Pervert Alert: Drag Queen Flashes Small Children While Reading To Them

(Tea Party 247) – As if drag queens reading stories to children isn’t inappropriate and strange enough, one drag queen in Minnesota has taken it a whole new level. The drag queen was reading to a group of children when he gave the children a glimpse of his crotch. What is hard to believe is that this kind of thing hasn’t happened yet at drag queen story times.

Pulpit and Pen reports:

A “drag queen” has given children more than their parents bargained for when they sat their little ones in front of the man to learn something at their local library. What the children learned, they might not have been prepared for.

The homosexual ‘Christian’ journalist, Jonathan Merritt, defended Drag Queen library storytimes while on Fox News, claiming that “they just want to give back to the community.” It turns out that one drag queen in Minnesota wants to give back to the community by flashing his crotch area to children.

On October 17, the Hennepin County library invited “drag queens” (men with a mental illness, who believe that they are women or prefer to behave and/or dress like women) to indoctrinate children. Hennepin County is the largest county in Minnesota with a population of more than 1.15 million residents and is home to the city of Minneapolis.

The two drag queens went under the fake names “Sasha Sosa” and “Gemini Valentine,” who also perform as exotic dancers at adult nightclubs.

Child Protection League Action, a group whose focus is on protecting children from pedophiles and sexual predators, issued a warning to area libraries and issued a call to action for people to call the library and encourage them to cancel the sexual grooming sessions.

Two grooming sessions have been canceled after the flashing incident, but the library says that they will be rescheduled.

Grown men dressed up in women’s clothing have no business being around children especially for the purpose of indoctrinating them with their perverted ideas. Was the flashing incident just an innocent mistake? Doubtful. Just like the story time events themselves are intention grooming sessions it’s likely this drag queen was just pushing the line to see how much they can get away with.

Drag queens seem to be afforded special privilege by society and they know it. He was likely seeing what kind of backlash there would be. A pioneer, of sorts, paving the way for other drag queens to expose themselves to children too. After all the goal is the sexualization of children and grooming them to be accepting of sexual interaction with adults.

It’s time these drag queen story times were put to a stop. The library canceled two shows as a result of the flashing but has said they plan to reschedule. In other words, they’re just going to wait out the storm and then continue on with the intentional grooming and indoctrination of small children on the taxpayer’s dime.

Shame on them and shame on every parent who exposes their children to this sexual perverseness.


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