Pakistani Foreign Minister Confronted Over Censorship Of American And Canadian Twitter Users

(Tea Party 247) – In most Western countries, people enjoy the freedom of speech and thought. It’s the cornerstone of democracy and something all humans should be afforded. Sadly, much of the world is not in tune with this kind of personal liberty and there are many countries where freedom of thought and speech are censored and oppressed. Pakistan being one such place.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quershi was in attendance at a “Defend Media Freedom” conference in London despite the fact that his government openly censors tweets of Twitter users who live in America and Canada. Yes, you read that correctly. They are censoring people outside of Pakistan. He had the nerve to show up to a “Defend Media Freedom” conference. You can’t make this stuff up.

According to a report by Summit News:

Tweets are routinely deleted by the Silicon Valley giant on the orders of the Pakistani government, particularly in the context of criticism of Islam.

This is what happened to Rebel Media owner Ezra Levant despite Levant being a citizen of Canada and Twitter being an American company.

Levant had the opportunity to confront Qureshi at the event.

“You should be embarrassed to invite a censor like this,” Levant told the panel, adding, “Who the hell are you to censor me in Canada?”

Qureshi then proceeded to blather on claiming he was “being respectful” to Levant while completely failing to answer the question.

“You censored me, shame on you,” Levant emphasized while Qureshi continued to act offended that he was being confronted on the issue.

“You censorious thug!” asserted Levant while pointing at Qureshi.

It’s absolutely insane to think that Canadian and American citizens are being censored by foreign governments. Although I suppose when you think about it, it isn’t very far out of the realm of reality for conservatives and Christians right here in North America. We are already being censored by our own governments.

Islam is the most pervasive ideology on the planet and Muslims are making efforts on a grand scale to dominate the world with it. Just look at what’s happening in Europe. Now it seems they are gaining footing in the world of Big Tech. The whole problem with Islam is that it isn’t very easy to sell people on it, with the whole ‘connection to terrorists’ thing, people just aren’t running with open arms to convert. Therefore, Muslims have to resort to propaganda, like the whole “Islam is the religion of peace” campaign that still has people blinded to the truth. Censorship is another way to make sure people don’t discover the truth about this false religion. Obviously if they can control the narrative around their violent ideology then people will have no ability to know the truth.

Good for Levant to stand up to Qureshi and call him out for his unlawful and unfair censorship. People have the right to know the truth about Islam and the internet is a very powerful tool. We have to keep speaking the truth and fighting for our freedom to do so.


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