President Trump Finally Reveals The Real Reason Seattle Mayor Took Down CHOP Zone

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most bizarre situations to unfold this year, and given the vast amount of strangeness that’s occurred over the last several months, that’s really saying something, is no doubt the CHOP Zone in Seattle, Washington. You know, when a bunch of liberal soy drinking “freedom fighters” banneded together for a month and took over six-city blocks of the downtown area and transformed it into a nightmare.

It essentially became a little petrie dish for a socialist experiment, which failed miserably and imploded in violence, anarchy, and destruction. People died. Women were sexually assaulted. And there was no police available to help because they ran them off.

This went on for a month. A MONTH. And no one bothered to stop it. Mayor Jenny Durkan did nothing to end the shenanigans and it cost two teenagers their lives. Finally, she declared the gathering “unlawful” and sent in the police who cleared the area in 8 minutes with little fanfare.

Well, President Trump finally revealed to Sean Hannity the real reason that Mayor Durkan decided to clear out the CHOP Zone.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

During their discussion Sean Hannity asked President Trump about rumors he heard about the president warning the Seattle Mayor about the CHOP Zone in Seattle.

Sean Hannity: I had a source that told us but have not been able to confirm it the the reason the Seattle Mayor finally acted was because they were given notice that if they didn’t act that you were going to. Is there any truth to that?

President Trump: 100%. We were going in very soon. We let them know that. And they all of the sudden they didn’t want that. So they went in before we got there. But we were going in very shortly.

Here’s more on the clearing out of the CHOP Zone From KING5 News:

A total of 25 people were arrested overnight in the area of Broadway and East Pine as protests continued after police dismantled the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” zone (CHOP).

Police used blast balls and pepper spray while making arrests, after people in the crowd began throwing bottles at officers, according to the department.

Demonstrators continued to march and protest on Capitol Hill, downtown Seattle, and some marched to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s house.

The Seattle Police Department moved into the CHOP around 5 a.m. Wednesday and returned to the East Precinct after abandoning the building nearly three weeks ago.

Officers arrested at least 44 people on Wednesday for failure to disperse, obstruction, resisting arrest, and assault. However, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said she recommended the city not file charges against misdemeanor arrests from Wednesday morning.

Durkan issued a 48-hour executive order for protesters to vacate the area due to the ongoing violence and public safety issues in the area of the East Precinct and Cal Anderson Park. Mayor Durkan’s order declared the gathering as an “unlawful assembly” that required immediate action.

“These acts of violence hurt our whole community and they are also in direct contrast to the message ringing from the streets that Black lives matter,” Durkan said during a briefing after the operation.

It’s not hard to believe at all that Durkan wouldn’t act unless pushed by President Trump’s, uh, let’s call it “prompting” to actually get off her backside and do something about the chaos engulfing her city. Clearly, Durkan feared doing the right thing would make her appear racist and put a damper on her political aspirations. Because that’s what these folks really care about. How they can get ahead and take power for themselves.

Let’s hope that if a situation like that ever happens again, mayors aren’t as lax as Durkan and require the president to motivate them to do their jobs.



  1. I guess FEMA will receive requests for assistance to rebuild the destruction their elected officials allowed and condoned.
    Minnesota was told NO.
    Let them look to their party for funding!

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  5. I , will surely skip this election, if will be one!… Why give the establishment a vote as long as you don’t believe in them anymore?…

    • If you don’t believe in “the establishment”, what ever that means, why would you essentially give a vote to them by NOT voting otherwise? No wonder our country is such a mess with people like you thinking they are hurting someone by acting like a child and taking their ball and go home if they can not have things their way.

  6. Unbelievable!!! The Toddler in Chief ( ahem! commander in chief) is hiding his shitty trousers behind an incompetent skirt, and pretends he was always some roaring Godzilla!
    Good luck with that!
    Things much close to home ( White House) didn’t go to well either!
    What a clown!

    • Thank God we have that “toddler in chief” who will put a stop to this rioting, destruction, push to socialism, totally lawlessness. Without that “toddler in chief” we would be left with the same leadership we have in all the failing leftist areas – Seems Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, NY, etc have been led by leftist dems for years/centuries. What has been the resultl? Oh yeh, all those areas are beautiful, safe, great communities with people just demanding they must be allowed into them. NOT

  7. Seattle is a JOKE!! A liberal experiment for the past twenty years that has gone horribly wrong. Vote out the liberal Democrats in 2020!

    • Alibaba, Elect ANY republican and get rid of this leftist hole that is quickly circling the drain. They are working to push out big business with their Amazon tax and all that will be left is poverty, socialists, homelessness. The dems do this over and over again – Could it be they understand if they get rid of thinking citizens, they can rule forever over the uninformed who want the gov to take totally control of their lives and livelihood.

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  9. You are “The American President” you don’t pull your punches, and you don’t blow smoke up my ass and call it cotton candy, I thank GOD every day that you are our President, life is much better under the Donald than it ever was under the Obamanation, I can walk down the street without worrying that I’ll Have to shoot someone, or be shot at, thank you President Trump
    #MAGA, #effthevirus, semper fi

  10. When the local government refuses to act to stifle such lawless upstarts as ANTIFA and BLM, it’s time for the State government to intervene to preserve law and order. Failure of the State government to take action in order to eradicate the problem, it ultimately falls on the Federal government to pull a “Chuck Norris” and step on a few necks! These godless heathen b*tchf*cks can only be “spoken to” in a language that they can understand! On top of all this, the judicial perversion of the meaning and intent of the Constitution by the Left has to CEASE and DESIST! The Constitution SAYS what it MEANS and MEANS what it SAYS, but there are graphic exceptions to all the rights and liberties guaranteed therein! While a comprehensive example would be somewhat lengthy, suffice it to say that Constitutional rights and civil liberties are RELATIVE, not ABSOLUTE! One doesn’t get to pick and choose which laws one will obey and which laws one will ignore! Only Democrats and other Marxist/ Communist/Socialist misfits and malcontents think that way! Their dogma is one law for me, another for thee! More aptly put, you have to respect MY rights, but I don’t have to respect YOURS! Yeah, RIGHT! Inevitably, FORCE will have to be met with FORCE, and only one side will prevail!

  11. Frankly, the real reason was due to fear, fear for her life, and the destruction of her property. Wonderful how fear can change minds.

  12. Frankly, the real reason was because of fear for her own safety and property were threatened. Wonderful how fear can change minds.

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  14. President Trump keeps his promises. What a wonderful man we have in the White House! (And yes, it has been and will be called the White House because that’s the color of it…most houses at the time were painted white…early days of paint and there were no other suitable colors yet.. I suppose someone will be offended, but it doesn’t take much to do that these days.)

  15. Shutting down free expression because of blackmail from racist Fuhrer Drumpf and he takes credit for it. SCREW YOU DRUMPF! You are going down HARD in November! BIDEN 2020!!!!

    • Dear Bob:
      If Biden wins the rest of America will look like the “CHOP” zone very quickly.
      Of course if you are a Communist that is your hope.
      Question” Is it enjoyable to have Soro’s arm up your butt to run both your mouth and your remaining 3 brain cells?
      Asking for a friend!

    • I see the men in white coats are looking for your SORRY a*s so they can lock you up where you belong, a NUTHOUSE!

    • Better off with Mr Kanye West .one we have now sometimes is a tyrant and Biden does not know what planet he on he is a puppet for sure.we need a more down to earth president who walked through the trenches and seen general public culture and the street first hand.So it can be more of a hey people I can relate

  16. Remember the affluenza kid who killed four people in a drunk driving spree. His defense was he was spoiled, was never reprimanded and didn’t know right from wrong. Well, the protesters in the CHOP were just as disobedient as him except they knew they were getting away with bad behavior. Safety in numbers, you know. The mayor gave into their demands and feared their threats. The mayor was just as permissive as the kid’s mother until when? Not because she was afraid of the President’s promises, but because the group she defended turned on her.

    I don’t know about you, but if I had threatened to hold my breath til I turned blue, my very wise mother would have told me to go ahead. These adults in charge of states and cities today missed out on parental guidance because their formative years were spent in child care centers where life guidance was at a minimum. They don’t know how to parent their own kids much less lead. Ever notice how their campaigns are not based on their qualifications for the position, but rather why their opponents are not?

    The election is fast approaching. If given the opportunity, ask candidates how they would control terroristic situations. Be specific and don’t take any gobbledygook. Record them. Then if elected and the issue arises,
    hold them to their word. To avoid communism, we have to put forth effort.

  17. I find it strange that the protesters claim they are for black lives while the only deaths in CHOP were blacks and the mayor endorses the protesters who have burned and looted the black’s businesses and brought down great harm on the blacks. How is this showing any support for blacks? How does it prove black lives matter if it is blacks who are the ones paying the worse price? Because it isn’t about black lives mattering but the liberal socialistic commie agenda mattering at any and all cost. Blacks are just a race they are using to step all over to get there. The harm and body count doesn’t concern them but their agenda does.

  18. Mayor Dunkin said it was a Summer Love Fest. President’s intervention would make her look bad with the crime also going on.

    • Their people will be above the law. Protesters are released without bail and law abiding citizens defending their home and not hurting anyone are charged with felony. A police officer is shot at with a taser and returns fire in defense, killing the attacker. The police officer is fired and charged with manslaughter or some other felony and the attacker is a hero. Then during the peaceful protest a lady makes a wrong turn and is leaving when she is shot and her young child is executed by a peaceful protester. This is Liberal Democrat Justice.that will be imposed if they win in November. The criminals will get off and the law abiding citizens will be put in jail for defending themselves and have to pay taxes to feed the criminals who are free to rob, riot and loot.

    • Because incompetence is a positive defense. Only the incompetent are allowed in office.
      The competent have no excuse, therefore cannot be trusted, nor can they be expected to get away with any felonies.

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