Real Life Horror: Forced Organ Harvesting From Living Prisoners Taking Place On Massive Scale In China

(Tea Party 247) – China is run by a wicked, morally bankrupt government. There is no freedom of speech or even thought. Should citizens attempt to have any thoughts different from what they are told to believe and think they can be, and are, thrown into jails and “re-education” concentration camps. Recently it has been determined by an international tribunal out of London that prisoners are being killed in the process of forced organ harvesting.

Sounds like a horror movie.

Currently China holds around 1.5 million detainees in prison camps across the country. Some of these people are being killed for their organs and some are still alive when their organs are being harvested. The transplant trade world is worth upwards of $1 billion a year. Is it any wonder that in China, where people are disposable, organ harvesting is on the rise?

In a report by NBC News,

“Forced organ harvesting has been committed for years throughout China on a significant scale,” the tribunal concluded in its final judgment Monday. The practice is “of unmatched wickedness — on a death for death basis — with the killings by mass crimes committed in the last century,” it added.

In 2014, state media reported that China would phase out the practice of taking organs from executed prisoners and said it would rely instead on a national organ donation system.

It’s highly disturbing that China admitted to doing this but alleged it was only done on already dead prisoners. The thing that is so unnerving is that in China people can find themselves “prisoners” simply for committing the crime of having their own opinion. These people are not actual criminals by normal, humane standards. They aren’t violent people; they haven’t committed crimes like rape or murder. These are just regular people who dared to think independently. The horror they are forced to endure is unimaginable.

The state media report said in 2014 that they would only rely on the national organ donation system but the evidence discovered by the international tribunal has shown a huge discrepancy between the number of organs being donated and the number of transplant surgeries taking place.

On Monday, the tribunal concluded that there was “numerical evidence” of the “impossibility of there being anything like sufficient ‘eligible donors’ under the recently formed PRC [People’s Republic of China] voluntary donor scheme for that number of transplant operations.”

This evil practice appears to be targeted at specific religious groups, namely Falun Gong observers and Uighur Muslims making this strikingly similar to what the Nazi’s did to Jewish people in the 1940’s which was considered genocide and sparked a devastating world war.

“Falun Gong practitioners have been one — and probably the main — source of organ supply,” the judgment read, while “the concerted persecution and medical testing of the Uyghurs is more recent,” using a different spelling of the minority group’s name. It warned, however, that the scale of medical testing of the Uighur Muslims meant they could end up being used as an “organ bank.”

The tribunal concluded that it was “beyond reasonable doubt” that crimes against humanity had been committed against the Falun Gong and Uighur Muslims but that it could not prove that the killing of the Falun Gong amounted to genocide — because of the tribunal’s inability to prove ‘intent’ to commit ‘genocide.’

Just the fact that it appears they are targeting different religious groups would seem like enough to prove the “intent.” It is obvious, given the authoritarian nature of the Chinese government that these groups are being specifically targeted for ideological reasons. Why is the rest of the world allowing this to continue? The international tribunal is calling on the world to help bring an end to this abuse of human rights but what will that look like?

“It is no longer a question of whether organ harvesting in China is happening, that dialogue is well and truly over. We need an urgent response to save these people’s lives,” Susie Hughes, executive director and co-founder of the [International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China], said.

Are we headed towards another world war? Or is China too powerful for anyone to stand up to? This should serve as a solemn reminder to Americans that we have to fight for our First Amendment rights before they are slowly taken away and America becomes the next China.

Check out a full report on this by The Epoch Times.

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