Pennsylvanians Show Just How They Feel About Social Distancing As They Line The Streets For Trump

(Tea Party 247) – Pennsylvanians have officially had enough and the Emperor, Governor Tom Wolf, has completely lost control of residents. Despite lockdowns and stay-at-home orders still being in place, even in counties that have now earned “yellow” status on the state’s reopening scale, a massive crowd showed up in support of President Trump this week.

On Thursday, Trump made an appearance in Allentown, the state’s third most populated city located about an hour north of Philadelphia, to visit Owens & Minor, Inc. Distribution Center, a 137-year-old American medical equipment distributor.

Residents lined the streets as the President’s motorcade passed through. Despite Pennsylvanians currently being required to wear facemasks to any store they wish to visit, in the video below posted by Trump no one looks to be wearing any and social distancing seems to be a thing of the past.

Emperor Wolf must have been cringing at this blatant display of defiance from his subjects as they turned out in droves for the President. Don’t they understand they’re in the red zone?!

Lehigh County is one of 18 counties in PA that remain in the “red zone” of the state’s reopening plan. Counties that are still red are still under strict stay-at-home orders with large gatherings prohibited and the only travel permitted is for “life-sustaining” purposes.

For perspective, Lehigh County has a population of around 370,000 people. Of these 370,000 people only 3,396 people have contracted COVID-19 which has resulted in 136 deaths. That equates to .9% of the entire population having the illness and only .03% of the counties’ population dying from it.

Somehow Emperor Wolf and his deranged health secretary “Rachel” Levine see these numbers as justification to keep residents unemployed and broke while putting small businesses at risk of going out of business for good.

Is it any wonder residents are protesting and growing impatient with Wolf and his draconian orders? While at the medical supply center Trump had a message for Gov. Wolf that mirrors exactly what hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians have been feeling for quite some time.

“We have to get your governor of Pennsylvania to start opening up a little bit,” Trump said, according to Breitbart. “You have areas of Pennsylvania that are barely affected and they want to keep them closed. You can’t do that.”

The President himself was not wearing a mask although he did appear to practice social distancing while in the plant around workers who were wearing masks.

Emperor Wolf is showing no signs of easing up on his oppressive orders to allow Pennsylvanians to get back to work and businesses to recover. In an effort to calm the masses, Wolf said in a press conference Friday that residents should be frustrated with the virus, not his overreaching government mandates and authoritarian behavior that are doing far greater damage than the actual virus.

“If you live in one of the 18 counties that remains in the red zone, you may feel disappointed or frustrated right now,” Wolf said. He went on to add, “Our frustration has to be directed to the virus. We’re trying to keep people safe.”

Being frustrated with a virus that has infected only 61,611 of the 12.8 million people that live in the state (that’s only 4% of all Pennsylvanians) is absurd. PA residents are justifiably frustrated over Emperor Wolf and his unconstitutional orders that have devastated their livelihoods.

Good for the folks of Allentown for coming out, despite Wolf’s orders, to support our President.


  1. On any normal American day, without the virus and without a lockdown order, no Democrat Presidential candidate would ever get a welcome like this, yet the people break their governor’s decrees and dictates, under threat of arrest and penalties, and come out in droves for the President they love and trust. I think this shows the liberal media can take Pennsylvania off of the battleground state list, and put it in the red state column.

    The same thing is happening all around the USA, which indicates a red wave coming in November, and the Democrats can only blame this on Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler, and all their resistance and obstruction of President Trump’s policies and agendas, and the Democrat controlled states attempt to keep the economy shutdown until after the national elections, and blame it on President Trump, who has been stating that the economy should be re-open to allow the American people to go back to work, and back to running their businesses.

  2. Those politicians who are steadfast on locking down their states in the hope the economy will suffer irreplaceable damage, these self same politicians are forgetting that voters will scoot them out of office come elections

  3. I’m a former Allentownien and a former escaped of communist oppression. In Allentown I learned the value of being free. And the bitter revenge my family endured. I’m proud of all who had the courage to stand up for freedom.

  4. GOOD for these people! . . . They have more COMMON SENSE in their LITTLE finger than ALL the Democrats COMBINED. One Happy Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020.

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  6. I’m proud to see people finally standing up for their rights and freedom in the face of tyranny. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. NO POLITICIAN – NO JUDGE – NO LAWYER.

  7. Ever notice that the people issuing stay at home orders, live in large mansion like houses with an uninterrupted pay check. I wonder what they be saying or feeling if they lived in 1 or 2 room apartments with no pay check? Size matters

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  9. I used to live in PA – GREAT God loving people! So wonderful to see that “We the People” of Pennsylvania standing up for our President and their FREEDOMS! Thank you for setting an amazing example for ALL STATES! IT’S TIME TO LET US OUT OF POLITICAL JAIL!! We have been locked up for committing no crime! God bless you, God bless President Donald J. Trump, VP Mike Pence, AG William Barr, General Michael Flynn, Attorney Sidney Powell and so, many, many, many others who fight day in and day out to protect our country and our freedom!

  10. I was born and grew up in PA. Sad to see the dangerous Socialist Democrats trying tyranny to ruin the citizens livelihood and turn the state and nation bankrupt.

  11. Let Biden out of his basement bunker, and let’s see what kinds of crowds fill the streets to see him. It will be more like the sounds of crickets.

  12. So glad to see that.! it’s a very good sign of just how the good the Nov. election is going to go for Trump. It’s also a very good example of just how much the ‘Lamestream Media’ goes out of it’s way to cover anything at all positive that happens that might give it’s audience just how many ‘folks’ may be voting for President Trump come Nov.? The alphabet media is so damn ignorant and just plain nastry it’s a crime, but then, of course, so was their hero OhBummer!

  13. Proud of my fellow Pennsylvanians! Still bitterly clinging to our guns, religion, and what little remains of our God-given liberty and natural dignity.

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    You are the Best Example of Dignity and Strength, to show at all American Nation and whole World.

  16. Gov Wolf of Pa should go on wolf blitzes CNN show both are suffering from their own dogma fear and fright , terrible governace polices , they are using the VIRIUS as FEAR tactic and they want too break the small business along with bankrupting the Pennsylvania statehood too become a ward of the federal gov’t , Pelosi 101 playbook !!!!

  17. Let us compare, Which counties are run by Democrats vs Those which are Conservative/Republicans. Who is trying to RAPE the system?

  18. Hey Governor Wolf, when you’re put in the same category as the Governors of NY, CA, IL and WA your policies and restriction make you bluer than blue. The right thing to do is resign and take Rachel with you. We had enough of your nonsense and stupidity. Open up the State now, we are capable of determining our owndestiny.

  19. Why didn’t those residents FLIP the Governor off with “The Bird”? . . . Man, no GUTS these days! I applaud the Pennsylvania residents for standing up for their rights AND their POTUS. One Happy Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  20. Most of the politicians elected to office have forgotten the Declaration of Independence and need a refresher course on just what powers they hold and do not hold. Their power comes from the governed not their office and if they do not govern the people in the best interest of their rights the people have the power to remove the government and revamp it in a manor that is in the peoples best interest. They have passed laws trying to remove our powers but we, the people, have the right to take the power back and if needs be we will in the end.

  21. I was there wonderful crowd!! Got to see Presdent Trump’s motercade!! Wolf needs to let people get work!

  22. Odd how the blue states have the strong-handed “rulers”. Could control of the peons have anything to do with it? They’re showing just how easily they can screw us up. Welcome to your first trial of socialism.

  23. I’m a former p.a. resident and i am glad they stood their ground the mayor has forgotten he needs these people to vote for him if he wants to remain employed. So a Republican is more than likely going to win the next election

  24. They are tired of your dictator shit. Open up you scumbag. You want to destroy the economy along with America. You Socialist/Communist are devil worshipers. You don’t abide by the Constitution the people have rights. You are a worthless dumbass.

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    • I am a conservative, but I do support social distancing in one specific circumstance–


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