Parents Furious As North Carolina School Forces Students To Answer Wildly Inappropriate Sex-Related Questions

(Tea Party 247) – The LGBT indoctrination of children in America is showing no signs of slowing down. School districts everywhere are violating the rights of students and parents by trying to low-key sneak LGBT related materials into their curriculums.

One school district in North Carolina has completely usurped parental authority and violated the privacy rights of students by forcing sixth-grade students to take a survey in which they were asked sex-related questions. We’re talking about 11 and 12-year-olds here. Parents were rightfully furious and the backlash has been immediate and intense resulting in the questions being removed from the survey.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools asked the young students to choose their gender identity, giving them the options of “male,” “female,” “non-binary” and “gender fluid.”

Christian Today reports:

The survey is reported to have asked 6th graders at a North Carolina school to choose their gender identity from a number of options, including “male”, “female”, “non-binary” and “gender fluid”. 

When asked about their sexual orientation, the survey offered “pansexual”, “asexual” and “questioning my sexual orientation” as possible answers. 

In light of the backlash, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Earnest Winston said on Facebook that the questions had been removed as a result of the feedback. 

“This year three questions were added [to the survey], asking students about their gender identity or sexual orientation. The intent of their addition was to inform central office resource deployment to continue efforts to make our schools safer and more welcoming for all students,” he said. 

“Feedback we’ve received on the addition of those questions has been positive and productive. Though many share our desire to make schools safer and more welcoming, several people have shared concerns about the wording of the new questions and the need for explicit communication to staff and families about the inclusion of such sensitive questions.

“Given the feedback we have received, we have removed the aforementioned questions from this year’s student survey. Responses already recorded will be erased and will not be included in any reporting.” 

The post was flooded with angry comments from parents, with several saying they had told their children not to participate in the survey. 

“I have no trust in my child’s schooling anymore,” said one person.

“I am advising my children that ANYTHING other than a scheduled test from their teacher that they may decline. And somehow I have to trust a 8 and 10 year old understand this [sic]. Unbelievable.” 

Another wrote: “I would like to know who all these parents are who are appreciative about this survey . Our children clearly had their rights violated!”

It truly is beyond ridiculous that children are having this crap being shoved down their throats when they are at school, where they should be getting an education. Parents should be able to trust that while their children are at school they’re going to learn about math, history, and language arts without having their values and morality questioned and violated.

This is 21st century “woke” America, though, and it seems that until there is drastic action taken to protect children from the aggressive LGBT agenda, nothing is going to change.


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  2. Some may do something about what they are attempting to teach in many school districts but when the students who are in college now or even many that have graduated begin to have children many will be very open to this perversion. Many colleges are indoctrination camps. Atheist America hating professors.

  3. Here is how you get the attention of the education / indoctrination godz:
    Elect officials who are NOT ON THEIR KNEES – to the education – indoctrination unions!
    MANDATE ALL EDUCATION BE BASED UPON A USER FEE! This is not difficult! What is difficult is finding legislators with a backbone!
    Think of a user fee like this:
    If I go fishing, I need a fishing license issued by the fish 🎣 godz! ( a user fee if you will).
    If I want to go hunting, I need a hunting license issued by the hunting godz 🦌 (a user fee if you will).
    If I want a dog, I must pay for and receive permission from the dog godz 🐶 ( a user fee if you will).
    If I want to operate a motor vehicle, I must pay for and receive permission from the car godz 🚘 (a user fee if you will).
    I am 70 years old! Never had children, chances are, it is not going to happen unless another star rises in the east over our home! WHY AM I BEING FORCED TO EDUCATE THE SURVIVING ZYGOTE OF SOMEONE I WILL NEVER KNOW OR MEET? W T H?
    Would you (KNOCK ON YOUR NEIGHBOR’S DOOR) demanding they pay for your car tags? How would that work for you?
    G F L with that . . . let us know how it works for you!🤔🧐😳🤡
    Demand education be based on a user fee! Watch 👁👀 and listen 👂🏻 to your elected “official” justify the collusion – extortion they embrace!!!!

  4. HOMESCHOOLING is a viable option. IF you say you don’t have the time or “have to work” what you’re really saying is you don’t care for your children. Take them out of the public / government schools and teach them the basics from your own perspective!

  5. North Carolina welcomed, with open arms, a lot of liberal/left minded people into the state who brought these ideas and their political leanings with them. They have transformed North Carolina, as well as Virginia, from conservative regions of morality with the cesspool of morality they brought with them. Out west, we have suffered even worse with the outflow of people from California to other states, like Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Montana. A lot of these people bring the same voting habits with them that turned California into a bastion of leftist insanity and are transforming their adoptive states into the same kind of cesspool.

  6. It to me for private schools to be given public funds as a part of school choice. Allow Charter schools to compete for tax dollars based on enrollment. Take back our education and history.

  7. Time for private schools to be given public funds as a part of school choice. Allow Charter schools to compete for tax dollars based on enrollment

    • Take State money….get the State religious humanist un-learning & lust-promotion crammed into your curriculum and rules, rules, rules, and more ever-changing rules. Stick with Bill of Rights protections & leave the gubmint money or IRS ‘deductions’ that come with a web of strings attached & intellectual shackles.

      No truth means: no tolerance. A populace that is dumbed down but flattered that it’s ‘woke’, thinking with its crotch, and unwilling to stand to the death for truth & truth-defined freedom is easily controlled & will never be truly free.

      From a veteran home schooler: beware of fake ecumenical and hypocritically slanted & censored ‘curriculum’ as well. The new Inquisition is here, and liar$ lie.

  8. No one believed me when I said this was just the beginning when the “special interest groups” received the same rights as everyone else. In all honesty, I could care less, do what you want to and be who you want, as long as you DON’T INFRINGE ON MY RIGHTS!!! Now, these “special interest groups” won’t stop until everything changes to the way THEY WANT, and if someone tries to prevent this from happening and/or disagrees (because of their own beliefs, morals, religion) they get smacked with a lawsuit (sometimes). It’s freakin’ ridiculous!!

  9. This is another example of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Democrat Party Dept. of Indoctrination Education to control the minds of the young just like in Nazi Germany. First they removed God and Prayer from our education system and teach the religion of Atheism and Evolution. Then they changed real American History and the evil of Progressive Socialist Communism. Today many Americans believe Progressive Socialist Communism is good and fair not realizing America fought wars against these type of governments to protect our freedom. Now the Dept. of Indoctrination Education is going even lower by the influence of the LGBT. Everyone has a right to choose how they want to live but let them grow up first. Once they are 18years old They can decide for themselves what lifestyle they want. We all have free will and will be accountable for the choices we make. Education is secondary today in America just like in Nazi Germany. The main agenda is to indoctrinate and control their thinking, remove belief in God and remove all loyalties to family, country and freedom. You can tell the success of this Progressive Socialist Communist Nazi tactic by Each generation after the Democrat Dept. of Indoctrination Education was started under Carter. The thinking of Forty and Younger generations is pro Progressive Socialist Communism. Getting Freebies, drugs and doing whatever they please with no accountability is more important then God, America and real Freedom.

    • You are full of shi* – you are just a dumb right wing religious idiot with no brains. There are no gods you dumbas&

  10. They ought to relieve the school administrators from their duties and hire someone with common sense and who have moral values.

  11. Punish the school principal. How? Easy. Organize a group of parents to keep kids out of school for 1 day. The school will lose money for every day that the kid is away. Money talks.
    Signed. A grandparent

  12. 435 congressional representatives
    100 senatorial representatives
    9 judicial representatives
    1 president
    1 vice president
    0 God
    546 mortals who created most of if not all of the problems our nation faces, AND, “THEY” want us to re-elect them to fix the problems “THEY” created?
    Seems clearly obvious and obviously clear to me: MORE GOVERN -MENT IS NOT THE SOLUTION!
    It is also clearly obvious and obviously clear- The solution is MORE GOD 🙏✝️ LESS GOVERN-MENT. . . After all – – – the false godz created by mortals like those of BAAL are not the solution!

  13. How can we claim to be a civilized country when the two most dangerous places for children are the womb and the public school system??

    • Another idiot that wants to overpopulate an already overpopulated planet because of his stupid religion. Your priests abuse and rape children.

  14. The MISTAKE of the Democratic Party. They took all minorities and promised them everything. They never came through with their promises and, as expected although THEY didn’t expect, there became unrest. They dealt with this by giving a little power to each group that threatened. This is the biggest mistake of humans. THIS is why our Constitution has ‘Checks and Balances’. NO ONE is GREATER than the next one. POWER is 1,000,000X more addictive than addiction to drugs or gold. Therefore, a slight amount of power drives the group to demand more and more. Things begin to unravel. Welcome to the 2020 Democratic Party.


  16. ……….. when good men do nothing!
    The ‘poor little me’ attitude has been creeping along & all over Americans
    ‘the brave’ & for some time …. and still not sufficient awakening has been
    happening. Children, youngsters -as well as young adults- enlarge have been over-burdened with choices they are not capable of … the basic
    sense of values such as consideration and appreciation have been ignored
    … what was there to be expected.

  17. Drastic action is drastically needed. Parents should demand IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, the resignation of the superintendent from his lucrative position. The abuse of school authority is one of the keys to the fall of America, and it merits the same resolute confrontation as the immigration crisis, the federal spending crisis, or the attacks on our religious freedom.

  18. This is Satanic. This is the theft of our children’s “innocence.” This is the evil perverted act of the liberal progressive socialist immoral beings wishing to turn our children into the next army of perverts. PULL YOU CHILDREN OUT OF THESE SCHOOLS, HOME SCHOOL, AND DEFEAT THIS PERVERSION! SCHOOLS RECEIVE FEDERAL FUNDS BASED UPON STUDENT POPULATION…PULL YOU CHILDREN OUT AND THE SCHOOLS WILL LOSE MILLIONS. MAYBE THAT WOULD WAKE THEM UP TO STOP PERVERTING OUR CHILDREN’S MINDS.

    • “PULL YOU CHILDREN OUT” is not English–Perhaps your children can proof-read your diatribes before you reveal any more illiteracy!


  20. You have to pull your kids out now they’ve gone to far. If you love your kids you won’t put them through that meat grinder. These are evil people that eventually will face judgement so pull’em now. There’s nothing left in these schools that’s good it’s rotten to the core no good left.

  21. Everyone needs to stop paying taxes to these schools,they just keep indoctrinating these kids,get these communist’s out of schools,its been going on for decades now,couple more generations and we’ll be done

  22. If anything like that happened at a school here, I hate to think what would happen. Fairly sure no violence but there would be people in a few faces. Including mine.

    Well this it people in my town have asked me to run for public office this proves I should be. The rest of you we can only stop this from the inside. Who is with me?

  23. The pronoun battle was over when it became clear that this generation’s preferred pronouns are I, me and mine, or whatever.

  24. It’s disgusting and inappropriate. Parents’ rights to protect our children and bring them up in a wholesome environment has been violated because of the LGBT community. If you want to be a part of the LGBT community fine but leave my child/children out of it. I do not judge you nor care but quite trying to force it upon the rest of us.

  25. Those questions should never be asked of any student at any age. It’s none of the schools business. Teachers should be fired for this.

  26. They did this in our school too. Only 7th and 8th grade. I informed the school they will never require my kids to fill out surveys again. My daughter recently informed her one of her teachers she could not fil out a survey (proud of her) and while the teacher was a bit upset she didn’t try to make my daughter fill it out.

  27. I think the queer community is only 3-4 percent of our population. The (community) school board that I was on would have my head for allowing such a thing to happen. Start penalizing these people now or it will only get worse. Elect school board directors that think like you do and not the way screwed up indoctrination teachers do. It’s up to you to vote for school boards. Get out and vote for good people. AKA republicans. If you want to know the nature of a republican, go to any church and see for yourself. If you want to know the nature of a democrat, go to any prison and see for yourself.

  28. This sort of thing is what you get when you begin believing Libralism is just a choice! To a lessor degree this kinda foolishness has been going on for 60 years that I know about! WAKE UP Parents, Your children will be living under a communist rule unless YOU stop it.

  29. When i was that age if they ever asked me those questions i would have refused to answer them i would have written on the end of the survey nits none of your Buisness.

  30. I was sub teacher in one of the districts in Florida. I did not see any of this nonsense, how ever, American history was taught, except in common core. They were taught how terrible we were towards slaves, Native Americans, labor unions, women etc. Of the 11 chapters I skimmed, eight of them beat up on America.. Never saw any civics classes offered. I would have to think twice about sending my kids to public schools today.

    • That was a really really stupid statement. Making a terroristic threat against anybody will help you obtain a nice 4×8ft room in the iron bar condo’s.

  31. Yank your kids out of school. Go to the next school board meeting and tell them to knock it off. Then find some people to run and stop the madness!

  32. A warning – If Democrats come to power at the National level, what happened in this school district will become required practice everywhere. The LGBTQ agenda will be the driving agenda in all our schools, K-12, and parents will have NO input or recourse. Get used to it.

  33. It won’t end until the LBGTs suffer a backlash so severe that they have to shut themselves back in closets so deep only a Bathyscaphe could possibly reach…

  34. Stalin said ; push a society if one finds a solid wall back off ; if one finds mush keep pushing until the goal is achieved. The communists are here and are pushing. It is great the community pushed back , but this sort of thing is not going to stop . The witches in Salem used to be burned at the stake in the public square . We have become so educated some think they have more wisdom than God himself , this almost sounds like the serpent deceiving Eve in the garden of eden . In other words, the evil doers must be rooted out and properly dealt with . I thought we were a country based on law and order . Obviously, moral turpitude has been violated by our trusted educators and leaders . Our country needs repentance of sin and baptized leaders and educators to take back our country, rights,and lives .

  35. Children are so very impressionable. One inappropriate question, discussion, relationship, touch, etc can have a lasting effect on their gender identity. Where there is such a small % of individuals actually identifying themselves as other than male or female, this is very risky to the so many others as it may introduce options in their minds – which may be very confusing. ALSO – just what does the school intend to do with this information?

    • Good point…what was the schools’ plan to do with the information, once collected? Sell it to the pedifiles?

  36. What you do in your own closet should stay in your own closet. If you start asking school children what they prefer ,you are basicaly trying to recruit the impresionable into your SICK DEMEMTED CLOSET , CHILDREN are gifts of God not gifts to the DEVIL.

  37. Maybe children having to stay home and use virtual schooling because of this virus parents will realize this could be an option that way parents can see what is being taught to their children and opt out of the classes parents don’t want their children to be taught. Looks like that may be the only way parents will be able to keep their parental rights. Stop letting the government indoctrinate your children their your responsibility not a stranger that doesn’t love them and could care less about them. Take back control of what your children are taught.

  38. When I was in 7th grade (12 years old) my school herded us all into the cafeteria and had us do a questionnaire about our behaviors. The questions were both multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank. Some of the questions they asked, I didn’t even know what they were talking about. On a couple questions I looked at what the girl next to me had written and wrote that down, too, for my answer. For example, one question was: What’s your pet peeve? I had no clue what a pet peeve was, so I wrote “boys” because that’s what the girl next to me wrote. On multiple choices, I simply checked whatever box sounded close to what I thought they expected. Those questions included things like: “Have you ever kissed a boy?” (or girl, for the boys) and “Have you ever petted?” I could answer the kiss question, which was no, but Ihad no clue what “petted” meant so I answered yes because I just thought that was probably the “right” answer. Later, when my friends and I were talking about it, some said they’d kissed a boy but they lied in the answers because they didn’t want anybody to know. And, when I found out what “petted” meant, I was mortified for fear someone would match me, personally, to that so-called anonymous questionnaire. The thing is I’m positive parents had no clue this questionnaire had been distributed and, really, beyond being inappropriate for kids our age, I doubt that the accuracy of whatever conclusions the survey found was very doubtful.

  39. It is too bad when Boards of education decide that one relatively small faction of society, the LGBTQ sect, should somehow have control of the education system for our children and the children of all Americans. When will the boards realize that the lifestyle is deviant to say the least, and not the way most people in the world want to live. It is about time for a “reckoning”.

  40. Queer Questions generated by Queers and accepted by queer administrators . Anything to pander to the quer community, 7% of the population.

  41. It seems that educating our children is being questioned.

    Do we continue to teach them about the world around them? Giving them the tools of grammar, mathematics, chemistry, physics, history, the manual arts, art and music to function effectively?

    Or are now supposed to instruct them that the most important thing in God’s universe, the thing that matters more than anything else, a thing that will determine their ultimate happiness, is their groins! (?)

    Where in God’s name are we taking ourselves? It doesn’t look too promising for either morality or God.

  42. As parent and an educator I am appalled at this usurpation of the parent role I. Their child’s life and education. That is why I will be teaching my last three in school in a homeschooling environment. This has gone too far that certain adults are now saying they know better than parent what their child needs. I have resisted this because I believe that my kids needed the socialization but I was and am wrong.
    It’s time for laments to take back their rights as parents and for. Ally withdraw their kids from public school. Oh I know therewith be those who balk at it but I happen to think that most parents don’t like the direction of their child’s education. Our children’s education and mental health is our responsibility. To ignore what is happening because of an extremely small minority of the population is totally out of Co tool and has no basis in either education, law, or mental health. It is just Stunt crested to further loosen the no do of pare hood and subvert our country so that has easier to Co tool the people. There are those who absolutely believe that the worse thing that happen is that someone call them a name or label them as either racist or homophobic. No thatsnkt it at all. The government canteen control it self nor are they all e corruption how can you EVER found them to do what’s right for your child? Right. You can’t!

  43. LGBT has gotten out of hand! This is outrageous and not acceptable! Teach our children Math History Science Geography etc like all the things were taught decades ago! BUT DO NOT TEACH YOUR CRAP OF LGBT! That’s not what our taxes is paying you for! That is up to the parents not the schools!


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