citizens in the Country. They don’t have shootings, rape, beatings. So why not leave them alone? I am not Amish, but I would not want to be treated like they are being treated.

  34. “Let’s see” pursicute peaceful respectful citizens who have been there for generations and are very law abiding folks who are not a drain on the resources of the county ie food stamps and other wefare but give a pass to the violent muslims who hate us! GO FIGURE.

  35. The Amish are good law abiding citizens and should be allowed to live their lives as they choose. The idiots in the local government should be booted out of office for their hateful ways. Period.

  36. the ACLU must win this case. I would like to know who is behind this as well. Religious freedom is our right as guaranteed in the U S Constitution. This is terrible.

  37. Greed for land and hatred for Christianity is taking over our country by force, using tools of elites to destroy this country’s freedoms. Don’t stand for it! Write to this local government to show you support the Amish way of life and leave these people alone!

  38. (1), The Amish way of life seems to be about as “green” as even GT could wish. (2), This community was established quite a few years back, and has continued, seemingly, without government interference, in the same style in which it was begun.

    Has anyone else begun to wonder who wants the Amish removed from their land? and why?

    • Exactly! Where are all the Green Deal supporters now? Can’t get any greener way of life than the Amish life style.

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