Parents In England And Wales Will Soon Have No Choice On Their Children’s Religious And Sexual Indoctrination

(Tea Party 247) – Here in the United States, the disturbing, perverted, and utterly depraved trend of highly graphic sex ed classes has been spreading like wildfire through America’s classrooms.

Children are exposed to information on things like blood play, bondage, homosexuality, and other topics that have absolutely no place in a public school classroom, let alone anywhere children and young adults may happen to be.

When they’re not ushering in drag queens to teach them how to do makeup they’re passing out probing surveys about their drug use, self-harm, or various types of sexual contact they may have had.

The state of America’s schools is in shambles.

And they want to blame traditional heteronormativity and capitalism for our country’s problems?!

It’s absurd.

Over in the UK, the trend has been much of the same, and soon, parents in Wales and England will have no option as to whether or not their children are exposed to state-sponsored sex or religious education.

This is absolute tyranny.

The BBC reports:

Parents will no longer have the right to withdraw children from lessons about relationships, sexuality and religion, the Welsh Government has confirmed.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams said the move would be tested next year before becoming statutory when the new curriculum is launched in 2022.

Parents are currently able to request their children do not take part in sex and religious education.

Parents have greeted the announcement with mixed opinions.

Sally Stephenson, a mother of a 13-year-old and 15-year-old from Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast with Claire Summers: “I just think it’s a really good idea to teach children about different religions and different relationships.

“I want them to understand that we are all different and there are people who lives different lives to us and most importantly I want them to be open-minded and respectful of other people and their beliefs.”

But Russell Williams, father to a 10-year-old and four-year-old from Cardigan, Ceredigion, told the programme: “I don’t think it can be taken as a one size fits all decision.

“There should be discussions involved, different schools have different levels of ethnic diversity and sexual diversity.

“There should be local level discussions as to whether you can take your children out of these classes. I don’t think it’s simply yes or no.”

When it comes to the role parents play in the classroom, they should always have the ultimate say in what their children participate in.

But you’d think at th is point it would be common sense among any adult to see that 11-year-olds don’t need to learn.


  1. John He loves you and died to offer you eternity anyway. Whether you believe it or not doesnt change anything. who else would have taken our punishment willingly? There is nothing we could ever do to merit Gods forgiveness. Jesus Christ is our advocate Whoever has convinced you that He doesnt exist is the real liar here. Your ideas are not new and very common. Many through the years and still today would agree with you. Yet It still remains who Jesus is and what He came to do. And it was for you too. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3-16. Remember— All of satans apples have half a worm.

  2. John Smith: no one can push his religion on another. Even Socrates said “I cannot make a man believe anything… I can only make him think”.
    Looks like you have stopped thinking altogether.

  3. John —–no matter what you believe , Jesus paid for your sins, Your choice to believe
    or not. criticizing others for their belief is ignorant. And sorry to tell you but God is real. If I’m wrong and there no God when I die not problem, but if your wrong and you die without receiving Christ and repenting for your sins youre going to hell.
    Pray you seek Him!

  4. I agree. i am a retired teacher working as a substitute. Students with bad behavior are not disciplined or suspended as the principals seem to be afraid of backlash from parents.

  5. I feel sorry for John , but I don’t understand why you take your hatred out on us , it is not our fault that your country let in so many refugees that you no longer really have a country .

  6. The time is coming when children will be removed from their parents custody for not conforming to this sick agenda. This is also what the UN and the pope are pushing for. It is so sick.

    • That’s the agenda right from the start..always under pretense of saving/helping children the government seizes more and more control of both parents and children so that we find ourselves now only tools of the all powerful state just like in every Socialist/Communist run country.

  7. Let’s make the movie ‘the purge’ a reality.
    Its time to start a 12 hr violent vendetta against the perverts drug dealers,gangsters, all demonRATS…then drag their dead bodies thru the garbage laden defecated streets they call home

    • Sorry that you are miserable lying turd that supports the lies that are religion. FO back to the iron age where you dimwits belong

    • Your response is exactly playing into the hands of the enemy who will say because of threats by normal people like you they HAVE to seize our guns and take our children out of harm’s way…whoever shoots first will lose. Use your brain and money to fight these sick bastards and join others to mount a United front against this tyranny!

  8. Stop crying, grow a set – and take action!
    We have a saying on the farm when it comes time to neuter livestock. It applies to mortals as well…

  9. I have no problem teaching kids to be tolerant of others and expect that those others will be tolerant of them. This means that both side have to be tolerant and not condemn someone just because their opinion is not politically correct.

  10. Great comments but naive. In the UK and now in parts of Canada parents are being blocked from any input in their children’s education. School boards are blocking home schooling.
    In some areas social services will take responsibility to ensure students are in school or else seperated from their families.

  11. we have to become aware of what’s being taught to our communities children! if you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or just love America’s children become involved with your local school systems! we’ve let evil creep into our American schools! American history is being totally rewritten to suit a terrible view of the founding our of great country & what’s becoming of us! many kids are graduating from high school & they can’t read, write or do simple math! this has got to be corrected. it has to start in the HOME! responsibility belongs FIRST to FAMILY to become involved in what’s being put in their children’s heads!
    “Open our eyes & ears to the devil’s evil plan to tear down America please Lord JESUS! America’s children need YOU JESUS! Please help us JESUS!” Amen.

    • Maybe you should get a freaking education too so that you stop pushing your religious cra* and start treating everybody with respect as well as looking after the planet. For Christians you appear to be some of the nastiest lying turds around – despoiling the planet you say your magic god gave. you.

  12. Home school is the answer. The library has all the educational books you need to teach your children, and it’s free. And start your children out from first grade, before the public schools get their claws into their little brains.

    • And just for the record, homeschooled kids generally ace college entrance exams, but why they would elect to go to college is a mystery to me, unless they’re studying to be doctors, lawyers (gasp),etc.

  13. Our founders made sure people like John Smith have the right to make fools out of themselves.
    JUDEO/CHRISTIAN founders, for ignorant jerks like him, just for the record. (Are you paying attention, John?)

    • You are the lying fools that push religious garbage and are so brain less and ill informed. You are the jerks that are screwing up the planet because of your greed.

  14. This is how Hitler took control of the country; by indoctrination of it’s youth. This is what the Demorats are heading us toward. Controlling our youth is their future. This is Obama’s Globalization.

    • Why – so you morons can escalate the destruction of the planet pushing your violence overseas. You thugs put most of the CO2 into the atmosphere, helped the extinction of thousands of species and continue to pollute and over consume.

  15. As a school bus driver i had to talk to four vice principals in order to get one lil BRAT tossed of my bus. All these vice principles were making $90K A YR or more and the Principle was sucking down $100,000 a yr !! Seems to me these PRINCIPLES and their 1 or 2 secretaries should take a cut and give the teachers that are buying school supplies out of their own wages for the kids a higher salary! What great task do these PRINCIPLES actually do? EARNED their degrees ,OK, tell their secretaries what needs to be done ( which they probably already know) ,OK,sweet talk overprotective parent and refer them to a vice for more sweet talk,OK,then sit back and dream up some lies to increase the school tax to benefit “THE CHILDREN”!!

    • I agree. i am a retired teacher working as a substitute. Students with bad behavior are not disciplined or suspended as the principals seem to be afraid of backlash from parents.

  16. Just yesterday Chelsie Clinton supported the Drag Queens in libraries, this was on her twitter page. She is sick just like Bill and Hillary, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

  17. Wow! this john smith sure sounds like a sick, communist POS! I would like to meet him and put him out of his misery! Just thinking out loud.

  18. Look to the royal palaces, central banksters, & globalists for the demise of society, culture, & national sovereignty. They seek TOTAL CONTROL over who is allowed to live, and how those who are allowed to live, are allowed to live. Everything is inextricably linked, there are no coincidences, and few unexpected consequences.

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  20. It is like voting for a congressman .After we pay for getting them elected ,then they raise their own pay sky high . They get their own health care the best in the world thousands times better than us . They buy the car paid by us and and . We.IDIOTS , still walk the streets naked . HOW COME PAUL PALOSI HUNTER BIDEN CHELSEA CLINTON EACH HAS MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND I STILL WORK IN MCDONALDO ?????????

  21. This is what happens when government infiltrates the educational system. When it comes to education, there should always be a choice. It is too bad that children learn what governments perceive to be right, instead of learning the truth. And yes, there is a difference.

  22. Find a school that doesn’t participate in this and still keeps God in the school like we did and move there. I could t afford private school so I found a public school that still prays and reads from the Bible. I moved there. They are firm in their views and let it know. Their parish will not change. What makes their parish so great and why people move there. If new people move there for their schools, don’t come in thinking your going to change us. My grandson’s Christmas play NEVER mentioned or showed Santa. Every song was a song about Jesus, (hence the whole meaning of Christmas) or a Christian song from the radio. Guess what? The kids didn’t even miss Santa either. Then the principle comes out and reads from the Bible. They start their programs with a pray and the national anthem.

  23. As scripture says; Satan will have his day — and that day is here! But, in the end, He still looses and He knows that! Even in these dark days, let us live our lives so full of the light of Christ that Satan can’t even look our way.

  24. The best option is to take your kids out of public schools and put them in private schools that uphold your values. When no one is left to attend public schools they will wake up and realize they can’t get away with such evil. Humanists stated in their “Humanist Manifesto” many decades ago that they have declared war for the minds of our youth which would be conducted in the classrooms. It’s way past time to get smart people! Take charge! Get your kids out of there!

    • I agree. Not all people can afford that though. Homeschool is what I did but they are trying to ban that too. I moved to a parish that is known for his good school and Christian background and it’s free.

  25. This John Smith character.
    To you Mr John Smith!!
    In the Star Wars movie’s YODA would say
    Liberals🌈 in the stupid you are breed
    you should not!!!!

  26. This is the reason that on your next ballot when the proposition says “we need money in the form of a bond issue to support our public school system” we all vote NO, clean up what you have before you come asking for more

  27. If we offered to let Welch and English families immigrate, oh no couldn’t do that, left would have a fit, after all they are white.

  28. The new world order breaches it’s ugly head, taking parents rights away from their own children. Teaching the one world religion and Babylonian rites. And like any parasite, it’s spread to the US of A. This kind of tyranny will only get worse. People protect your little one’s.

  29. To John Smith. Please give us your opinion on Islam. If it is the same as your opinion of Christianity, are you brave enough to speak the same disparaging words to them as you do here? Do you feel the Muslim faith has also “f’d up the planet” too? How about Hindu? Have you seen India lately? Just curious if you despise all gods equally or just the Christian one? Please tell us why. Let’s see if you can also do so in a manner befitting your much better heart. Let me just say, Christians don’t generally have the same hatred in their heart that you seem to possess, so I’m wondering if you are able to converse in a manner that would make the world truly a better place.

  30. Parents, not school systems have the full right to determine what their children are exposed to. It is a very bad concept that will drastically harm the children in short order. Once it is done, it will be too late. Then who will the parents turn too? Think carefully…have our schools and children been doing better or worse since all of this very progressive agenda has been initiated. Definitely worse… I use to work as an educator and the system has failed the children and their parents. Don’t let this happen. You will regret it!

  31. I don’t think they are able in the UK…….

    But here in America…….

    Parents and Grandparents ought to arm up and head to school to do some housecleaning.


    • We should stick to the Economic argument . Frst, the people put in charge of schools are employees. Second the teachers are employees.. Third the people sh put their kids in school pay thae salaries of the teachers, administrators and elected officials.
      Thus, the parents [ general public] are the bosses. They simply need to demonstrate how they will run the schools. Go to school board meetings and list the items you want changed. If the board pushes back. Simply tell them you will fire them. It is possible to “recall” any elected official.
      Further, I have always believed that the property assessment for schools [ this is the US] is unfair to singles or anyone who has no children.. So all schools should require “Tuition on a pay per student bases”, and stop hiding these funds in the Board of Education budget and general Property tax fund where it is misused by the criminals in public office. Thye use this $ where they can do stupid stuff with it that parents disagree with.

  32. Why are we allowing these “Freaks of Nature”, (queers) to take over our schools ? What the hell is happening in our public school systems ? The people running these school systems need to be FIRED, promptly, without fail.

  33. This is sick no children should have to be subjected to this. The parents have the right to refuse this to protect their children from pure evil.

  34. And if what the schools teach is not in accordance with the parents’ beliefs, too bad, huh? Why has the school taken over the responsibilities of the parents? The State knows best? Not likely.

  35. Schools are putting their profession out of business and giving credence to home schooling. Teachers are supposed to make children think for themselves, not tell them what to think. There is no doubt, most folks under 65 are just bonkers!


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