Professor Jordan Peterson Declares “Islam Is Not Compatible With Democracy” As Canada Faces Freedom Of Speech Restrictions In The Name Of Tolerance

(Tea Party 247) – In May, Hungarian leader Viktor Orban and Canada’s Dr. Jordan Peterson spoke together at a meeting about the illegal immigration crisis the EU is facing and the destruction ‘political correctness’ has had on ‘sensible public discussions.’

“Dangerous’: Hungarian PM Orban and Jordan Peterson Slam Illegal Immigration During Meeting”, Sputnik News, May 30, 2019:

Both the Hungarian prime minister and Canadian academic are known to be staunch opponents of the uncontrolled illegal migration that has been pouring into the EU since 2015.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with Canadian University Professor Jordan Peterson, who was attending the Brain Bar Festival in Budapest, on 30 May to discuss an array of topics. Namely, the two discussed the acute issue of illegal immigration, agreeing that it is both “unnecessary and dangerous”, Hungary today reported, citing Orban’s Assistant Under Secretary Havasi Bertalan.

Orban and Peterson also discussed contemporary political correctness, which in their opinion has made “sensible public discussions” virtually impossible. The two reportedly agreed that political correctness had been invented by a “small, ideologically driven group”.

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson first shot to fame after refusing to use special pronouns for transgender people, but later became known as a professor with views often at odds with the mainstream, especially when it comes to free speech. He is renowned as a steadfast critic of political correctness, hard-line feminism, Marxism, and post-modernist narratives.

He recently faced criticism for posing in a picture with a man wearing a T-shirt with the text “I’m a proud Islamophobe”….

Peterson also pointed out that the Islam and democracy are just not compatible. A fact that the Left refuses to acknowledge. Not only do they refuse to acknowledge it but they promote and celebrate Islam. Liberal, Western governments are currently exploring the restriction of free speech in the name of tolerance for Muslims. It is truly insane.

Christians have been dealing with persecution for almost 2,000 years and free speech has yet to be modified for the sake of Christianity. Muslims carry around a violent and dangerous ideology but they are the victims. It feels like nothing in the world makes sense anymore.

People are more afraid of being labeled an “Islamophobe” than they are of actual terrorism and global jihadi.

Peterson discussed the ridiculous concept of ‘Islamophobia’ saying,

“Islamophobia” is a term which has no place in any democracy. It is propelled by Organization of Islamic Cooperation initiatives to subvert democracies. Those who force the “Islamophobia” agenda are adamant that the word not be replaced with “anti-Muslim bigotry“, the latter of which would put Muslims on equal ground as any other faith or group. Islamic supremacists seek special treatment and they do it by wielding an invented victimology narrative, all the while covering up the gross abuses committed in the name of Islam globally.

Islam has found itself sitting in a pretty ideal position for global domination, which is the ultimate goal. Make no mistake, Muslims are determined to convert the entire world to Islam and they won’t be satisfied until they accomplish this. If you refuse to yield to the Islamic conquest you are an intolerant Islamophobe. Things really could not be going better for Islam.

Thankfully people around the world are beginning to wake up to this madness and see Islam for what it really is: an enemy of democracy.

According to Jihad Watch,

A YouGov survey showed in January that nearly half of French and Germans have a perceived clash between Islam and the values of their society; similar attitudes toward Islam were shown to be held by over one-third of Britons and Americans. Moreover, according to the poll, a higher number of Western respondents tend to be particularly critical of Islam, versus other religions such as Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

Waking up is half the battle. People have to stop being complacent and stand up and speak out for freedom of speech before we lose our rights. Once we no longer have the ability to speak out against Islam it is only a matter of time before we see outright Jihad in our streets. Muslims are patiently waiting until this day and it is our responsibility to ensure it never happens.


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