Pandering California Governor Passes This Nonsense Bill Amid Coronavirus Lockdowns And Wildfires

(Tea Party 247) – While California business owners are still being utterly crushed by coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns and while the state is literally burning to the ground displacing hundreds of residents, Governor Gavin Newsom is busy passing legislation to make fuel-burning cars illegal and to make taxpayers hurt even more with a new plan to pay out reparations for slavery. Slavery that ended over 150 years ago, that is, that no one living today, including taxpayers in California, had anything to do with.

A new law was signed Wednesday that requires the state to develop a detailed plan for reparations, making it the first state to mandate a study of how it can somehow make up for its role in slavery and the oppression of black people.

KTLA 5 has more:

The law creates a nine-member task force to come up with proposals for how the state could provide reparations to Black Americans, what form those reparations might take and who would be eligible to receive them.

“This is not just about California, this is about making an impact, and a dent, across the rest of the country,” Newsom said moments after signing the bill during a ceremony broadcast on his YouTube channel.

The law does not limit reparations to slavery, although it requires the task force to give special consideration for Black people who are descendants of slaves.

California never had a government-sanctioned system of slavery. It entered the Union in 1850 as a free state after gold was discovered in the Sierra Nevada mountains. But the state did let slave-owning whites bring their slaves to California. The Legislature even passed a law making it legal to arrest runaway slaves and return them to their owners.

“California has come to terms with many of these issues, but it has yet to come to terms with its role in slavery,” said Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, a Democrat from San Diego who authored the bill.

The law does not say the reparations must be cash payments. Other options could include forgiving student loans and paying for public works projects or job training. In July, the City Council in Asheville, North Carolina, approved reparations by pledging to make investments in areas where Black people face disparities.

The KTLA article goes to note examples where the US has paid out “reparations” while ignoring the fact that those reparations were for events that happened in our lifetime and affected people who were directly affected by the atrocities for which reparations were being paid out, not their descendants.

Reparations are not without precedent in the United States. The U.S. government partially funded German reparations to Holocaust victims following World War II. And in 1988, the federal government set up a reparations program for Japanese-Americans who were held in concentration camps during World War II.

Reparations for slavery have been debated for decades in the United States. A similar proposal to study reparations for Black Americans was first introduced in Congress in 1989. It has never passed, but Congress held a hearing on the proposal last year.

Reparations, or talks of reparations, are just another tool the left uses to keep the black vote. It’s all lip service and does nothing to actually improve the lives of those living in impoverished, crime-ridden black communities.

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  1. It’s really too bad that all of the idiots crawling on the “SLAVE” bandwagon do not know more of what they are running their mouths about. Most all slaves out of Africa were slaves due to tribal warfare or they had sold themselves into slavery to pay off family debts. They were then sold, they were already slaves at that point, on the coast and shipped to wherever, to take care of the lives they had forthcoming. Most all of the ones in the US were treated pretty well, compared to the type of lifestyle they would have had back in Africa. They had food and usually a roof over their heads and even medical attention. They would never have had that back in Africa. The only ones that want to cry and get REPARATIONS are the ones that are too lazy to work or are just to drunk or doped up and want a whole bunch of scratch for nothing. Tell you what, give them 5 acres back home in Africa and a one way ticket there. Let them try to earn a living that way. Their ancestors would have love that. Let them have what they want. That could be their reparations and we would no longer have to put up with them leaching from our government.

  2. I was born and grew up in San Francisco and didn’t leave there until I entered the Air Force at age 22 in 1966. Somehow I didn’t know California had been a slave state. That was left out of the curriculum in my high school course on California history. Will wonders never cease!

    If you voters who remain in California don’t vote the Democrats out of the governorship, the state legislature, and national office, your future is bleak. You will only get the government you deserve forevermore.

  3. So much for the 14th of the constitution. CA leaves CA only to INFECT.the places they move to with the same crap they allowed to happen and brought about in CA. REJECT THEM – DONT LET THEM INfect YOUR.NEIGHBORHOODS.

  4. I’m due some reparations too! No one in my family, going back 150 years, has ever owned slaves. If they had, I could be rich today. Due to compassion for their fellow men and women of color, and a simple case of obedience to the law, they decided to forgo owning other humans. And because of that they remained poor, as I am. I am therefore owed reparations for the fact that no one in my family, then or now, ever owned a single slave. Every black person in the country owes me the money that my family could have amassed had they owned other black people. It is a proven fact that ex-slave holders were able to amass fortunes that kept their families rich right up to the present day. So, my word to BLM and the NAACP is, when are you going to pay me what I’m owed? It’s long overdue, and if necessary I will take actions to get what is rightfully mine.

  5. Fantastic work-from-home opportunity for everyone… Work for three to eight hours a day and start getting paid in the range of 7,000-14,000 dollars a month…
    Weekly payments….S­a­l­a­r­y­8.C­o­m

  6. California voters get what they vote for. Idiots vote for idiots. The greatest threat to freedom is an uninformed electorate and power and control politicians.

    • Nobody informed me of a vote . Matter of fact I’m never notified on any law that gets passed . I guess the million- name filled dirty voter rolls in LA alone might have some impact on the shit that gets passed ,the democrats keep getting elected .nobody I know ,NOBODY . AND there is nobody I know that knows ANYBODY that voted for anything in and or been passed by Newscum.

  7. Its time for californians to demand the immediate removal of the tyrant jokingly called a governor.
    Or the just can admit they like a Nazi style government they have voted into place.

  8. Are the millions of people who emigrated to this country and their descendant’s after slavery was forbidden after the civil war by the Constitutional amendment required to pay any restitution? Are the states and citizens of these states which did not permit slaves required to pay restitution? Are the territories which became states after the Civil War also required to pay?

    Is this just a “keep the pols and lawyers income growing effort”.

  9. Just quit with the stupidity. First, it sounds like he is providing jobs to a panel and their helpers for “some” reason. Are there any living slaves? Any living children of slaves? No? Can anyone provide proof beyond doubt that they came from slaves? Maybe. How far removed are they going to go? Is it just direct decendants or their families too? If it is their families, what about blacks that have had other ethnic groups marry into the family? Whites, Latinos, Asians? If they are only part black, does their money amount go down proportionately? Way too many questions and no reason for reparations’ to people that were not affected by slavery. Look at all the programs for blacks that have been in place for decades. Just fix what is wrong now. Treat everyone the same across the board. If they are criminals lock them up. Illegals, deport them. Refuse to work when they can and there are jobs available, cut off their government subsidies. Color doesn’t matter.

  10. in one of the alerts newsom is asking for money for the Emergency of the fires from the Fed’s ? and how in the hell can he know who has and had been in slavery here in calif. since many don t even pay taxes . calif is broke…where is the money coming from….? his pocket ? please, what then about the Chinese and then the Latino’s and Jew’s….

  11. He should only be able to get money from any and all residents of Calf who were there during that perilous time. And then he should pass another bill paying the kin of all of those Union soldiers who lost their lives in the fight against the evils of slavery.

  12. What a freaking idiot! My ancestors were definitely Roman slaves, after Trajan conquered Dacia. Where should I send my claim for reparations?!… And I had some relatives, who while exploring Central Africa in mid 19th century, were captured and eat by cannibals. Should I send a grocery bill to Congo?

  13. The 14th Amendment, Section 4:
    “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.” If you read this it pretty much invalidates any claim for reparation as so called “reparations” are due to the Emancipation of the Slaves. This section was obviously enacted to protect the US from frivolous and unfounded demands arising from this Amendment as well as the 13th Amendment. This section also shows that the 14th Amendment was clearly enacted for the repair of slavery by citizenship and uniform treatment and NOT for any other purpose or group. But we all know Newsome not only doesn’t follow the Constitution but has hateful contempt for it.

  14. With all the real problems this country is going through, why, or how does reparation to slaves solve anything? Maybe we should pay descendants of the Neanderthal and pay them for their problems or events. What is really hypocritical is the fact that the descendants of those poor black people who came to this country as slaves are much better off than their descendants left behind in Africa.

    If anyone was really looking into the problems of race, they would look back to the 50’s – 60’s and see what went wrong with all the monies put toward eliminating the disparities between races as well as the damage that has been done politically without rally eradicating the problems, as all that really has been accomplished is PANDERING.

    The facts are: The Ghetto’s have just moved from one area to another, the population in these Ghettoe’s has increased, not decreased. The Black family had deteriorated to the point that “dead beat dads” have taken over and Fatherless single mothers has sprung up and to add insult to injury, these single mothers support the dead beat dads in many cases. This phenomenon is spreading to interracial white fatherless single mothers as well.

    My point being, when you look at what has been put in place to help the “Poor” raise from the ashes of poverty, we have mostly failed by creating a kind of meaningless safety net and forced education and jobs to pander or fall back to accommodate rather than releave the situation, so they finally end up being productive other than being trapped. Proper EDUCATION and defined family counselling is the answer, you can not pay for child support and not require changes that protect and improve the growth of the child. These kids run wild, roughshod, develop gangs, and when forced into an education environment disrupt in most cases. They are just turned loose with no authority, no guidance other than teachers who are not allowed to discipline. Children are not born to be gang members, they develop this trait through experience, or necessity. The environment dictates a response, and the response is survival.

    These so-called social programs have good intentions, but in reality do nothing but give some good intended people a job but lead to Socialism, and has not proven effective. In over 60 years of this, look at the results! Actually it is worse today than it was 60 years ago, at least back then there were black families trying to improve their situation by the most part. Today its like dog-eat-dog for survival we pay for single mothers to stay at home raising children, or giving them abortions and it is an endless circle.

    Trump started supporting black communities, helping them grow prosperous, create jobs gain confidence and pride pulling themselves out, and that’s the only way it will ever happen. Charles Barkley said it best at one time: “How can a black person expect others to respect them, if they do not respect themselves?” One gets respect when they earn it, they earn it by using the aid given to them to pull themselves out of poverty. Law and order, Jobs, local business, improvements in their communities is what it takes, becoming a great Athlete, buying a big house, and not creating something useful in the community is not how it’s done. Not everyone is a grate athlete, but they have other skills that need to be utilized.

    When I think of this, I always refer back to my own experiences and the best one is Religion, I do not mean religion like Al Sharpton, or Jessie Jackson or so many others, I mean religion that if you are taught right from 0 to 7 YEO keeps you enlightened. The Catholic use to have a saying, give me your child from 0 to 7 YEO, and they will always be Catholic. The opposite to this is put your child in a Ghetto from 0 to 7 YEO, and the possibilities diminish a thousand-fold.

    We need to “CHANGE” and make these government agencies result oriented, make the monies used produce results, give these kids special education which includes behavioral changes and consequence for the parents, This is a “fine line”, but if you’re going to be on relief, or welfare than there has to be consequences (again a fine line). But RESULTS MATTER and RESULTS should be the goal, while the programs or agencies should be determined by those RESULT.

  15. Why isn’t this Left Wing INSANELY STUPID moron RECALLED yet? . . . Why aren’t the KALIFORNIANS (pun intended) doing this RECALL election to REPLACE this idiotic MORON?!? The time to replace him is NOW! One HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Because the ones that can are leaving California and the ones of us that are left are stuck with these idiots. However the problem is that most of the people leaving are the ones that elected this fool and his predecessors. Now they are moving to places like Texas and Arizona and taking their warped political opinions with them and are soon going to turn these great states into another California. I guess someday they’ll run out of places to go.

  16. I read the history of California during the civil war. The state never sent troops other than gold to support the North during the civil war and help with preventing the southern states form secede from the northern states. The state of California as said before never involved itself with troops.

  17. Reparations to people who never were slaves by people who never owned slaves. Yes only in progressive America! Now if you want to give money into black neighborhoods for black businesses, for bettering the areas, for fighting crime with more police, and for help fixing badly needed projects on poor people’s properties who can’t afford them then yes I have no problem with those. In fact President Trump is doing some of those. As to paying money for reparations I am totally against that because the who pays who and where the money comes from is not possible to figure out. But because of the racist policies that lasted into the 1960s than I don’t have a problem with my First reparations that I mentioned. But let’s get something clear those racist policies were pushed and passed by the Democratic party that the black community now kisses up to. They’ve been taught that the conservatives and the Republican party are the racists when it’s still the same party of original slavery the Democratic party. The black community as a whole is still on the plantation but now their fighting with their slave owners to stay slaves. Only in progressive America! When will the black community wake up and admit their own faults which keep them on the plantation and start truly fixing their problems? They have beaten themselves up without knowing it. They are turning out generations of useless thugs and dopes with no family values. They need to get back their heroes, their mothers and fathers not labron james and beyonce two useless roll models! If I spelled their names wrong I really don’t care! They need to get their children a resl education not the crap they are being taught in progressive public schools. They need to be married before popping out unwed babies where the fathers are absent. They need to wash away the violence and degradation of their rap music. They need to start showing respect to people no matter their age or race. They need to bust their butts to better their lives and stop asking for handouts or special treatment. Yes the racism that we have needs to be shut down and any true racism born against minorities needs to be attacked by all. Bad cops need to be brought up on charges and taken away but that is a small percentage of them and not the whole. Their so called leaders as jackson, sharpton and others need to be cast aside and treated as what they are, racist slime who do nothing to help the black community. Yes a lot to do but these and more will bring back the greatness of the black community and get white and black back together to make America one. Then and only then the true power of all America will shine as one. God bless America and all its people may we see the tight course and find our way to stop this communist takeover of our country. We will all lose if this isn’t done.

  18. This to me is a slap in the face to African Americans, WHY? Because like it or not it’s the exact same thing as saying, “You bunch of lower level blacks can’t get anywhere unless us higher level whites move the bar all the way to the ground for you.” Yea, that ain’t gonna help them out in the long run either. Gavin Newsom isn’t all that bright either so why would blacks put any faith into what that moron says is beyond me. It’s such a tragedy and fallacy what lengths liberals go to no matter who it hurts to get votes.

  19. They don’t call it “LA-LA Land” for no reason! Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Gavin Newsom are all stellar examples of the ideological perils of a California upbringing! Oh, I forgot to include Maxine Waters in the mix!

    • Funny how it’s only democrats . 1million +names on dirty voter rolls . Explains why it’s always democrats that get elected . Useless liberty raping laws getting passed . REALLY explains why they walk around with that care free attitude .because they know there won’t be any opposition because it’s a given , they don’t care because they know they have the game rigged . And if anything from california infects the rest of the country it’s the way to cheat . Most democratic states have dirty voter rolls .

  20. People of California had better form a plan to get rid of this complete moron, while its burning thanks to over 40 years of land mismanagment so that California is overgrown with dead brush and trees since dems here pander to conservatists our governor continues to push its all because of climate change in which he plans to save the world by turning California totally green energy. Forgetting over 80% of all carbon comes from China and India even if the whole US was totally green it would make no difference. Simple solution here would be to cut down and clear all dead trees and brush and replant new trees which would absorb a lot of these carbon emissions along with removing fuel for fires. But it appears more important to come up with a plan for reparations for slavery which most of these taxpayers money would end up in certain peoples pockets instead of where Newsome says they will go. Califorians have a choice, MOVE OUT OR VOTE THESE MORONS OUT, WHICH IS EASLIER?

    • More and more moving out. Had friends that had to go to Las Vegas to get a U-Haul truck so they could leave LA.

  21. First , Africans kidnapped Africans and sold them and others brought them around the world as slaves. Thousands of young white people died in the civil war to free them. They did not and were hindered to assimilate with the culture. In recent years the blacks received billions of dollars in welfare. I know of a black woman who had 4 babies from four different men and got monthly payment for each child. The most positive result though is that many found Jesus here and are now my brothers and sisters in Christ!

  22. This is just a scam to get votes. How does he expect to prove any were descendants of slaves. The corrupt demoncRATs will do anything for votes. Why don’t they used that money and clean up the slums where the poor are living. I guess doing that won’t make votes and doesn’t hit the news like reparations.


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