Portland’s Homeless Crisis Descends Into Madness

(Tea Party 247) – The horror show that is democrat policies enacted continues, examples pour in by the day. Just look at liberal Portland, Oregon.

Portland has been run into the ground by democrats. Local residents and business owners have reached their breaking point. According to a report by Fox News “Residents, the homeless and advocates say they’ve lost faith in their elected officials’ ability to solve the issue.”.

Like most liberal cities Portland has gone about things in the stupidest way possible. They have taxed those that produce wealth to the point that they can no longer afford to employ wage earners, they have allowed the cost of living to sky rocket, they refuse to enforce the rule of law and allow theft, open drug use, and even assault to go unpunished. Portland’s problems only come as a surprise to the people dumb enough to support the policies and politicians that caused these problems.

Portlanders go on to complain in the report that expensive “solutions” have not produced results, and that mentally ill people roaming the streets is a real issue. “How safe is it to have mentally ill homeless people walking around on the streets?” said Naomi Oliver. “Is it better to throw them in jail? Isn’t that what they are doing now?”

But the solutions don’t get any better, or any cheaper when it comes to drug abuse. Who could have possibly guessed that free needles, “safe injections sites”, and turning a blind eye to crime would possibly have a bad result upon drug addiction in your community?

Not democrats apparently.

Michael Kirby, a local gift shop owner says that he has had people in off the street, not to buy his goods, but because they said they didn’t feel safe outside his store. Why not? Maybe one of the people shooting up on the sidewalk.

Kirby goes on to describe finding a man passed out with a needle in his arm laying there. “He had a needle in his arm and was passed out,” Kirby said. “What could we do? We literally cannot do anything as business owners.” (nothing other than vote republican).

Of course Kirby is not alone, his fellow Portland business owners also have to deal with feces, used condoms, trash, and hostile mentally unstable vagrants. But again, these issues, rampant homelessness, open drug addiction, human waste and the diseases that come from having it on your sidewalks, these are not geographically contained issues, these are issues that are found in democrat cities throughout our otherwise great country.

Seattle is spending $100,000 per homeless person and can’t get a grip on their problems, San Francisco has so many pin drops on the map of human feces that the city can’t be seen for the pins, and outsiders had to arrive to remove trash from the streets of democrat run Baltimore by the ton.

With democrats showing little sign of catching on to what is the root cause of the problems plaguing their cities, the democrat horror show is likely to continue on until it is stopped by an outside force.


  1. These uninformed and uneducated voters in Portland deserve what they are experiencing for voting in these corrupt politicians, so excuse me for saying I don’t give a rats ass what they are going through.

  2. Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Four, third world cities all run by Democrats. Until the voters realize that things will not change until those currently in control are removed from positions of authority those Cities will continue down hill. The citizens have the power to clean house, do they have the desire to do so ? In a Democracy bad choices can destroy communities.


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