Rand Paul Calls Out The ‘Neocon War Caucus’ And Throws His Support Behind Trump

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump is taking heat for pulling troops out of Syria. Ironically, much of the same people criticizing him for pulling the troops out are the same ones who were against sending the troops there in the first place. Trump seems to have this amazing ability to force people to forfeit their supposed principles and beliefs for the sake of their hatred for him. It’s truly remarkable.

Not all politicians are double-talking, blind Trump haters. Senator Rand Paul took to Twitter to express some strong opinions about Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Liz Cheney and their reckless support of endless wars. Paul, who has consistently been against war just for the sake of war, once stood in competition with Trump during the 2016 presidential election and is able to put his own personal opinions on Trump, whatever they may be, aside for the sake of the country.

Paul called out Cheney and Graham as being the “neocon War Caucus” saying they support “endless wars” before praising Trump for his determination to put America first. Paul accurately points out the duo want war, they just aren’t sure who they want it with:

“The Cheney/Graham neocon War Caucus wants to come back to DC and declare a war. My question for them is – who will you declare it on?”

He goes on to say. “Will it be out[sic] NATO allies the Turks? Will it be Assad? Will it be Islamic rebels? Which ones? They want to keep starting endless wars in conflicts that go back hundreds of years, but what they want makes no sense.”

Then Paul took to the President’s defense, saying, “I know this @realDonaldTrump is the first President in my lifetime to understand what is our national interest and what is not. He is stopping the endless wars and we will be stronger as a result. The Cheney/Graham Neocon War Caucus has cost us too much fighting endless wars.”

Cheney is an establishment RHINO and only cares to put her own self-serving interests, and those of lobbyists, above the American people and this country. As a member of the GOP her support should be behind the President instead of playing divisive politics and adding to the unrest in Washington. She’s no better than the left.

Instead of coming up with an intelligent rebuttal possibly defending her pro-war stance, Cheney personally attacked Paul and the President. It seems this is the typical deflection tactic used by politicians when a colleague says something that doesn’t agree with them. When another politician articulates a reasonable and intelligent argument against your stance, just take low-blows and name-call: 21st century discourse.

In her response tweet, she claims Paul is putting terrorism over America, an unintelligent, lazy argument. She then proceeds to share an old tweet posted by then-presidential nominee Trump in which he takes a shot at Paul:

Paul’s response is composed and on topic:

I think we can all agree that unless the United States has some kind of direct benefit from a conflict, we should refrain from entering into wars just for the sake of war. Too many American lives have been lost in the Middle East and to what avail? America only stands to be hurt by constant wars and playing the world police.

Trump said in a statement, “From the first day I entered the political arena, I made it clear that I did not want to fight these endless, senseless wars – especially those that don’t benefit the United States.” How can any politician, who is supposed to be concerned with the success of America, disagree with this practical, reasonable stance?


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