Pastor Stands Up To Defend Rights Of The Unborn; The Response From Viriginia Dems Is Absolutely Shameful

(Tea Party 247) – If you ever want to know how evil and wicked liberal politicians really are, all you need to do is stand up boldly in front of them and proclaim abortion as the murder of innocent children. Their true colors, the actual depth of vile rebellion against God, will rush to the surface and you will see with your own eyes how sin has fully corrupted people in our country.

This is a lesson a Virginia pastor recently learned firsthand when he dared to stand up in the Virginia House chamber and call out Democrats for supporting gay marriage and abortion, two wicked acts that destroy the family unit, the backbone of society.

Democrats offended by the statements made by Rev. Robert M. Grant Jr., pastor of The Father’s Way Church, walked out after he stood up for the rights of the unborn, revealing their true hearts for all to see.

Here’s more on this from BizPacReview:

Rev. Robert M. Grant Jr. of The Father’s Way Church in Warrenton, Virginia, addressed the Democrat-controlled House of Delegates with an opening prayer that condemned abortion and gay marriage, Media Research Center reported. Grant’s prayer caused members to storm out of the chamber and for one member to yell, “Is this a prayer or a sermon?”

The pastor defended his actions by saying the “state house belongs to all the citizens.”

“And all the citizens have a voice,” Grant added. “If it’s my turn to have a voice, and I am a pastor, what do you expect from me? If you don’t want to hear what a pastor has to say, then don’t invite one.”

“I pray that you may understand that all life is precious and worthy of a chance to be born,” Grant said. “God is the giver of life and people have no right or authority to take life. The unborn have rights and those rights need to be protected. They should never be denied the right to exist, the right to develop or the right to have a family.”

Grant went on to say that God gave them all a warning: “Woe to anyone who harms an innocent child.”

Grant said, “Every one of you sitting here today can guarantee these rights to these little innocent children of Virginia. Please do not ignore their little voices. I pray for a heart change today, and may the Lord God have mercy upon this leadership.”

The pastor went on to tell delegates that “we should never rewrite what God has declared,” saying that Virginia is a state that has “always protected the biblical definition of marriage” — that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Democratic Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn smacked her gavel against the table to bring the prayer to an end and then quickly shifted over to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Democratic Del. Luke Torian spoke with the Media Research Center about the meeting saying the prayer was “totally disrespectful to all of us, all of us in this House.” Del. Delores McQuinn said it “felt like a condemnation.”

Well, isn’t McQuinn an observant one? Of course it was a condemnation. The murder of innocent children is an activity that all of us should be condemning, but radical liberals are more into celebrating the freedom that comes from murdering children in the womb instead. This brave man of God is right on the money and has proclaimed what God’s Word says about abortion and same-sex marriage.

Those who ignore His words will stand before Him one day and give an account for the choices they made and for indulging and encouraging sinful, wicked practices. No amount of begging will save them once they cross the threshold of death. Only faith in Christ, here and now, can do that.




  2. People go to the ballot box and vote democratic candidates because daddy did. They don’t know who they are really putting in office. Shame on the voters. They too are guilty by omission

    • Agree!!! Far too many people vote without thinking. Or they dont have any idea what the candidate stands for. Too many vote selfishly for free stuff, no matter the devastating impact on the nation or others. Disgusting and a disgrace. Open your eyes, voters. Who gets your vote?? The psycho party of death and hate?? Or if you have a brain and a spine, vote Republican. Save America.

  3. Virginia has been TERRIBLY contaminated by the poisonous deep state swamp shit coming out of DC…….

    They are hard after throwing GOD under the bus again……..

    Just like the evil demonic satanic demoncrats did in 2012 at the DNC convention………threw God right under the bus, along with Israel. Then the bastardic dimmercrats backed the bus up and ran all over God again…..and again.

    And again.

    And they continue until this day.

    Democrats…….the PARTY OF SATAN.

    May they rot in hell where they belong and fester.

    • The problem? The Party of Satan in Russia 1917 killed 80 million before it was overthrown. And if you listen, you’ll hear a crescendo of voices calling for death of Christians and conservatives for opposing “The Leftist State.” Same Satan, different fools. If they win, people will die, and those who don’t will have the life sucked out of them by endless edicts from Moscow on the Potomac.

  4. If i could afford it, i would move out of Virginia, i am ashamed to be an Virginian. They go after all my beliefs as a Christian, i am glad to see a preacher stand up and preach the truth. God have mercy on there souls.

  5. Amen! God bless Rev Grant for his courage. Democrats in the State of Virginia Legislature need a strong condemnation for their support of late term abortions.

    • I didn’t know that God’s laws had an expiration date. It should be listed in the scriptures but I can’t find it.
      Pastor you are very courageous man. The world needs more like you.

  6. I am surprised that Eileen Filler-corn knew the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE . I firmly believe their allegiance is with Satan . I can not believe the people in Virginia elect something that has such a disrespect for human life and Sacrament of Marriage . Think how many people would be up in arms if we were to rip puppies out the a dogs womb .
    For Luke Torian you and your group disrespected yourselves by not being human enough to care about the humnity . How would you feel if you were aborted and you might say you would not feel anything go watch a abortion maybe you will see how a baby feels and just think the baby’s soul will remember it forever .

  7. Pastor Grant Jr has boldly prayed the right way. The words of God cannot be politicized. Good leaders should endeavor to bring the world closer to God otherwise there would be danger ahead for future generations. The Bible is not fictional. Repercussions to living outside the word of God are not limited to the people of old. The consequences can also affect the present and likely future generations if they refuse to adhere to God’s words as found in the Bible. Let us not tear down our societies through engagement in abortions and gay marriages. To do so is to laugh at God.

  8. So happy that this Pastor stood for truth. More need to voice what a horrific thing is going on in this country! “Woe to them who call evil good and good evil”.

    • Thanks Pastor for standing up for those who are defenseless and cannot stand up for themselves. Murder is wrong despite the age of the victim. It’s one of our Ten ‘Thou shalt nots’

  9. God help us all
    Thank you Rev. Grant for your humble prayers , but I think they fell on hardened hearts
    Maybe some will go home and think about what you prayed and God will soften there hearts

  10. They were offended because he called them out and their anger reflects their disbelief of the fact that God’s law doesn’t change and no amount of democrat garbage will legislate it away.Perhaps the man of God even being allowed in there was provided to serve as a warning from God himself to the democrat filth that judgement and tribulation is on its way to them.

  11. That pastor preached as he should have. They were disrespectful of God when they treated the pastor the way they did. There are still pastors who stand up for the Bible.

  12. If a pastor’s prayer or sermon DOESN’T offend someone, then he/she isn’t doing his or her job! The trouble is we have far to many “feel good” pastors, that only teach those portions of a modern interpretation, “feel good” bible, we want to hear. We need more Pastors like Rev. Robert Grant, who preach the undiluted word of GOD!

  13. Never challenge the Democratic communist party members, if it is insanity their are for it. If it disrespects our heritage by focusing only upon our faults then it is hatred for America instead of love. Virginia has turned into a leftest cess pool, the Democratic Party of lunatics, like in NY, NJ, Conn, and CA are now in charge working to destroy the republic.

  14. Democrats who support and applaud the murder of the most innocent of a society are truly vile and despicable creatures! They lack the morals and judgement necessary to be leaders of anyone else! The Pastor was quite right to condemn their sinful ways!

  15. What I find amazing about McQuin’s statement is the fact that after all the blunting of the Spirit’s voice on her heart thay she has iimposed by her mistsken beliefs about God’s holiness and her abhorent, unrepentant behsvior, she was STILL ABLE to hear and feel Him. It was the condemnation of Jehovah God, NOT Pastor Grant that she felt in her heart. It’s satan’s DELUSION to which she SPOKE LIFE with the lies she was quoted as spewing from her heart and lips at Pastor Grant. I pray earnestly that the Spirit CONTINUE to soften Ms. McQuin’s heart to His presence, such that she SOON COME to DISCERNMENT OF THESE SUBTLE DISTINCTIONS between TRUTH and lies. Between LIGHT and darkness, GOOD and evil, ETERNAL LIFE and eternal death. Jesus offers her these, but she still refuses Him. Her fruit proves it. It is by the MIGHTY POWER of Jesus blood, and in the AUTHORITY of His HOLY Name that WE pray these things, EXPECTING MIRACLES OF HOLY SPIRIT HEALING AND CLEANSING, amen. And amen!

  16. I agree with the pastor!!!!!!! Did you see how they squirim in their seats and and walked out . I bet their skin was on fire . They are murderers !

  17. Pastor Grant did the right thing. I am tremendously proud of him. I am truly surprised, and appalled, that the pastor got such a reaction from the Virginia House of Delegates.

  18. The Speaker of the VA house may have brought her wooden gavel down but I assure you there is a greater far more powerful gavel than that flimsy one she used and when it is brought down there will be no discussion only answering. Be prepared to give your answer when the great gavel falls.

  19. This Brave Pastor was doing the job God sent him to do. This pastor did not condemn the Democrats. He condemned their actions and their words. It is they who have condemned themselves, and are continuing to do so. He but warned them, of what is to come,and offered them an opportunity to redeem themselves. They refused the offer, thereby bringing further condemnation upon themselves. As the Bible says, “Every idle word that a man speaketh, he shall give an account thereof. For by our words are we justified, and by our words are we condemned.” I am certain his includes women, as well.. To use a bit f human slang,here. When they walked out on that pasyors words instead of heeding them, they just “bought the farm.”
    Wonder why the leftists, and radical Democrats cant seem to ever really win? The God they scorn is still in control. He is giving them the farm they just bought, on which to live. He is running this whole show. And the farm they have bought is so deep in their own excrement, they will never dig their way out.

  20. Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society….. ARISTOTLE
    Ironic how when you use your First Amendment rights, saying something that is not PC, you are condemned for it. The left continues to indoctrinate against the Judeo-Christian ideals that helped found our country and shape our culture. They should feel a condemnation for their actions.


  22. The Virginia legislators who condemn this man specifically and the hateful Dems generally are psychopaths and evil. The Nazi Dems are more intolerant of disagreement than the original German Nazis!

  23. God bless Rev. Robert Grant. Thank you Reverend Grant for having the courage to stand up to those in the assembly that want to MURDER the unborn in their mothers womb. God will indeed have the last say! Also for defending the sanctity of Holy marriage. It is indeed, a covenant between one man and one women. Period!

  24. Throw these Godless scum out of office! This pastor is a hero in my book! God bless him and all of us who follow our Lord and his word.

  25. IndieWoman it is very nice to follow the King of all Kings, you would have such a kinder outlook should you decide to open your heart! John3:16🤟🙏✝️💜

  26. Hold your head up pastor and be proud of your truth that you gave the simple minded people of the house in Virginia but pastor dont cast your peril before swine let the all mighty deal with them

  27. (“ Democratic Del. Luke Torian spoke with the Media Research Center about the meeting saying the prayer was “totally disrespectful to all of us, all of us in this House.” Del. Delores McQuinn said it “felt like a condemnation.”)
    God’s version of pro-choice opposes that of the dems. God’s view is an affirmative: “Choose Life, that you may (truly) live.” To those who oppose Him, it is easy to understand why they “felt like a condemnation”.

    Mr Grant: Thank you for a bringing a voice of sound reason….and Godly counsel.

  28. This preacher is on the right side, the side of God. God bless him. And may those who fight against God and his ways receive their just reward.

  29. Unfortuneately ALL do NOT have a voice as the pastor pointed out. Give the unborn the right to vote a watch how fast the liberal dems will start.pandering to thrm.

  30. Yeah, let this pompous blowhard trade places with a scared 16-year old girl whose deadbeat boyfriend just absconded in the news, and let him leave the power and prestige of his job for the thankless grind of caring for all the unwanted kids. When he starts trading in the sound of his followers agreeing with him for the sounds of crying babies day in and day out, then and ONLY then will he be qualified to pass judgement.
    Oh, and maybe he should recommend that all young black men get vasectomies and NOT reverse them until they’re drug free, felony free, gainfully employed, and MARRIED!!! Apparently the god he worships doesn’t recognize the responsibility of the MEN in causing abortions, and doesn’t hold them responsible for THEIR half of the mess. Must be nice to be the king!

    • So you’re saying that because of the actions of this deadbeat dad. you should punish the innocent baby by killing it? That is insane. The deadbeat dad should be punished. But don’t punish the unborn baby.

    • Murdering an innocent person(preborn baby) is never justified by inconvenience, poverty, hardship, or shame. NO ONE is excusing irresponsible black men, or white men; that is a separate issue, and a very important issue, no doubt. Pastor Grant is a brave man, he is not a “Reverend” who says what is popular to his audience, but speaks words from The Lord which will probably cause him quite a bit of grief. Abortion is ending someone’s life; in other words, murder.

    • To IndieWoman:
      A typical liberal response. When talking about abortion there are 3 souls involved: the man , the woman, and the child. And guess who gets the death sentence – the only one who is 100% innocent! Liberals always want to put the focus on the poor woman instead of the one who is truly innocent.

  31. Rev. Grant is truly speaking for God. This horrendous practice of killing “live” babies in the womb and outside the womb is a movement straight out of Hell. People of God must get behind those like Rev Grant and do all we possibly can to defeat this detestable horror. God bless Rev Grant for his courage in defending our precious babies.

  32. What a brave man. He knows the truth and America, as a country, used to know the truth. But, we have fallen so short of any semblance of honesty, integrity or character, I fear there is no going back. Those who oppose what God has intended for mankind, will indeed have to give an accounting for their acts of violence and disobedience. God save America!

  33. Liberal Democrats all seem to be possessed by the
    devil. Have you ever heard one of them call upon God
    to bless their agenda. Trump said that they were insane.
    I tend to agree with him. I once read that Hatred produces
    a poison in your body that can eventually kill you. It would
    appear that the process has already begun with many
    hate filled Democrats.

  34. God bless this pastor for praying for what is right and honorable in the eyes of God, and for what would return citizens to wholesome living.
    This is a terrible and terrifying time in history of the world to be a fetus, a pre-born, a human being in its mothers womb.
    This is a terrible time for black men and families unduly incarcerated…separated from family due to breaches in Constitutional Law that once offered protection and equality.
    We have yet to learn the long term effects on our children of gender confusion and non-Biblical marriages.
    “Bravo” for this courageous pastor.

  35. Tell me two things, anti-choice.

    For one thing, if you demand rights, for the UN-BORN, does that include the UN-DEAD as well?

    Two, WHAT does anti-choice plan to do with all of the un-wanteds?

    Does anti-choice plan to take them in, feed, clothe, and care for them, until they reach state age?

    There is so much content, MISSING, from anti-choices argument, that I dont know where to start.

    As for part three: If woman lose their rights, RIGHT, then how LONG will it be, before MEN LOSE our rights, as well?

    Anti-choice REFUSES to address these topics.

    I wonder why????????

  36. Every man and woman will stand before GOD and not even the liberal bass can do anything about it. You will hate your decisions

  37. Would anyone expect anything different from a bunch of far left progressive libraturds???? They don’t believe in God, humanity, or human rights only what feels good to them at the moment. They don’t believe in our Constitution or the attached Bill of Rights. They will kill the innocent unborn but refuse to execute a convicted murderer. They will surrender liberty and rights for some vague safety or security by denying other citizens the right to keep and bear arms but demand that we protect them from harm. They wish to basically do away with the 1st Ammendment for conservatives that criticize them for leftist policies by criminalizing this speech protecting themselves from criticism by calling it “hate speech”. How could anyone think that they would treat this man of God any differently then they did?

  38. The Virginia legislature will defend the “right” of a murderer to remain alive, but they have no trouble taking the life of a child. Delegates Torian and McQuinn are vile and disgusting individuals. Pastor Grant is exactly right.

  39. The Constitution “The right to life”I would ask who dose that mean ,many say you have be out of the womb to qualify, how can you qualify if they kill you before you are bornmthey dont’t believe in God they don’y believe in the Constitution

  40. Heavenly Father God, may we all who believe in the name of Jesus have the boldness and confidence to stand as this Pastor did and proclaim your righteousness and justice in the face of those who took oath to do the same but did not. Amen

  41. Incredible….!!!! * Presidents born there are spinning in their respective graves…Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe….and 4 others….opinions may vary….

  42. I will no doubt get flamed for this comment. However, it must be said. My observation is that a large portion of women elected to office are Godless, Feminist, Abortionist, and above all, haters of white men whom they call white supremacist. Men need to wake up, get off the couch, and take our Republic back!

    • @Legatus legionis: You won’t get “flamed” by me. I agree with you totally. They are “racist to the core” also. That this pastor was “gaveled” by that pompous Filler-Cornhole is abominable. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when she gets to stand in front of St. Peter (as we all will) and defend her actions. I doubt she’ll get the opportunity to gavel him.

  43. It is certainly about time for Americans of any faith to stand together and condemn the practice of abortion. After all, it only takes a few seconds to take a birth control pill or to put on a condom and prevent a pregnancy, but an abortion amounts to the death of another human. It is especially important in the black communities as there have been more than 50 million abortions since Roe v Wade and probably the majority has been in the black communities. Think of the voting block that 50 million more black citizens would have brought to the legislative table.


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