President Trump Finds Support In Banning “Diversity Training” Across The Pond

(Tea Party 247) – The left has begun their attempts at “re-education” via mandatory “unconscious bias training,” “race theory” courses, and “diversity training” that employers across the country are forcing their employees to endure in the name of equality. President Trump recently rejected the need for these indoctrination sessions with an executive order banning federal contractors from conducting these types of “racial sensitivity” training courses calling them “harmful.”

Naturally, the left had a meltdown over President Trump taking this measure but it looks like Trump isn’t alone in his stand against these “re-education” attempts. A British MP has followed the President’s lead by refusing to participate in the sessions which has led to others also following suit.

Breitbart has the details:

Ben Bradley, who represents the working class, traditionally Labour seat of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, has been reprimanded by parliamentary officials for refusing to participate in what he calls “indoctrination”.

Compulsory ‘unconscious bias training’ is one of a range of politically correct schemes which the Westminster parliamentary authorities have been trying to impose on MPs of all parties. These schemes are already compulsory within the Civil Service.

Bradley, however, says he agrees with President Trump that ‘unconscious bias training’ is a waste of time.

“I can find no evidence that it has been successful [in combatting racism]. In the last day or so, Trump in the U.S. has banned all this critical race theory stuff from institutions. Which I think is exactly right. It’s indoctrination, isn’t it?”

He also objects to being given lectures by the same Establishment which said during Brexit: “Everyone who disagrees with me is racist.”

“We all have our own opinions based on our experiences and background and beliefs. We’re individuals and that’s the way it should be.”

Nor does he think such schemes are a good use of taxpayers’ money.

“Over the summer, we were forced to do three hours of ‘Valuing Everybody’ training which was three quarters of a million quid of ‘Be nice to your staff and don’t sexually harass them’ — which obviously I needed lessons on. So now they’re planning ‘unconscious bias training’ — £7,000 for the planning, they use a nice blue puppet. Like primary school style stuff… Really mad stuff.”

Happily, since taking a public stand, Bradley has been joined by other MPs in his protest.

“I’m really pleased that having written about this and said ‘I’m not going to bloody do it’, a lot of colleagues have come out and said ‘No. Neither are we.’ Which is probably why I’m going to get told off.”

Political correctness, he says, is increasingly rife even within the Conservative Party.

“I’ve been told off in the [Westminster] tea room for referring to ‘my wife’ because that’s ‘possessive’. By a Conservative MP, actually. But that’s the state of the world.”

He’s absolutely right. Political correctness is taking over every faucet of life and that’s because it’s the tool the left has employed to further their agenda. Sadly, many conservatives all around the world have kowtowed to this absurdity. There is nothing rational about banning phrases like “my wife” or words like “chief” yet that is exactly what’s happening all around us.

The “diversity” training courses are just an extension of this PC culture and are reminiscent of Mao Zedong’s re-education camps, except people in the 21st century are happily and voluntarily joining in on their own indoctrination. These are the times we live in.


  1. Can’t move forward if our past wrongs keep holding us back. This racial awareness has brought more harm to our country and injected more racism into our thought processes. America has come along way and only the racist want to use it as a tool when it benefits them to use it. The Democratic Party uses it as a tool to divide us. So sad we let them do it to each other. We all know racism is wrong and as individuals need to rectify it as we try to improve ourselves by self reflection. Those who shout racism are the most racist as it is the only prism they see through to explain life’s disappointments to them or their own shortcomings to blame others.

  2. All this political correctness and other progressive bullshit makes me wonder which is worse: (1) zombies, (2) fools, or (3) any combination thereof. One has to fall into at least one of these categories in order to subscribe to any “sensitivity training.” By the way, the term “training” applies mainly to puppies, kittens, small children, and young people with recently acquired jobs which require more than two brain cells to perform. In all other cases involving otherwise mature adults capable of cognitive reasoning and rational thought, it’s usually referred to as “indoctrination” or, more commonly, “brainwashing.” Now who do we all know who use “indoctrination” and/or “brainwashing” on a routine basis? Don’t everybody jump up at once!

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  4. This looks like Denseocrats way of tying up a comment sites with space wasting scams. If it was so lucrative the rioters would be throwing down their rattles and binkies to reap such huge rewards.


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