Really? In Final Hysterical Leftist Rage, Hollywood Called Upon To Remove Trump From His Cameo In This Iconic Movie

(Tea Party 247) – It appears the attempt to purge Donald Trump from the collective memory of the American consciousness has only just begun, if the latest ridiculous anti-Trump cancel culture campaign is launched.

Clearly, these people will never, ever be satisfied with the fact that President Donald Trump was President of the United States—and are terrified he might again take the helm of our nation.

Leftists are now calling for Trump’s appearance in the 1992 movie, Home Alone 2, to be digitally removed.

“Breaking news: Donald Trump to be digitally replaced in ‘Home Alone 2’ with actor Christopher Plummer,” producer and writer Dan Slott quipped Friday night on Twitter, Infowars reported.

Podcast host and author John Rain made the same joke.

This is a reference to Plummer stepping in to replace Kevin Spacey, who was removed from the film All the Money in the World after accusations of sexual assault were made against him in the midst of the #MeToo movement.

While of course, Disney has announced no such plans, the scene in which the then-real estate magnate gave directions to Macaulay Culkin’s character to the New York Plaza Hotel’s lobby.

Walt Disney Co., who purchased 20th Century Studios and is now the owner of distribution rights to the film, has signaled that they have fallen in lockstep with the hysterical claims of Trump’s “insurrection” in the wake of actions taken by violent Capitol Hill protesters that he denounced immediately.

“What we saw was an egregious and inexcusable assault on America’s most revered institution and our democracy…,” Disney said in response to the incident on January 6th.

“Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we come together as one nation – united by our shared values, including decency, kindness and respect for others.”

Social commentator Matt Navarra, who has a very skewed idea of a worthy use for his time, declared, “I won’t rest until he is removed from that scene.”

Author and podcast host Andrew Hunter Murray declared that Trump ought to be tried, imprisoned and digitally removed from ‘Home Alone 2.’”

Featured image credit: 20th Century Fox

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