Pollster John McLaughlin Confirms What We’ve Known About Polling All Along

(Tea Party 247) – The deranged left has been out to take down President Trump since he was elected in 2016. Now, the 2020 presidential election has proven to be quite the debacle, just as President Trump said it would be.

Despite whatever character flaws the left has issue with, President Trump has been one of the greatest presidents in US history. Before the coronavirus “pandemic” hit our shores, life was good, actually amazing, for most Americans.

The economy was booming, we had more money in our pockets, unemployment rates were record low, and President Trump had not got the US involved in a single new war and had even brought home tons of troops. President Trump has been tough on China, strong on trade, and always enthusiastically supported the military while being steady-handed in his decisions to utilize them.

During his administration there were record numbers of highs on the stock market and Americans were spending like never before. Few Americans truly had much to complain about before COVID-19 put everything on the line.

Democrats, however, have been one miserable lot for the last four years doing everything in their power to undermine and obstruct the President from doing what is right and good for America.

The Democrats opposed Trump at every turn and went as far as to cook up false allegations against him. The House even impeached him on some trumped-up, bogus charges of … well … we aren’t even really sure what now. Collusion? Quid-pro-quo? Dishonesty? We don’t even remember because the Democrats changed the charges so many times.

Nonetheless, now Democrats are trying to steal the election from Trump who should have easily won on Election Night. Their attempts started months ago when they began changing the rules and encouraging fraud by making mail-in voting a thing.

Pollsters were also hard at work attempting to tip the scales in favor of Biden. How on earth could the pollsters possibly get so many polls so very wrong? It isn’t hard to do when it’s done intentionally and the intention was to keep Trump voters from getting out and voting.

During an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast, pollster John McLaughlin claimed that the election polls sought to discourage Trump voter turnout.

“So, what they were trying to do was discourage Election Day turnout of Trump voters with really bad polls,” he said.

McLaughlin even claimed that at one point he was contacted by President Trump who asked about one particular Washington Post-ABC News poll that had him down by 17 points in Wisconsin. McLaughlin said he told the president that the race was much closer and, indeed, it was.

The left was hoping to convince Trump voters that all was lost before the election even came. They failed, obviously, because Trump supporters are extremely enthusiastic about President Trump but the same cannot be said about Biden supporters. Most Biden supporters only support him because of their blind hatred for President Trump.

Is it any wonder why so many are questioning the integrity and validity of this election?

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  2. Let’s stop the B.S. let’s head back to the poll’s. To vote in person we all know President Trump will win. This is the AMERICA way.

  3. I would like to throw my 2 cents out. It would not surprise me if in the near future, we find out that the D-rats didn’t pay China to create this virus to be spread around the world, just to disrupt our election process. Between wanting illegals to vote and all of the other nonsense going on since 2016 when President Trump was elected, I see a very real possibility of the likes of Obamas, Clintons, Pelosi’s, etc paying for the virus to hedge their bets. Treason!! And the sad part is, it appears they have succeeded and will try in every elections from now on……..

  4. This is right out of the COMUUNIST Playbook, to send out DISINFORMATION and LIES. One Wary And DISGUSTED Patriot Sounding THE ALARM. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Since Trump has been in office, he has stated over and over that mail-in voting only enhances illegal voting, but nothing was done by anyone other than the Republicans to stop it. I am not an expert on our Constitution, but I’m certain that it requires “one person, one vote.” To really ensure that this happens, legal citizen voters must be restricted to voting only once; for the Democrats, that does not include the deceased or non-existent voter. In this 2020 ele4ction, there have been incidents in damned near every state that have proven to be have confirmed false voting, ballot changing, ballot disappearing, and ballots appearing out of nowhere – all for Biden. Many state officials have chosen to ignore complaints by Republicans over voting irregularities, but considerable hard evidence has been collected by the Republicans for presentation to the courts. Of course, the Democrats have installed judges at every level who will render decisions favoring the Democrats. It seems absolutely certain that many Democrat judges
    are monetarily rewarded for their “Democrat” findings. Why else would they violate the oaths that they took when they were appointed as a judge. Should the IRS investigate the income tax returns and the banking records of not just the Democrat-appointed judges, but the Republican-appointed judges as well. I doubt if our Federal prisons would be able to “house” so many corrupt judges. I must say that the Democrats have been able to infiltrate almost every agency or activity with corrupt agents; this has been going on for the 86 years I have been on Earth. In all fairness, the Republicans have done the same thing – only far less. The voting is merely one way by the Democrats of trying to bring the masses under their control. The real group of citizens who will declare one of the candidates to become President is the College of Electors. The bullshit presently being spread by the news media only confuses people. Each state has two votes to determine the new President, and the two electors of each state cast their vote according to their belief of what their state desires. Protests, news media, and campaign speeches are all but useless in selection of a President. Hillary won the most popular votes, but the College of Electors collectively decided Trump was the desired President. Cry all you want, Democrats, but that is the way our Constitution stands. Take the time to read the Constitution to see for yourself what I have just written is precisely correct.

  6. I did a research paper once that required a sampling of college students. The grad student helping me as what I wanted the results to be and I told him what my paper was about and he asked me what I wanted to prove so I told him . His reply was we will draw our sample from these residence hals because they will more than likely give you the results you want. Secondly he will over sample so he has room to throw some results out to get the desired outcome.

  7. We have seen in plane site what the anti American globalist have been doing with the DNC and using them to run there propaganda and paid activist, for the past fifty years and we the unknowing, kept electing those that believed their lies and deceit and wanted to become there useful idiots to take down America.

  8. The Dems have been after Trump since day one. They’re happy now, but when our turn comes they will be crying. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.

  9. there is a cure for this kind of action activity…a standardized method of voting in ALL 50 states.
    Voter identification is demanded and if voter does not show proper ID…that voter is dismissed from the voting polls.
    No exceptions…a watchdog is on-site to monitor the voting…no pre-voting, no mail-in ballots etc…except for the military overseas.
    voting is done in a single day with polls opening at 6a in their time zone and closing at 6p in that same time zone.
    This bullshit has to stop….
    Our country is in grave danger because of all of the corruption in our government and with our governmental officials. Enough is enough. America is the last bastion of freedom in this world. If we yield to socialism, we too are done.

  10. The communist left needs to be removed from the country by any means necessary. Since they don’t like this country, then they go to one that they do like, say China. I guess they could go six feet under as well, but I bet that China would welcome them and their violent ways.


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