Obama Spent $700 Million Pushing Homosexuality Globally – Creating More Hostility And Hate

(Tea Party 247) – Former President Barack Obama made it a mission to normalize homosexuality globally and he only spent $700 million from 2012 to 2015 on this pursuit.

Just to be clear, that’s $700 million TAX PAYER dollars. Also, his efforts seem to be in vain as the only results of this mass spending are stricter anti-homosexuality laws and a lot of resentment.

More than half of that $700 million was spent in sub-Saharan Africa. In a piece by the New York Times the writer describes some of the hardships experienced by homosexuals in Africa thanks to Obama’s valiant efforts to ‘help’;

“Suspicious neighbors and landlords pry into their private lives. Blackmailers hunt for victims on the social media sites they use to meet others of the same sex. Police officers routinely stop them to search for incriminating images and chats on their cellphones.

Since an anti-gay law went into effect last year, many gay Nigerians say they have been subjected to new levels of harassment, even violence.

They blame the law, the authorities and broad social intolerance for their troubles. But they also blame an unwavering supporter whose commitment to their cause has been unquestioned and conspicuous across Africa: the United States government.

“The U.S. support is making matters worse,” said Mike, 24, a university student studying biology in Minna, a town in central Nigeria who asked that his full name not be used for his safety. “There’s more resistance now. It’s triggered people’s defense mechanism.”

… In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, the final passage of the 2014 law against homosexuality — which makes same-sex relationships punishable by 14 years in prison and makes it a crime to organize or participate in any type of gay meeting — is widely regarded by both supporters and opponents of gay rights as a reaction to American pressure on Nigeria and other African nations to embrace gay rights.”

Not only did this become the central focus of Obama’s American foreign policy but he also attempted to use it as leverage to coerce foreign governments to comply. In 2014, Obama punished Uganda by cutting or redirecting funds meant for the country’s development as a result of their new anti-homosexuality law. Even this attempt was unsuccessful as homosexuality continues to be a crime in most African countries.

The pushback against Obama’s aggressive push of the homosexual agenda reached as far as Russia who, in 2013, decided to ban all pro-homosexuality propaganda.

With all of the issues America had during Obama’s presidency it’s hard to believe this was a cause he not only took up but then spent hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars on. Making the rest of the world as immoral as America is apparently an expensive pursuit.

American Thinker’s Ed Straker had some intriguing (and entertaining) questions on the subject:

“1) We have an enormous national debt of nearly 19 trillion dollars, such that it seems excessive to spend 700 million dollars on this subject. With such tremendous debt, do you think we can really justify spending more than 300 or 400 million dollars to promote gay sex in other countries?

2) Do you think this program was flawed to begin with, because there were no metrics taken — e.g., comparing the number of gay sex acts before and after the program began to measure its success?

3) Do you think there should be a greater focus on gay sex in Islamic countries?”

Not only did Obama attempt to manipulate foreign governments by threatening their aid, he also prioritized pushing the homosexual agenda over fighting terrorism. At the time, Nigeria was dealing with Boko Haram who was then “the world’s deadliest terror group” according to The New American, who had ties to ISIS. Rather than fighting the terrorists and attempting to restore peace in Nigeria, Obama refused to help until Nigeria accepted the homosexuality agenda he was pushing.

How twisted!

Islamic terrorist’s primary disdain for western culture is not our liberty but rather our lack of sexual morality and restraint. The left pretends that Trump antagonizes our enemies with his tough talk and gusto but the truth is nothing antagonizes our Middle Eastern enemies like the corruption and immorality of the Clinton era.

The Clinton’s have stoked the flames of hate towards America and Obama poured $700 million worth of gasoline on it.


  1. Let’s face it that Obama was not of God but an anti-Christ.

    The African blacks were black slave traders . Slavery continued there after by many but why is it the Southern plantations continue to be the only ones to be persecuted ? Many blacks after the Civil War had plantations and had black slaves . Problem is that blacks do not know their true history. Seems their has been fake news for many years . Withholding truth is common of fake news . Get the facts , “the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth” so help your God.


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