NYC Still Stricken With Rising Violence, While Useless de Blasio Does This

(Tea Party 247) – When in doubt…do a virtue-signaling publicity stunt.

This is all the Democrats seem good for lately, as their policies cost a growing number of Americans their lives and they constantly sit on a pedestal, lecturing everyday Americans on intersectionality and the glories of socialism.

And they wonder why Trump’s base is stronger than ever.

New York City mayor and failed Democratic presidential candidate, Bill de Blasio, is one of the worst offenders.

The useless mayor has spent the course of the pandemic trying to keep New Yorkers in their homes, unless they want to riot and loot, of course, in which case they’re social justice heroes in his view.

As violence rises in his city and New York City Police officers experience more animosity and vitriol not only from the public, but from de Blasio himself, de Blasio is more concerned about trolling Trump tower with a giant mural than actually keeping his citizens safe from violence.

As Red State explains:

Never mind the shootings that continue to rage across his city. Never mind the ten people who were shot in eight separate incidents across the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan on just Tuesday and Wednesday; Painter Bill was at it again, brandishing his trusty roller and painting another Black Lives Matter mural on an NYC street.

De Blasio’s latest mural was in front of Family Court on Jamaica Avenue in Queens on Thursday.

We do this to send a message to the city and the whole country — a lot of us were there at Trump Tower and gave a message to someone (Donald Trump, of course) who really needs to get it. Now we are sending a message here in Queens and thank all those who worked so hard to bring justice and fairness. We know there is much more work to be done — and we knew when we started this that this was not an end unto itself – it’s a beginning,” AMNY quoted him as saying.

Considering this is a man who has constantly antagonized members of the NYPD as children are being shot in the street of his city, it’s chilling to think what this could be the “beginning” of.

De Blasio, in spite of the facts, has been attempting to claim that shutting down the court system for COVID is the reason shootings have surged in his anti-police city.

As the New York Post reported:

Hizzoner once again attacked the messenger Thursday rather than address a new Post article that found firearms cases are going through the criminal justice system at the same rate as last year — refuting his claims that a coronavirus-related court shutdown is most responsible for this summer’s surge in shootings.

“I have not seen The Post article and I don’t always get accuracy from that publication,” de Blasio sniffed during a virtual City Hall press briefing when asked about the damning piece by a Wall Street Journal reporter.

In December 2019, there were 2,285 open gun cases in Gotham with 13 percent of suspects awaiting trial, according to the Post analysis based on NYPD and court data. In July 2020, the courts had 2,181 open firearms cases and 10 percent in lockup — or 104 fewer pending gun cases, the data shows.

There were also more gun and murder arraignments from April to June compared to October through December last year, with 819 over the three-month period this year compared to 642 last year, court data shows.

What is de Blasio even doing? He may have paint on his hands…but he has blood on them too.


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  8. So no one took credit for the tower arms retracting at intervals as the camera flew down the Saturn V? In reality they all retracted together…that was something that really irked me. It did look cool to do it that way but it didn’t happen that

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    • Lily, your roommate’s sister must no longer be pregnant where she can
      go back to giving lap dances.

    • I heard that Di Blasio’s wife and daughter make hundreds a day giving BJs to NYC cops and do not report it on their income tax.

  10. Once again a Democratic public official ignored the rise
    In crime that he in part allowed to happen. Taking one billion dollars from the police budget is insanity. Eliminating major sections of crime prevention in the organization effectively neutered crime prevention. There was already a major exodus from the city and that will increase.

  11. It is time to call him by his correct name: William Wilhelm- The DeBlasio name is his mother’s and he hardly can be called Italian if he supports taking down Columbus’ statue

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    • He thinks he is a communist, and tries to act like one. But he doesn’t know anything about the evil communists. Because he never has to live with
      the inhuman communists!
      He and AOC should move to Venezuela!

  13. New Federal Law; No NY human can leave the city or state. All roads will be blocked no human in or out. Trucks will stop @ the state line and switch trailers. No buses, trains, plains, private or commercial etc. etc.

  14. What a 100% dumb wip ass person kids getting killed by knifes guns rocks you name it and if there were police a lot of this crap would not happen now look at this even if the police caught any one this dumb no brain itot would release them

  15. Why isn’t this RETARD of a Mayor NOT RECALLED or sent to FEDERAL PRISON for DERELICTION of DUTY? One INQUIRING Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Nor does common sense. Wait until the lawsuits begin this winter from these dummies creating a skating rink for cars when it snows. Is there a way to reprogram Waze to avoid those streets and safety hazards ?

  16. People don’t realize their mistakes until it’s too late to fix them…..Then a higher power has to do it for them….

  17. Honesty is not the best policy for the Democrats elected to work for the people. That is why the party walked away from me. They are perhaps the least inclusive party unless you are a declared Marxist. Unless and until they start issuing demonstration permits for designated areas and time limits to allow everyone else in the city safety and freedom to move about, no one should vote for these idiots. Two months of this has soured the cause, if there really was one other than terror, and destroyed the backup saftey of all citizens who rely on police for help. It is idiocy.

  18. When is America going to wake up. Do you have to be hit over the head by a 2×4. Then you go oh, I see now! Your losing our country because you believe anything on the BOOB tube. At least get up off you asses and get on the internet and find alternative unbiased news and make and informed vote in November. I you do not you will be speaking Chinese. BLM/ANTIFA will own your home and car. And you’ll be working a manual labor job to pay them! That is Socialism you idiots!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m 78 years old and in my life time I have never seen such empty headed politicians. Every state that has a Democratic Governor and Mayor is up in flames…your going to tell me that the people in those states don’t see what’s really going on????They must be all Brain Dead…The Facts and Actions are staring them in the Face….They are being used like Pawns because they are so full of HATE FOR TRUMP they can’t see straight…The Democrats must be VERY DESPERATE FOR THEM TO BEING USING THESE TACTICS..THEY KNOW THAT HE WILL “CLEAN THE SWAMP” …WE ARE IN A FIGHT OF GOOD VS. EVIL…SO MY DEAR FRIENDS IT IS TIME FOR USE TO TAKE UP THE “SWORD” AND PRAY…WHOMEVER YOU HOLD DEAR AS YOUR “GOD” WE MUST PRAY (SWORD OF JUSTICE) AND FIGHT THIS EVIL THAT IN SURROUNDING US…GOD BLESS AMERICA NOW AND FOREVER….

  19. What a moron. deBlasio is busy painting while innocent children are dying and his city is going up in flames. By the way, he needs painting lessons. His artwork SUCKS!!!

  20. What a moron! While crime is out of hand and innocent children are being murdered deBlasio is busy painting. He needs art classes. His painting sucks

  21. He is nothing but a weakling that hides behind his political power. There are two types of people in the world. Those that build and those that destroy. He feels powerful because he is destroying the greatest city in the world. Beware of those that feel power from destroying. It’s easy to destroy. It takes disciple benevolence and strength to build. Qualities that have eluded DeBlasios small and weak mind. PATHETIC FOOL!!!

  22. Wake up citizens. Vote out all Democrat politicians. Seattle just was made a communist state by the city council with approval of mayor and governor; Portland is destroyed to the delite of the mayor and governor; same for Minneapolis; New York, Chicago, Detroit Baltimore and many other cities under Democrat politicians imperial rule. Milwaukee is next. Why hold the DNC when the Democrat politicians already told You it will be bloody and violent. The police know this and they can’t risk their lives trying to protect the city and its people from these violent mobs that call themselves Democrats.

  23. maybe somebody shud paint a few signs in front of de Blasios house (I mean mansion) – he might even read them as he goes by in his limosine.

    • John R Day,, may I suggest the following letters to be painted big, bold white paint,KKK. also
      this will represent both racist groups.

  24. I keep reading about DeBlasio. Keep thinking OK He is the face of NYC.. People voted him in .. People did not turn out in huge numbers to keep him from being elected. .NYC as a group are a hot bed of Marxist bots who get their ideas from listening to the media. The media is beyond bad. about 90% is far left pushing far left agenda. The citizens only hear this sort of crap and believe it.. Should anyone feel sorry for NYC… Nope not if you actually have common sense and pay attention to what is going on. Same thing with their city council members.
    VOTE DIMM you get DIMM.. so thousands go bankrupt To bad you asked for what you are getting..

  25. Wow, Recall this dim wit idiot. He shows the whole city he is with the DNC lunatic asylum and does not give a damn about the legal citizens within his city.


    • The sh*t’s biting the arse ,he knows it . He’s trying too ignore the truth . He,’s been a POS since becoming mayor . Never cared about the police department . Now turning NYC into a scum ghetto. And Gov.Queermo isn’t doing sh*t about it either . deBlowmeo just needs to begotten rid of .

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