Photos: Shocking New Look Into Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island”

(Tea Party 247) – We now have a disturbing look into the lair of accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

New photos obtained by the New York Post reveal, for the very first time, how Epstein spent his time at his notorious “Pedophile Island” with all the underage girls he flew down there.

Epstein, who was convicted of pedophilia and died while awaiting trial for his well-known child sex trafficking ring for which he’d finally been arrested. (Of course, while we’re told that he took his own life, but many, including the vast majority of the internet, disagree.)

In the photos, the world’s creepiest man is dressed casually, chatting on the phone in one shot while receiving a massage from a smiling young woman who appears to be Sarah Kellen, his assistant.

The photos depict the luxurious conditions of the notorious financier, which included a white-drenched bedroom with a full and twin bed, interestingly.

Other photos depict the breathtaking views of the private island, which is called Little St. James.

Of course, smiling, beautiful young women pose for the camera in many of them.

The spot, Epstein’s main residence, also was called “Orgy Island” by locals hired by him to run it — although the financier liked to refer to it as “Little St. Jeff’s.”

Before his death behind bars in August, Epstein was accused of forcing young women, including some who were underage, into participating in sex orgies at the US Virgin Islands property. He would allegedly host a slew of powerful men, including Prince Andrew, there. The royal has denied the claim.

Above: Chauntae Davies at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island; image credit: MEGA

The New York Post reports:

But Epstein’s former personal masseuse, Chauntae Davies, who provided the photos, told the Sun of Britain that it is unbelievable that Andrew claims he had no idea what was going on with his sicko pal.

She said Epstein would brag about his ties to the royal to reel in new victims.

“There is no way you could have been a friend of Jeffrey’s and not know what was going on,’’ Davies said.

“I don’t see how you could see somebody with another young girl all the time and there never being a conversation about it. It doesn’t add up.”

She said she was recruited to work for Epstein by his socialite buddy, Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of procuring girls for him. Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing.

One of Davies’ photos shows Maxwell grinning at a massive white marble table at the private island estate.

Davies said she was flown around the world to cater to Epstein’s whims on his private jet, which has been called the “Lolita Express.’’ He raped her over several years before she escaped in 2005, she said.

She described him as “charming’’ while in public — but “behind closed doors, a monster came out.”

Above: Ghislaine Maxwell (left) at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island; image credit: MEGA

Above: Epstein on his private island; image credit: MEGA

Above: A part of a building on Little St. James island; image credit: MEGA

Above: A room on Epstein’s island; image credit: MEGA

Above: Jeffrey Epstein is massaged by his assistant Sarah Kellen; image credit: MEGA

Above: Chauntae Davies; image credit: Rachpoot/MEGA


  1. What’s to become of the ‘island’ now? Are there still underage kids there? Is the stuff still going on? How about more info ( if you are able to get any ).

  2. Jeffy E. is more than likely burning in his personal Hell right now.! The devil made him do it, yeah right, just like he hung himself.! One less pc of s#%t in this world.! Should of had a V-8 and turned to Jesus.!….I’m just sayin’……

  3. Before she escaped in 2005?
    Are you kidding me?
    Coke whores are all over the island, it’s the slick one that make a living at it.

  4. Wow! So “shocking”, I almost fall asleep watching them!
    And about all those ” victims “, was any of them brought in chains to the island? Or aboard ” Lolita Express “? … No?… I’m sure they enjoyed the luxury, and they knew they’ll have to pay one way or another for it!

  5. Hey PER, just commenting on what you said above and I think you know this but Bill Bar doesn’t buy any of this suicide stuff but it’s what he can prove. I sure the two guards don’t want to be assisted suicide casualties either. Remember, everybody has to pay the piper sooner or later.

  6. Now I cannot wait till pictures of Bill Clinton show up on this island! The dirt bag visited several times too according to some witnesses!

  7. Letting that P.O.S. – commit suicide
    (yeah right – I was born at night but NOT last night) is a crime in and of itself – he and all his cronies should be tortured and publicly humiliated – hey Barr do you really think we buy the amazing set of coincidences…REALLY???


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