Posting A Meme About Hillary And Epstein? Instagram Says That’s A “No-No.”

(Tea Party 247) – The world is a ruthless, cold, place with lots of meanies everywhere who want to say offensive, hurtful things that could absolutely leave your mental health destroyed. On top of that, there’s so much fake news being spread everywhere, folks are being lied to and having their choices about who to vote for made for them.

Why, it’s like someone else is going to polls and casting votes in their name without their say so. If only there were folks who would be willing to trample on the Constitution and the principles of free speech that have made America the greatest nation on earth, all for the sake of protecting us from ingesting false news stories.

Wait…Instagram has taken up the cause? Our savior has come!

Apparently, Instagram decided that a meme posted on their social media platform about Hillary Clinton killing Jeffrey Epstein needed to be “fact-checked.” Thank goodness for these folks stepping up to the plate to save us all from having a sense of humor.

Here’s more from Summit News:

Instagram ‘fact-checked’ and censored a clearly satirical meme that joked about Hillary Clinton being responsible for the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

The meme, posted by street artist Lushsux, features images of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“I killed Saddam Hussein!” says Bush.

“I killed Osama Bin Laden!” Says Obama.

“I killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!” says Trump.

“I killed Jeffrey Epstein!” says Clinton.

Instagram responded by blurring out the image and slapping it with a ‘fact-check’ that read, “False: There’s no evidence Hillary Clinton killed Jeffrey Epstein. It runs counter to medical examiner and federal prosecutor conclusions.”

Users have to click to see the post after reading the ‘fact-check’.

As we highlighted yesterday, Instagram also ‘fact-checked’ and censored a meme about Greta Thunberg as well as a totally non-political post.

Earlier this year, the Facebook-owned social media giant said would rely on 52 global “fact checking partners” to censor “false photos and memes on its platform,” according to Poynter.

Studies show that memes were instrumental in helping Donald Trump build online momentum to win the 2016 presidency and that the most successful memes originated in two places – 4chan and The Donald subreddit.

Common sense also shows that the left can’t meme, so it makes far more sense just to ban memes.

The fact that Mark Zuckerberg directed his companies to ‘fact-check’ memes also underscores how much of a joyless, fun-hating cretin he truly is.

Liberals are proving more and more by the day that they are a truly miserable lot who are completely devoid of any sort of actual sense of humor. It’s tragic, really, to see so many folks living such joyless lives.

It seems pretty obvious just from looking at the meme that it’s a joke. Sure, there might be a little truth spoken in jest, but for the most part, it’s posted just for a lark. If people are getting their news from memes, we as a society have truly fallen to the lowest depths we possibly can before utter cultural collapse.

Let’s hope the good folks at Instagram wake up and smell the coffee on this and realize how absurd it was to fact check a meme.



  1. The demonic Clintons and the other minions of Satan WILL know the Wrath of the Lord when he makes His Holy presence known in the very near future.

  2. Why stop with listing only one killing for Killary, she had so many people killed that the list is endless? And then there is Arkanacide, all those people that supposedly did themselves in, which you know did not happen

  3. ” If people are getting their news from memes, we as a society have truly fallen to the lowest depths we possibly can before utter cultural collapse. ” WELL! Where in the world do you think the “MAINSTREAM MEDIA” get their stories!!!!!

  4. They have claimed now, that video of the night Epstein died, has disappeared. I thought it had nothing on it. Why would it disappear, if there was nothing to see? Just another unexplained coincidence. What a gross amount of errors committed in one night and now another one? What kind of odds would that be?

    Then again, there is evidence that has come out about some of the people connected to child trafficking, satanism, pedophiles, child abuses, and people that frequented Pedophile Island, along with Epstein’s other properties. Does it have to do with the information on Carlos Dangers lap top, the law suit against the Epstein estate, other high profile pedophiles being arrested, or is there information coming from Epstein? Did he spill his guts or has his death been faked?

  5. It’s so tiring, all this knee jerk reactions from the Left, as they constantly are proclaiming themselves to be our superiors when it comes to piety… it’s enough to make one want to vomit, it’s just too much. If we had to endure much more bs, we’d have to wear body suits, because the bs has gotten so deep with the whole political correctness crap. Fact checking memes?! LOL Wow, the level of feigning such piety, it truly is disgusting. If nothing else has shown us within the past few weeks, the Democrat Socialists are willing to do whatever to try to get President Trump impeached, and kicked out of office. And now with Pelosi hanging onto the impeachment papers… LOL She knows they have no chance, because if they hold an actually legitimate process to examine the evidence, it’ll already show there is no evidence whatsoever, only hearsay! Just like the Mueller investigation, the impeachment inquiry was such a sham, and they knew it. Not one shred of evidence, only hearsay and opinions and people that didn’t like Trump. So hey, they’re experts at twisting the truth, they twist the facts saying that Senate will be rigged, and won’t be fair. LOLOLOL Wow, if anything the Senate hearing would be the most fair of all! This has shown the Democrat Socialists for what they truly are… corrupt liars, and thieves trying to steal an election they weren’t happy with. And even after the IG report comes out, the voting Democrats STILL keep their vote to impeach. They ALL know it’s a sham! What kind of people do that, and toe the line on a lie! Disgusting, corrupt sick and twisted people like the Democrat Socialists in congress! At least the majority. A few saw the light.

  6. I firmly believe in my heart and gut that Hillary WAS and IS behind Epsteins death and many more deaths before that.She clearly is Satan’s number one minion and NO ONE is going to change my mind.

  7. Apparently humor has died too!!! Hahahaaha

    So does that mean they will not allow personal attacks on Trump and his family too???

    • LOL That’s what’s sad to know… they can put out all kinds of memes, etc against Trump, and none of them will be taken down or banned! Just have to look at Maxine Waters sitting there advocating her fans to harass conservatives wherever they eat, sleep, do work, and tell them they’re not welcome? All while the Democrat Socialist morons look on, no one trying to stop her, all silent as they allow it to happen, allowing these people to actually harass them at restaurants, and they’re the ones that are asked to leave! Leave it to Democrat Socialists, constantly claiming to be the caring and loving people while they’ve got their boot on your neck! A truly disgusting, and corrupt lot of people.

  8. Instagram will block users and posts even if there is nothing wrong. If someone reports something, it gets removed.
    A swimsuit model was in a bikini. Nothing showing. It covered up everything. Someone reported the pic, and it was taken down.

  9. On the basis of the last paragraph, it appears to me that delusion may be an “equal opportunity” debilitator with regard to political persuasion. If the author truly EXPECTS that Instagram might do this, then THEY TOO (the author) suffer from having TOTALLY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Unless, of course, what they mean by using the word “hope” is that they are sincerely praying that God perform A MIRACLE, as only HE can do, by CHANGING THE HEARTS of those involved at Instagram. Otherwise, you’re better off saving your energy – physical, emotional and spiritual – (and TIME!!) and hoping for Jesus’ soon return.

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