PA Lt. Gov. Claims That Saying “The Election Was Rigged” Is Somehow Not Protected Free Speech

(Tea Party 247) – Despite the fact that Pennsylvania has a Republican majority in their state legislature, the tyrannical Governor Tom Wolf and his menacing Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman have seemingly usurped all authority in the state.

They, along with the Wolf-appointed Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, made sure that election rules were changed to favor Joe Biden and they did it without the involvement of the legislature.

This is a clear violation of the constitution considering it gives sole authority over the executive of elections to the legislative body, not the state executives and not the courts.

Nonetheless, that was only one problem in Pennsylvania on Election Day.

President Trump held a commanding lead in the state going into Election Night. At one point he led Joe Biden by over 700,000 votes. Under any normal circumstances that would be an insurmountable lead.

Fortunately for Joe Biden, he had the support of Wolf, Fettermen, and Boockvar and they weren’t going to let Trump win the state for a second time.

By the morning after Election Day, President Trump’s lead was remarkably decreased and Biden seemed to be continually gaining ground. On Election Night, Erie County was declared for President Trump only to be reversed and given to Joe Biden after nearly a week.

Dead people voted in Pennsylvania, along with ineligible voters. There were mail-in ballots that had received dates that were before the dates they were even sent out to the supposed voters.

Nothing in Pennsylvania has made sense since the election and the state’s legislature has been vehemently fighting against the fraudulent results to no avail.

Wolf and Boockvar outright refused to have any kind of recount or audit and the results were certified without the blessing of the legislature.

Now, Fettermen is insisting that the election in the state was totally fair and free and that to suggest otherwise is not protected free speech.

You just cannot make this stuff up.

In a video clip posted Friday by The Hill, Fettermen said, “This idea that saying that Pennsylvania was ‘rigged’ or that we were ‘trying to steal the election’ — that’s a lie,” and went on to say, “And you do not have the right, that is not protected speech.”

Uh oh. Guess someone better tell Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic Party that. They were busy during President Trump’s entire first term insisting that he was an illegitimate President and that the results of the election were false.

Nancy Pelosi herself said in 2017 that “Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to protect our democracy and follow the facts.”

Funny how Pelosi isn’t interested in following any kind of facts now.

Fettermen is a clown and the idea that claiming the election was fraudulent is not protected speech is what is totally false.

It’s just another attempt by a power-hungry, tyrannical Democrat to control the narrative and keep the people under control.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. Politically “popular” speech doesn’t need any sort of protection. The protection of free speech is specifically to protect politically *unpopular* speech.

    • That POS will be in jail before too long. Get your affairs in order Fetterman, you POS. You will soon be having fun trying to protect ass when the other cons want a piece of it. LOLOLOLO.

  2. America will now have a taste of communism……how long?70to 100years????till a new generation will realize the stupidity of Democrat /socialist leaders and with the help of many republican leaders who did not have the courage to defend the constitution of this country .what a shame!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It angers me that nothing was done about the voter fraud! These judges kept saying there’s no evidence when there clearly is! It seems even the legal system is against Trump! “Republicans” in DC sure are!

  4. This is the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor? No wonder the state is AFU. This guy looks to be several notches below the level of intelligence required to qualify for a job loading trucks by hand in Transylvania.

  5. Arguments are always more effective when they do not contain insults and foul language. I am one of those who know the election was stolen, but I know that there are a large number of people who disagree, and they are not necessarily nefarious.

  6. Why isn’t this Communist BUM not RECALLED or IMPEACHED? DISCUSTING how he able to roam around FREE like a FERAL cat. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  7. No Bull, it’s a lie to say the election in PA. wasn’t rigged. And yes it is free speech!! Quit trying to make up rules as you go along. Like during the election.

    • At what point do we fight back—-in the cause of righteousness——by any means necessary—-against this evil tyranny??——at what point——Patriots—-do we refuse to accept the laws—-of an illegitimate government??

  8. First, dumb ass Fetterman doesn’t even look like a Lt. Governor for starters. Second, he can not tell anyone what they can and can not say. Third, the man is a crook and is trying to cover his ass along with his fellow crooks asses.

  9. That guy is living proof that having hair to keep your brain warm prevents stupidity. Or is this also not protected free speech?

  10. This corrupt dumbass should read Pennsylvania laws where it says plainly that election law is made by the legislature and not the State Supreme court . The vote was clear it did not pass the legislative branch which the Governor is part of and his role is clearly spelled out which both he and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania should be prosecuted because the state made illegal laws according to both the United States constitution and also the States also. This pos should be tried for treason.
    If trump started a riot at the capital when capital police and FBI knew about it 24 hrs before it happened but did nothing. They are saying everybody was trespassing but videos show clearly police standing on both sides of the door and not trying to stop anybody from entering. That is not trespassing and only an idiot would think someone is at fault when the breach happened before he spoke..

  11. Fetterman sounds like a total whacko. People know it was stolen, and will be saying this for years. As a matter of fact, who can trust another election…..

  12. If the 2020 Presidential election was legitimate, not Fraudulent, then why is there so much Fear within Washington, DC (District Of Corruption) and at all 50 State Capitals during the Up Coming Inaugural ????? This seems to Prove the Election to be Fraudulent and Wrong For We The People and Our America !!!!! In my many years, I have never seem any in coming Presidential Inaugural so Well Guarded as this one !!!! America and We The People are In Great and Dire Trouble !!!!

  13. We the people no longer have a fair an safe election. The powered are going to put who they want in there. If 70 million people didn’t vote any more. They will still show 100 percent did.

  14. The fact that the Demoncratic /LEFT was allowed to surpass the Constitution uncontested is another FREEDOM lost. As for the pictures of the MILITARY surrounding the WH inauguration looks like RED SQUARE CHINA

  15. The election was clearly fraudulent. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows, there’s no way a washed up 47 year veteran of the political swamp who hardly left his basement during the campaign got 80 million votes. Don’t even need evidence to know something’s horribly wrong, just common sense.

  16. How this man ever got that position is beyond me! He was the mayor of Braddock,Pa. this guy should be ashamed of himself the town looks like nothing was ever done to improve it. All Fettermen is interested in is legalizing Marijuana. That man should have to be drug tested just like I have to be to hold my job! Get off that pipe Fettermen

  17. Was he so afraid of? Interesting that someone who is in office and takes an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights now denounce his peoples right to free speech, seriously? The entire nation knows that there was fraud and election corruption in Pennsylvania during the 2020 presidential election. Pennsylvania broke the most cardinal rule connected with elections and that there has to be legislative approval, that’s a federal and state law, before any election rules can be changed but they just blatantly did what they wanted to do Which was clearly fraud. So most laughable that they’re so arrogant that they’re attempting to act defensive that anybody should question the fraud that they so blatantly committed.

  18. Free speech means anything you want to say!!! If you’re picking and choosing what people can and can’t say then it’s not free speech. Get it STUPID???!!!


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