Ramadan Practices Have So Dominated LA Neighborhood, It’s Prompting Noise Complaints

(Tea Party 247) – The coronavirus pandemic has served as a shadow over the whole country under which many are hiding the spread of some very dangerous ideas.

Socialism and Sharia law.

Across the country, Muslim communities have taken advantage of the fact that they have not been allowed to meet in person to justify the public blaring of Islamic calls to prayer.

Culver City, California is the latest city in the US to allow Islamic calls to prayer, called an “adhan,” to blast five times a day from a loudspeaker.

It begins at 4:30 am, by the way.

Many Culver City residents, however, say that the call to prayer is too loud and have issued formal complaints with the police department.

Mahmood Navi stood on the roof of King Fahad Mosque and used a microphone to belt out the Islamic all to prayer.


The police revoked the permit for amplified noise after several complaints from residents, who are apparently not as progressive as many of California’s residents.

Three days later, the city reinstated the permit should the mosque agree to lower the volume.

Los Angeles Time reported:

Outside the Culver City mosque, some pedestrians stopped in their tracks when they first heard the adhan, seemingly surprised. This was something new, and it was not altogether clear how it would be received — as with many things Muslim in the U.S.

But in Culver City, the call to prayer did not go unchallenged for long.

After four days, on May 18, the city’s police department revoked the amplified noise permit, citing people congregating at the mosque in violation of the county health order, as well as “numerous loud noise complaints from area residents.”

“We have had and will continue to have a great relationship with mosque leadership,” said Capt. Jason Sims with the Culver City Police Department. “We are certainly happy to help with facilitating any type of service that is not in violation of county health orders.”

Three days later, the city changed course again, reinstating the permit on the condition that the mosque lower the volume.

Meanwhile, on the Nextdoor social networking app, debates raged between neighbors.

In Minnesota, a Detroit neighborhood became the first US city in history to issue the call to prayer from an outdoor speaker on the rooftop of Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque in Cedar-Riverside at the beginning of Ramadan last month.


  1. As the left marches thru its hate America, hate the West crusade it embraces this winning islamic war strategy. Support for such a foreign invasion comes from academics, the media, too many democrats, too many leftist preachers, and of course the islamists who smell victory in our weakness. Weakness is acceptance of this foreign ideology that gets sold as a religion by the left. American and Western women could end this threat in one week if their members of the anti-American media, educational establishment, etc. would speak out. Instead the female left likes this horror. They accept that accepting this is at the core of being liberal.

  2. Barack HUSSEIN Obama-BIN LADEN, They opened the doors to Satan and the guillotine; in USA, the Nation that has taken the Word of God, to all the Nations of the Earth, in the last 3 Centuries.

  3. We need to ship these people back to where they came from.You are supposed to assimilate. Not try to ram your shit down people’s throats….or ears………….SHIP THEIR NASTY ASSES BACK

  4. Thomas Jefferson and everyone who either fought or were kidnapped by the Barbary Coast muslims are rolling in their graves. The Founding Fathers didn’t want a permanent standing military; it was started because of islam.

  5. There is a solution for that. Call up some faithful street preaching King James Bible preachers to follow up with go-pro preaching and Bible reading. Equal time with the power of the convicting word of God. When folks realize that Mary was a sinner, and Miriam and Jesus were not brothers & sister as the Quran gets that & so many other biblical accounts wrong, there is something for Muslims and many other cultists to think about. Add to that the fact & passages teaching that Peter was a married man….and that there are no popes, nuns, prelates or magisterium in the Bible…except maybe Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17 & 18…and maybe enough people will repent and believe to the new birth of God that we might go back to the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights original intent in this nation.

    Jefferson, even as a Deist at best, and no Bible believing Christian understood the problem with dominionist jihad Islam which does not recognize nations apart from their system’s dominion over them, especially after our ambassador dealt with the Islamic leaders in negotiation for our sailors seized by the Barbary pirates. He and Adams were also concerned with the dominionist Catholics, and especially the subversive & terrorist Jesuits. Only the Bible, the one all the cultists and humanists and worldly wisemen building their one world unity hate with equal passion….& fear, has any hope of turning back this spiritual problem: and even then only for a Hezekiah type temporary reprieve brought by a revival marked by belief in God’s preserved word either read or received by preaching, followed by repentance and holy living largely putting sin out of business by lack of a market. No sign of that in sight….so we get the other spirit.

    Rome has concordat with Sunni mystical Islam. It looks like the rest of non-compliant, militant Islam will be around until the Psalm 83/Ezekiel 38 war during which Jerusalem will prevail…likely with the help of the final Antichrist’s armies & alliance. The placeholders over there in Rome so far have been wicked enough, but too old to fill those prophetic shoes, and can’t pull all the world yet. But covid has certainly shown some uniform world power behind the scenes, hasn’t it? My bet is Rome’s hand is far more responsible for that than Quranic Islam, though manipulating puppets and deflecting blame has long been a specialty there.

    The Bible sheds a whole lot of light on just who these players are, and just how Christian or biblical they are. And the Obadiah war involving Edom, Jordan, is in the works yet, as well. That one looks to be stirring a bit with the Jordanian response to the Israeli ‘deal of the century’ and the annexation of Judea & Samaria, the division of Jerusalem. It would be wise for folks to investigate these things biblically while there is yet time, and to believe the biblical Gospel, acknowledging their sins before God with repentance to receive the new birth & freedom of God. Luke 21:36 KJB Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

  6. Christian churches need to step up and say our LORD”S PRAYER at the same times calls for islamic prayers go out and end up singing our national anthem.

  7. Why don’t they put the alarm time on their cell phones or text each other. No need to disturb the peace in this day and age.

  8. Not at 4:30AM. It is against any city noise ordinance, which usually states not before 6:00AM in the summer and 7:00AM in the winter.

  9. Could someone please explain to me where in Minnesota is the Detroit neighborhood with the Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque in Cedar-Riverside?

  10. This is not acceptable, anybody is entire the constitutional right to choose any religion they want, but not when you disturb the people sleep at night or any time of the day, they have their church to do that why in the world they have to do it through loud speakers so many time a day, are they trying to brain watch people? It’s time us Christians start complaining if they don’t like the way this country runs they can go home we certainly be more than happy to collect money to put on a plain back home. This is all the saga that Barack Hussein Obama left behind , it will continue city by city until we stand to stop it . This is a nation under God not Mahoma , we love our Lord Jesus Christ who die to wash away ours sins with his blood , we are not going to kill innocent people in the name Allah to be with him. Obama destroy Detroit and then brought in all those muslins and allow them to take over the ghost city that is why we have Muslims in Congress , so NO We can not allow this behavior if we do soon our nation will be under the sharia law and I ask you all that are reading this is that what you want?

    • You are correct, Mayra. This is bad, and needs to be stopped completely. Turning down the volume isn’t enough. The Muslims are anti-Christ and anti-America, so must be removed from America by any means.

    • This is how the indoctrinate communities to their way of life. They don’t like our way of life so they try to stamp our way of life out and replace it.

    • Yes, totally correct. And not to mention, they gather like that how many times a day, stopping traffic in the streets, etc. Yet Christian churches are closed and ticketed and dispersed for having outdoor worship because not allowed in our churches??? Kinda looking like satan is having the upper hand, for now.

  11. Ah, yes… Just another bullet no-one wants to bite! And they’re coming from all directions, Liberals rejoice.

  12. Interesting. Christians are not allowed to worship / congregate. In the country where our ancestors fought and died for religous freedom.

  13. How is the call to prayer by Muslims compared to the ringing of bells of Christian churches? Or the megaphones of demonstrators on the public streets of Anywhere, USA? Freedom of speech belongs to ALL Americans.

    • I’m sure in Anywhere USA, police depts. would not allow church bells and demonstrators at 4:30 in the
      morning when most people are still asleep!!

    • I don’t think at 4:30 in the morning blaring on speakers is a freedom of speech problem. It’s plain and simple disturbing the peace.

  14. They should not be allowed to have speakers that broadcast outside of their mosque. People have to stop this none sense before it is getting worse and Muslims taking over our cities and states in America.

    The politicians and the bureaucrats are working for us they are answering to We the People not to any particular religion. This is our country and our home and We the People should have the rights to say and do in our own country if they don’t like it they can go back to where they come from.

    • Don’t bring your dogshit here. Why do dislike a place so much that you leave it, then try to make the new place you have chosen, just as shitty as the place you left????

  15. Pray at the temple or mosque not over a mic across town that’s ridiculous and it infringes on everyone’s right to peace and quite. Not only that but it forces people to listen to what they may believe is harmful to the public.

    • C’mon, remember Saint Barack joyfully calling the “call to prayer” the most beautiful sound?

  16. What happened to local noise ordinances that prevented loud parties, events, construction, and other noises between nighttime hours?

  17. Why are they allowed to worship without practicing the same rules that Christians have to follow. Our churches remain closed but the Muslims can worship without masks and more than 10 people and not 6 feet apart. Gavin show that he is discriminating against Christians only by not allowing them to worship and open their churches.. This should prove the democrats are discriminating against Christians and they should open their churches like the president said they should. This is crap that the Christians are being denied their freedom of worship

  18. It is very unfair to allow THIS religion, to disturb the rest of us, who are NOT Muslims, and don’t have any interest in this Religion ! Islam wants to take over the World, and most intelligent people are well aware of that. We CANNOT allow this barbaric, 7th Century Religion, to take over our World ! They should NOT be allowed to make these calls over the loudspeaker, and if the people in charge had ANY BACKBONE, they would NOT be made. Islam is NOT compatible, with American views, or customs !

  19. These damn rags want to take over this country any way they can. I’m for freedom of religion, speech and the right for assembly but don’t try to force it on other people.

  20. sounds like the police and the city government are pro towel head.. time for an election and a new police chief… most Real American Cities have noise ordinances that PROHIBIT noise before 7 a.m. put the call to prayer on their cell phones or send the trash back to the middle east..

  21. Piss on the Islamic call to prayer. This is America, if there terrorists want to practice their false religion, take it somewhere else.

    • Yet Christians are not allowed to worship in person because their chruches remain closed. Shows the democrats hate Christians and will discriminate to stop them from practing their freedom of religion.

  22. I would go nuts if I heard that five times a day. I enjoy my peace especially in the morning and evening. What happened to American way of life. That is not to be or hear blaring sounds disturbing your life style which they are doing. Let them send text message to all their people.

  23. Blame Obummer—he wants to destroy this country. I also say go inside to do your shit. I do not care about your so call religion. You are here in our country & it should not be tolerated. Don’t push your shit here. LEAVE******

  24. Christians are not allowed to congregate & attend their services of choice (Roman Catholic, Baptist etc.) but it’s ok for Muslims. There’s a big problem in this country. People WAKE UP.

    • the real problem area in Michiganistan is Dearbornastan.. where the rags told the police to stay out.. what should happen is a major fire starts and the FD stays in the station house..

  25. By their own admission, they’re not here to become PART OF America, but rather they’re here to TAKE OVER America! ALL sand n*gg*rs need to take their raghead asses back to someplace else more compatible with their “culture”, like, say, some third-world Muslim shithole that couldn’t POSSIBLY get any more f*ck*d up than it already is!

  26. Will similar exceptions apply to OTHER religious groups during THEIR holidays? (Such as CHRISTMAS MUSIC from loudspeaker fo a similar number of hours/days?)

  27. It’s gonna get worse, the bigger their population the bolder they push. Thomas Jefferson warned Congress never let Islam come to this country. Zero assimilation and an ideology totally incompatible with America’s and Islam will never compromise when their numbers and power increases. This is just the tip of the Iceberg from Hell. Just look at Western Europe. ‘Nuff said.


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