Registered Nurse Makes Disturbing Threat To Trump Supporters…Is This Legal?

(Tea Party 247) – A woman who claims to be a registered nurse, i.e., someone with a professional dedication to keeping people alive, recently attacked a Trump supporter on Twitter by implying she’d deprive him of life-saving treatment were he admitted into her Emergency Room.

Let’s pray she’s lying about being a nurse.

The man she hurled her heartless attack at was named George S. Martan, whose obviously very lovely and considerate wife had made a “Trump 2020” mask for so he could show his support for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and be protected out in public.

He posted a picture of the mask, which is wife had embroidered.

“My wife sewed this face mask today to protect me from the Wuhan Virus and show support for President Trump,” he wrote.

“I’ll see you in ER. Please wear your mask so when we have to decide who gets the vent, it’ll be easier. Thanks,” Erika Waters wrote in reply to the man’s photo.

Her Twitter bio describes her as a registered nurse practitioner.

Unsurprisingly, her bio hashtags also display decided left-wing views, such as #Resist, #GunReform and #BLM (i.e. Black Lives Matter).

Thankfully, because there is decency in the world, she was piled on by Twitter users who pointed out that she is a god-awful human being.

“Medical homicide via negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States,” one user noted.

Others quite appropriately tagged the Florida medical board to draw attention to her threat, and one Twitter user noted, “Hope your medical malpractice carrier doesn’t see this.”

Let’s hope they do.

Waters later claimed that some had targeted another nurse with the same name, noting “Your conduct is just as horrid as mine while you are doxxing every nurse named Erika Waters.”

Um, not so much. Mistakenly doxxing the wrong nurse is tragic, but it doesn’t compare to threatening to deprive someone of treatment based on who they vote for.

She did, to her ever-so-slight credit, apologize to Martan, writing, “I was not thinking, obviously, when I suggested you wear your mask into the ER where I work. I can’t explain why I tweeted that and hope you’ll forgive me but understand if you don’t.”

Well at least she’s smart enough to recognize that publically making such awful comments isn’t that great of an idea.


    • No No, you have that wrong Trump supporters are the real problem, because we can separate truth from lies.

  1. “That every idle word, that any body shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgment of God Almighty” Matthew 12-36

  2. If this woman really is a RN she is done, a complaint will be lodged with the State regulatory authorities that deal with medical licenses. I hope this woman has a back up career because her lucrative RN career is done.

  3. Awful for a medical provider to say or threaten such a thing. I hope you loose your license to practice nursing or in any part of the medical setting. That was uncalled for and is unacceptable. Enjoy unemployed life.

  4. Law Enforcement should locate this persons Twitter account, and investigate them ! This is a DIRECT threat, that should not be taken lightly, by an EVIL person, who possibly COULD do something to an innocent person .


    Is this how the “medically licensed professional justifies her existence? Has she now validated herself and her profession via uncontrolled emotional diatribe?

    If I may be do bold as to offer a suggestion?
    GATHER THE FACTS, calm down, take several deep breaths and ENGAGE YOUR MIND BEFORE ENGAGING YOUR MOUTH 👄!

  6. Not unusual. I had someone literally cough on me while in grocery store mocking me while wearing my gloves and mask in front of my daughter. We were wearing them because of being safe for our family. My sister-in-law has stage 4 cancer and I was being extra careful 3 weeks ago so I could help her

    • I hear you!
      There is a culture of death out there. The best case would be to hire a cop to go with you. In my part of the world we as citizens are not allowed to take our own safety in our own hands. The survivor of an attack goes to jail.

  7. whores get off this site you people are vile and no one cares so get ass off this site so post your shit on craiglist

  8. You meant what you said, no one is buying the apology. You apparently have a deep hatred for conservatives and if I may I will borrow an old adage of the Bible of which I paraphrase; “What’s in the well of the heart comes up through the bucket of the mouth”. If you are sincere about your apology then that is the end of it, however there is still One with whom you need forgiveness.

  9. Charging her with making a terrorist threat seems to be appropriate. Also revoking her nursing license can be done as well.

  10. Poor T2P. As usual does know what their talking about and never will.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.
    MAGA/KAG 2020
    Vote Republican in November 2020.

  11. Her implied threat will live forever and follow her as well it should. When inputting the words, she had time to think and erase before she hit send. She is only sorry because she got caught. When a person’s political leanings guide one’s occupational behavior, one is unable to perform responsibly and should therefore be removed from one’s position. She seems like she could be one of those employees who assault patients when no one is looking. Yes,we need all the trained professionals we can get now, but individuals like this bully should be fired!

  12. Nothing happens to Republicans . You lie, steal, malign and support a Nazi. Given the filth that others experience from MAGA people, you never seem to be able to take what you give out. If a nurse, hopefully she was just kidding but. Many people are sick of your caustic mess

    • So, apparently you support this threatening behavior. And, pray tell, what is your profession?

    • how about you prove your bs that you just claimed. Name 5 times where a maga person ever lied or threatened anyone. You cant do it because its never happened.

    • Truth2Power is this what your response would be if you were the gentleman in her care? Just sayin’

    • You MUST. be a liberal clown . because only liberal clowns accuse others of being /doing EXACTLY what they themselves REPEATEDLY get caught being /doing .

  13. Typical Liberal.

    Violent,Vicious, Vitriolic, intolerant, and filled with spewing hate…. UNTIL they get caught, then they are as sweet as pie. Cowards, who can’t even be responsible for their own actions. I’ts always someone else’s fault, not theirs. only when they get caught, and are going to lose something do they act kind, and tolerant.

    Thank you Nurse Ratched!

  14. It would certainly be shameful if any nurse or medical team member was so blatantly a “never Trumper” and allowed those feelings to interfere in the performance of her professional duties. But, there are some dingbat democrats out there who don’t give a crap about the country or humanity either.


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