NYPD Searches For Man Suspected In This Heinous Hate Crime…Do Jewish Lives Matter?

(Tea Party 247) – You’d never hear about on the mainstream media, but there has been a spate of hate crimes in New York City recently.

Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio, however, cares more about fixing up his little “Black Lives Matter” mural spitefully painted outside Trump Tower in Manhattan than he does about the 130% increase in violent crime in the city.

The mayor, who has had an antagonistic relationship with the NYPD for the whole of his tenure, has called for the NYPD to be defunded.

He’s pushed for bail reform that releases criminals right back onto the streets, even for violent crimes.

He’s vocally supported protests which turned into violent riots causing millions in damage on the streets of his city.

He did, however, deploy NYPD to an Orthodox Jewish funeral a few months back and threaten members of the community with arrest should they gather to mourn a deceased rabbi yet again.

His bail reform has released anti-semitic criminals back into the communities they’re terrorized.

He joined hands with Al Sharpton, who has a very problematic history of antisemitism including stoking riots in which a Jewish Orthodox man was killed, to paint the aforementioned mural.

And now, as violent crime soars 130% in the wake of the pandemic and widespread civil unrest in the city, a Jewish man has been severely beaten in the city where de Blasio is more concerned about empty virtue-signaling than keeping his citizens safe. Let alone moral consistency.

Breitbart reports:

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has launched a search for a group of men suspected of brutally beating an Orthodox Jewish man and screaming anti-Semitic insults at him in broad daylight.

The alleged attack occurred on July 11th at around 3:00 P.M. near 2525 Kings Highway and East 27th Street.

CBS New York reported: “When officers arrived, according to the NYPD, they learned the victim was walking home when three unidentified men in a car stopped beside him and started shouting anti-Semitic slurs. Police said the victim responded, before the men got out of the car, pushed him to the ground and punched him repeatedly.”

The incident is being investigated by the Hate Crimes Task Force, who said that the suspects are believed to be between 18 and 20 years old.

Featured image credit: Carmine Savarese/Unsplash


  1. All lives matter.,except the poor lives being aborted by big CRIMINALS that no body talks about except MR Ben Carson ,may god bless him.

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  4. Here’s an easy fix. All tourists boycott any NYC visits for the next 5 years! Let them starve for revenue in the City until they get rid of the Mayor and Cuomo the killer!! See how NYC does then! Vote them out. Get your city back!

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  7. What is there to say? The Blasio is a communist and only cares for the black community. His wife and kids are black. The rest of the city be damned. His policies are wrong and he is against the police. He should be fired immediately if not sooner

  8. BS De Blasio must be held accountable for the riots burning and looting. But most of all for the deaths of the children his pro crime/terrorism claimed. Only reason this piece of scum is still walking is NYPD do their jobs in spite of the trash running the city. Hope he does defund NYPD and they all stay home and enjoy the time off. Shouldn’t take long before De Blasio is found hanging from a tree in Central Park.

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  11. Just like the blacks voting democrat year in and year out so do the Jewish people. Stupid is as stupid does. Just think about this deblasio allowed a small group of people that the majority of them I would beat don’t even live in the City convince him and all the other democrats to defund the Police. We now have people getting killed, babies getting killed and people getting beat up at an alarming rate bc they know there are no consequences for their actions. Maybe just maybe you will think twice before pulling the lever for the democrats that have allowed it to happen. If I were a betting person they will continue with their stupidity.

    • There are Jews and then there are Jews. Jewish (in name only) liberals do vote the Dem. block but in the smaller but still numerous real Jewish circles, I’m told by reliable Jewish sources that serious talk of reconstituting the JDL is going around. I hope they do the old PLO lived in terror of those people and many died by their hands. A good thing when one considers who the PLO were.


  13. this is about keeping Trump from being elected.As Cortez said if we lose some businesses and jobs and keep the economy from rebounding until after the election. Then it is worth it to keep Trump out of office.The democrats want a Marxist society.. If you don’t like our police now, you are definitely are not going to like under Marxism because the country will become police state.Once again this all about political power and state control of our lives.The Jewish people as whole have become businesses professional because throughout their history they have been persecuted and chased of their lands. Being businesses people was the only thing they could take with them. They live in their own communities for peace and self preservation. It is funny we don’t complain about other people doing it.

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  15. Leftists are showing their true colors everywhere. We can only hope there are enough people to vote them out and keep them out. Otherwise, freedom is finished. Going to be tough to do with all the leftist planned voting fraud and dead leftist “voters”. If they can be kept out of power, the chaos can be contained within the leftist run cities. Sane people need to move out and if they try to bring it outside the cities, be ready to defend your freedom. If they win more power in the election, they will take away our freedom via the legal/judicial system.

  16. Offer enough free crap and people will keep voting for the very thing that is costing them dearly. There are times when I wonder if idiots will ever learn or just keep repeating the same crap that is causing high fatalities in their communities. Moroffs than ons just keep voting the same liberal democratic party in while they keep paying the highest cost for it. Their lives and freedoms.

  17. I am wondering who is the most stupid and corrupt in the dnparty the leaderless ship or the ones who keep supporting their un American activities.
    They want to destroy America yet they call for US deplorables to rebuild their destruction.
    Their coffers are full of money to elect more of their kind, divert their money to rebuild what they spurred on.
    President Trump already had FEMA turn down this insanity.
    We see old demon soros funneling hundreds of millions into the destructive effort, confiscate this money to rebuild, fund our front line defense the LAWENFORCEMT men and women.
    Then seize his assets, property ,and anything he has had his grubby hands on and add this to the rebuild.
    Or is her above the law as certain other rats running around loose?

  18. Louis. Farrahkan. Is. A Jew Hating. Black. Racist. As. Is. Al. Sharpton. Who. Made. Up A. Story. That. A. Jewish. Man. Put. A. Black. Man in a. Garbage. Can. A. Grand. Jury. Found. Al. Sharpton. Guilty. Of. Fabricating. A story and. Sharpton. Was. Sentenced to. Prison. Al. Sharpton. Never. Went. To. Prison Never Served. Any. Time. !

  19. Hassidim, this is your fault, your Rabbis, Political leaders and the wheeling and dealings do not make people love you, they hate the shit out of you.

    • Blaming that Jewish group, for something that a bunch of THUGS have done, is just plain stupid ! Those people didn’t do anything to be ATTACKED. Black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton are the CAUSE for attacks like this, because of the EVIL that comes out of their mouths ! In addition to them, groups like BLM, Antifa, and representatives Omar, and Rashida ALL contribute to the problem !

    • What a pinhead you are & the exact reason so many people believe All the garbage out there about the Jewish people. There are good & bad in every race/creed/color/religion, No One has a corner market on Sainthood, not even the Pope. So get off your high horse, Phil, & realize when you insult the Jews, you are insulting Jesus, too, He Is/Was Jewish!!
      No, I’m Not Jewish, but have been married to one for 39+ years, and as a Southern Baptist I know why most people say they detest the Jews:They crucified Jesus-Wrong, the Romans did that. Really, it all boils down to Jealousy-Why Are The Jews God’s Chosen People?-Read your Bible, The Whole Thing, & then beg for forgiveness for being ignorant.

  20. Now the Socialistic Nazi-style democrats throughout the USA, not only want but also demanding that:
    1. Not only do they want to defund the police but to remove all law and order.
    2. Pushes for bail reform that releases criminals right back onto the streets, even for violent crimes.
    3. Supports protests which turned into violent riots causing millions of dollars in damage on the streets of all cities.
    4. Threaten family members in the community with arrest should they gather to mourn a deceased.
    5. Put forth bail reform has released anti-Semitic criminals back into the communities they’re terrorized.
    6. Backs the burning of homes and business.
    7. Backs these Terrorists that assault the Elderly, Rape children in the street, and Murder Families.

    Give them what they need AKA A BULLET IN THEIR HEADS

  21. A question for the NYC Jewish community. With years of blatant anti- semetism running wild in democratically controlled NYC and a democrat mayor who is overtly anti-semetic, why do you continue to vote for democrats?

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  23. You describe a terrible evil event. Our problem is that everyone seems to have similar stories and until we tie caring for all and not tying in make believe bigotry such as calling an attempt to save lives in a pandemic wrong. For years the orthodox Jewish population have not cared about following rules they don’t want to with no thought to the results such as sending children to school in a pandemic. Let us all stand together for these crimes are an abomination no matter who they affect. I condemn all attacks but unfortunately they will continue until we all stand together. ALL LIVES MATTER and we must be insulted by attacks on all or any lives.

    • There was no evidence that the children were in any way harmed by continuing to go to school. I believe his name is Doctor Oz it said the chances of a child dying was practically zero. of course some children do die every year from the flu. we lose around 50,000 people some being children.the main reason that teachers do not want to open up the school is it not for the safety of the children it’s a safety of the teachers as some of them are quite old and got underlying medical conditions that put them in a high-risk.if you believe the risks are too high for you to go to work then don’t that’s your right but don’t take the right of mine to send my children to school. Saying that I probably will not send my child to school this year. I will teacher at home just because with all the restrictions at the school and wearing masks all day the talking about a 2 day school week and continually working at home anyway if I’m going to have to teach her for three days a week I might as well just keep her all week. Plus I cannot see making my child wear mask all day and if they’re not going to have art and music sports and other things like that at school and they’re only going to teach like three or four subjects and she can do that here at home


    • Governor Cuomo wants the NYC economy to fail so that more people will vote for Biden and his Socialist friends to fix things,

    • DeBlasio is a veteran of the war in Nicaragua. On the side of the Sandinistas in other words an admitted communist. Also attended a reunion of Anarchists in Germany. To DeBlasio caos is an opportunity to introduce communism , a failed system anywhere it was tried. How on earth did such garbage get to mayor of NYC?
      Deaths due to lack of police are the fault of DeBlasio. !!! Enough . Get the man out . Now!!

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