Petition To Get Roe v Wade Before Supreme Court Gains Major Support In Congress

(Tea Party 247) – Thankfully, we are on the cusp of the US Supreme Court reviewing Roe v. Wade and possibly overturning it. Congress has started a petition calling on the Supreme Court to do just that and it’s gained the support of over 200 lawmakers, including two Democrats. The lawmakers have reportedly “signed an amicus brief led by Rep. Steve Scalise in a Louisiana abortion case set to be heard by the Supreme Court this spring,” One America News Network reports.

According to One America News Network:

In their petition lawmakers are advising the court to take up Roe v. Wade again and, if appropriate, should overrule the entire case. The document claims the right to abortion is “unworkable” and that the ruling has set a precedent, which has proven “radically unsettled.”  The Supreme Court made Roe v. Wade law in a landmark 1973 ruling, deeming restrictive state regulation of abortion unconstitutional.

The new petition seeks to grant legal control over abortion to the states.

The measure reflects a law brought-forth by Louisiana lawmakers in 2014, requiring doctors be given “admitting privileges” before performing an abortion.

“The pro-choice side is saying that’s too restrictive…the pro-life side is saying, actually it’s good to know a doctor has these admitting privileges because that means he’s been checked out by the hospital.that means he’s not grossly incompetent or has something horrible in his record.” explained Paul Strand, Washington, D.C. journalist.

Critics also suggest the bill is designed to close abortion clinics altogether. This comes after the nation’s highest court turned down an identical bill in Texas in 2016 after claiming the law imposed an “undue burden” on women’s rights.

Louisiana’s proposal will be the first abortion case presented to justices since President Trump added two Republican justices to the bench. Hearings are expected to be held in March.

The progressive, death-obsessed left is reckless when it comes to the matter of abortion. They want no restrictions at all despite the dangers. It’s impossible to have a reasonable discussion about abortion with those on the left. They want unlimited access to abortion-on-demand in any and all circumstances, bar none. It’s truly sick and their agenda does little to hide the real goal here: population control and the oppression of minorities and the poor.

That being said, back in the 70’s when Roe v. Wade was first decided, there was nowhere near the kind of technology available as we have today. Sonograms weren’t widely used as common practice during pregnancies and even when they were used, the imagery was nowhere close to as vivid and clear as today. We can clearly see that babies are humans from very early on in development and that their heartbeats start incredibly early as well.

In the 70’s it was easy to dehumanize these very human beings. It was simple lack of knowledge but now we know better and the more we know the better we have to do. It has become obvious thanks to advances in medical science and technology that abortion is the ending of human life, period. It’s high-time the Supreme Court review Roe v. Wade and establish that personhood is established at conception and that the unborn are protected individuals just like born people.

It’s encouraging to see so many Congress members throwing their support behind this petition. Perhaps there is still hope.


  1. Say you do overturn Roe V. Wade — what do you plan to do with all those unwanted babies, since y’all don’t want to pay taxes for social services — hypocrites!

  2. Bryce Thompson, You are wrong. There are many Christian ministries helping children in poverty. If you think this world is such a hell hole, how come you haven’t committed suicide? Not that I want you to do that. The most impoverished people in this country have it much better than people in 2nd and 3rd world countries. Two wrongs do not make a right. We know babies have human features and a heartbeat and neural activity at a very early stage. It is not ethical to murder a human being at any stage of life. Also your views seem very racist to me as these hell holes you talk about are mostly in the inner cities. Our world wouldn’t be such a hell hole if Americans would repent of their sins and accept the Lord Jesus Christ. His Word, the Holy Bible is an instruction manual for the human life. It shows both the way of sinful man and the redemption and holiness available through Jesus Christ.

  3. To reply to the comment on the children who are born in poverty, not being aborted, that they would live a life of pain and neglect – if we didn’t provide Planned Parenthood with the millions they receive from our taxpayers – this would free-up ample funds to provide resources for not only the children, but also their families. Also, with no more money going to Planned Parenthood (hopefully because they have been permanently eliminated) this taxpayer money can provide resources to those refugees seeking a meaningful and successful life in America. They would be so grateful, they would cheerfully work hard for what many of us take for granted – America would be a proud Nation again, just like it became due to the wave of Immigration in the 1930’s and 1940’s! And since humans work with God in His Work of Creation – let us leave it up to God to decide the number of people to populate our Planet Earth, and to provide the needed resources!

  4. The whole trouble with Roe V Wade is how it became law. A total violation of the Constitution. The supreme Court is not the law making body of the Government. Their job is to determine the constitutionality of the law. It is the job of the congress to write Law. If the supreme Court does it then we will have no need for congress.Roe v Wade was not a law pasted by congress or signed into law by the president. A total violation of the Constitution that they swore to up hold. Unfortunately it is not the only rule that needs to be readdressed. The laws being put in place by the supreme court are usually laws that can not be past by congress. This why the democrats are so willing to allow The Supreme Court to abuse their Constitutional Powers That way democrats can put into the law their liberal desires without a fight in congress.We need to go back and adhere to the guide lines of the Constitution or we will never straighten our government out.

  5. I had a dog that was over 15 years and blind, had diabeties, and had a toumer that was growing larger every day. Took him to vet to have put down. At the end he cried. Now, you want me to believe that a baby doesn’t feel pain!

  6. If the left can fund liars against Republicans. Then maybe they should fund abortions. Put their money where their beliefs are how about demonrats

    • “Stop murder!!! Overturn Roe vs. Wade” Bullshit! Get the fat, old POLITICIANS the Hell OUT of women’s Doctors’ offices. Let each woman choose her determination of life. No, I don’t agree with abortion on demand, but this is what SHOULD be each woman’s “CHOICE” and it is never an easy one. I can’t help but WONDER how many members of Congress hold a Medical Doctor’s DEGREE!!!!!

    • What about the 19,000 children dyeing every day, living a living hell, of poverty, sickness, and starvation, that you want to bring into this hell hole of a world, they would be better off not being born, you stupid retarded people.

  7. My grandson had to be taken 10 weeks early weighing only 2 pounds 10 ounces. He is a healthy normal baby boy now, 7 months.
    This goes to say …. a baby is a baby. Science has proven babies are fully formed at less than one month.

  8. One final word from me: Hitler famously said: “Tell a lie, tell it often enough, and people will believe it.” Unfortunately, many of today’s people have been brainwashed into believing the lie, because that is the message that has been hammered into their heads for decades. It suits them to believe the lie.

    • Actually THAT quote was spoken by Joseph Goebbels, not Adolph Hitler. Goebbels was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda.

  9. This is encouraging. I hope it happens in addition to defunding Planned Parenthood. I’m sick of them using my tax dollars for their sick work.

    • What life are you going to give these children you want born into this hell hole of a world, 19,000 children die each day suffering a living hell, in poverty, sickness, and starvation, what are you doing for these children? nothing, you let them suffer the living hell you give them. sham on you, what demons from hell you are. the world is over populated, and these are the end times, and it will not be good for people with children, Saul’s God told Saul to kill every man, woman, and child, what do you think about Saul’s God?

  10. I knew all the above information from the time I was about 10 years old, and that is several decades ago!! Saying that abortion is not the destruction of a human life is a woeful denial of truth. I also read the book “The Wonderful Story of How You Were Born” (also when I was about 10 years old, and it drives home the humanity of the unborn child. On a final note…in about 4th grade, in my parochial school, on one of the tests, was the following question: Which miracle occurred concurrent with the Annunciation? Answer: The Incarnation! At Mary’s yes, the child Jesus was conceived within her, by the power of the Holy Spirit! At that MOMENT, Jesus was conceived, and became God made man! Catholics and many other Christians celebrate the Annunciation and Incarnation, when JC became one of us. This is not religion, this is truth!

  11. Stop Killing The Babies…
    Stop Killing The Babies…
    Stop Killing The Babies…
    Stop Killing The Babies…
    Stop Killing The Babies…
    Stop Killing The Babies…
    Stop Killing The Babies…
    Stop Killing The Babies…
    The MOST INNOCENT Of Humanity Should Be Protected, Loved And Respected…
    Those Who Want To Kill THE BABIES Should Never Be Permitted To Commit Such A Heinous Act Against The Most Defenseless Of Civilization…

  12. It is way past time to stop the whoesale slaughter of the unborn babies in our so called “modern industrailized nation.”

  13. Roe vs wade should’ve never made it past the court in the first place. I totally agree, every woman has a right to do with her body as she see fit, however, that baby inside you is a completely separate body. If you want to murder someone, kill yourself and let that baby live.

  14. Although I vote for the Repubs, I am a former Dem, but have not voted for the Dems since Obama. I do not believe that this should be reversed. Woman must have the right to have an abortion. It should be done early. Before the second trimester. This is my body, you have no right to take this away from me. This party will be in big trouble if this is tried. So think twice before you try to do this. Big mistake.

    • The article above says that you can’t talk to pro-choice people because they aren’t willing to have a reasonable discussion. My take is that pro-life people are not willing to have the discussion either. Since they consider abortion murder, the matter for them, is cut and dry. Both sides are so far apart that there is no room for compromise.

  15. Ah, The American Genocide, taxpayer funded no less. And how necessary to Planned Parenthood whose business plan mandates the barbaric destruction of human life, which could not be done without diminishing or denying the sacredness of the gift. No one creates their own life in their mother’s womb. We are created, not the Creator. And who can say what capital offense has been committed by the developing human in the womb that demands the death penalty? Abortion — a preventable Crime Against Humanity.

  16. Excellent article. It is time to realize that once those cells join at conception it is a human being. Science is corroborating it. Let us pray that the Supreme Court establish that Personhood Is established at Conception.

  17. Abortion is an ABOMINATION (WORSE than a sin) according to the Word of God, Proverbs 6:17 “hands that shed innocent blood” is MURDER (not self defense or WAR). God HATES it and ANYONE who operates in it is GUILTY, and WILL answer for it on Judgment day, and it is coming for EVERYONE, like it or NOT. A woman does NOT have the right to chose to MURDER her child. The unborn child had NO say in the matter. Love the little life that comes forth as GOD would love it. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. I agree tat doctors who perform abortions should have admitting privileges in case something goes wrong. But Roe vs Wade should not be overturned it must be the choice of the individual if they want an abortion or not. We do not want to go back to the days of back room abortions. And besides the states already have control over abortions.

  19. Abortion is an abomination period! It’s murder plain and simple! No one has the right to kill innocent babies! It’s sick and perverse!!

  20. Putting all religious and social beliefs aside. It is time for doctors to stop the horrific practice of ending the growth, and life of the human race. Where are the rights of the unborn? The sickening fact is that over 40 million babies are aborted yearly. When do we stop and ask ourselves what we are becoming? Sadly, the truth is that dogs and cats, born or unborn, have more rights and more people fighting in their corner to protect them than the unborn human child does. On a religious note, those that do not believe in God and do not understand the purpose of life, which is to multiple and replenish the earth,will not stand blameless before God when this life ends. If our purpose isn’t to do as our first parents were commanded to do, which has never ceased to be a commandment, then why would all living creatures have the ability to pro-create? Roe vs Wade is the workings of evil men and women whose only purpose was to twist and distort the worlds view of the family. It was also a blatant proclamation of individual selfishness and ignorance.

  21. There is no such thing as “abortion rights”. No one on this earth has a “right” to murder a preborn, innocent baby, no matter what stupid feminazi rhetoric is used. Procured abortion is murder, has always been murder, and will always be murder. Our Constitution guarantees the right to life, and anyone who deliberately murders an innocent baby should be arrested and jailed for it. Only ignorant pagans murder their own children.

  22. Never have I seen such barbaric thinking in modern times. It reminds of old Rome and the way they through babies over the bridge into the water cause they didn’t want them and Christians would go out into the water in boats and rescue them. We have become a society worse than barbarians

    • Ms. or Mrs. Patricia, I agree with you, Maam, who is going to speak up for the Embryo’s, themselves, they have a heart-beat!?!

  23. I agree ABORTION RIGHTS should be mandated by each state via the BALLOT BOX. The voters of each state should have a say-so as far as yes or no. Federal Government (Roe vs Wade) should not impact the states. States Rights on this matter should govern how the abortion-rights go for “their” state and not any other state as RoevsWade stipulates.

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