NY Times Obtain Trump’s Tax Return From 1985 to 1994 Show $1 Billion in Losses, Trump Lawyer Says “INACCURATE”


(Liberty Horn) – Now that the Mueller report is pretty much OFF the table – at least, it is for Republicans – Libtards are beating their war drums and rallying the troops to re-engage on President Trump’s tax returns.

According to news reports, the New York Times obtained printouts of Trump’s IRS tax transcripts. It was recorded that President Trump lost over $1 billion from 1985 to 1994.

Apparently Trump lost so much money that he was able to avoid paying income taxes for 8 out of those 10 years, according to the tax return information.

His businesses during those 10 years were a combination of casinos, hotels, and apartment buildings, which accounted for an approximate $1.7 billion loss.

The Democrats have been trying to get a hold of Trump’s tax returns since 2016 but, since being elected, Trump has argued he hasn’t been able to release them because he’s under audit by the IRS.

Since becoming president Trump has turned over all his business dealings to his son, Donald Trump, Jr.

On Monday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin refused a request by the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee for Trump’s tax returns

The Democrats want to investigate, just like they did with the Russia/Trump collusion and the Mueller Report, to find any wrongdoing on the president’s part so they can try to impeach him.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
The Times quoted a lawyer for the president, Charles Harder, as saying the tax information was “highly inaccurate.”

While it may seem this is another witch hunt, the president has told the American people he will release his tax returns AFTER the IRS has finished the audit.

Since President Trump’s business acumen and negotiating skills were exemplified during the 2016 presidential campaign, the Democrats will make attempts to use this information against him.

All Trump has to do is highlight where the economy is as of April 2019 to prove he KNOWS what he’s doing.

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Trump, a real estate magnate who turned over the running of his businesses to his sons after his election in 2016, touted his business acumen and negotiating skills on the campaign trail.

Democrats want Trump’s tax data as part of their investigations of possible conflicts of interest posed by his continued ownership of extensive business interests, even as he serves as president.

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  1. Years ago running a VERY small business, I found the tax laws complicated and a mishmash of “ifs” “and” and “buts” for the little guy! Had to hire an accountant. Can’t imagine real estate laws! Take a peak at the “Losses” of loud mouth Pelosi and her running pack..visualize that battle!
    REMINDER: Trump did not prepare the forms, his accountants did using every legal allowance in the book!

  2. I don’t really care what the democraps do anymore. At this point, I’m pretty fed up and tired of their impeachment BS that I’d prefer civil war so conservative Republicans can march all these traitor clowns to the gallows…. and let’s hang shifty Schitt first, followed by pelosi, Schumer, swallowWell and the rest of their goons.

  3. American people, just compare where we were economically under President Obama when he left office in 2017 and where we are today under President Trump economically today and we are “over 1000 times better under President Trump”!!! That is why the criminal Democrat Party Mob has to impeach President before the 2020 election for they will lose on our economics today, period!!! The truth above will set us all free American voters in the 2020 election!! Don’t forget the criminal Democrat Party Mob want to destroy all of those good economics for you if we elect them in the 2020 election!!!!!!

  4. I think all of the things that the Democrat Socialists are doing is just a way of trying to find something, anything, that they can to try to impeach our President!! I pray that all of these things come back to slap them in the face, and so far, they have! The Democrat’s should have to pay back all our monies they spent on these investigations they knew were all fake!

  5. Have any of the members of Congress, who have been working so diligently to force President Trump to surrender his tax returns, turned over any of their tax returns. As an American citizen I would like Pelosi, Schiff, AOC and all the other Trump haters to turn their returns over also.

  6. Once a president has been voted into office, it is our responsibility to support him.(or her) This president has been able to accomplish more than most presidents without support from the dems or some rinos It is obvious that those attacking him are not trying to impeach him for something they believed he has done, but are looking for something (or inventing it) to impeach him.

    We put people in office to serve, not to split the country.

    • Obstruction of justice is a crime. Our President did so…read the Mueller Report.

      Holding up military aid unless Biden is “investigated” is a crime. Our President did so…and insists he did nothing wrong.

      We put him in office hoping he would serve our country. Instead he has proven himself to be nothing but a criminal, serving himself.

    • Why does everyone else on this thread have a reply button except the idiot (Brannon James) who makes the wildly stupid claim that Trump held up money to Ukraine? Does he not know the facts of this issue or does he just choose to listen to the MSM talking points. Obama is the one that held up money to Ukraine. Biden is the one that forced a prosecutor out of office in exchange for money (very illegal). Get your facts straight Brannon.

  7. So sick of my tax money going for such foolishness (impeachment) by the do-nothing democrats. The have done nothing in congress for 3 years except go after Pres. Trump. I once was a democrat…never again will I vote for those hatred people. All they know how to do is stir up hate and division!

  8. Those that are INITIATING this tax return SCAM may need to be audited AND investigated THEMSELVES. Stay tuned . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  9. Frankly we don’t give a rats a** about Trumps taxes and all the “witch hunts” the democrats are trying to pull. that is why a lot of people are changing their party on theeir voting registration to Republican. we can’t stand all the democrats are acting like 3 year olds in a play pen. This is nothing but another sham. His taxes are supposed to be protected, just like the democrats, so we say if you want Trumps taxes THEN SHOW US YOURS & HOW YOU GOT RICH ON WHAT YOU GET AS A CONGRESS OR SENATE PERSON!

  10. Any businessman will understand that these are “tax losses” caused most likely by large “on paper only” depreciation expenses related to Trump’s massive real estate holdings. One of the big advantages in owning real estate is that if that real estate is held by a business, the business can depreciate the building portion (not the land portion) of the business. This depreciation is entered as an expense and many times is large enough to offset any profits made by the business. The result is what’s called a “paper loss”. Yes, the tax returns will show a loss, but the owner will still have income from his investment. Trump is not stupid, he uses the tax laws to his advantage as many shrewd business people do.

    • Thanks David. You hit the nail on the head and you are 100% correct. As an ex tax person for 41 years you are totally right about the depreciation. The stupid democrats don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on when it comes to taxes. President Trump is smarter than every one of the democrats put together. They should be praising him for what he’s done for this country in three short years than trying their best to tear him down every time they open their stupid mouth. He’s done more for our country than all the other presidents put together since President Reagan.

  11. Why don’t the impeachment dragons, purchase a hit man from Hiliary and stop all this crap with the entirely dishonest congress and news media’s. I guess I am asking, since I believe President Trump will win a second term, does this mean we have 5 more years of all this BS?
    It seems more and more to me, that the progressive socialist democrat party want a actual civil war in this country. If they do, it will be a sad day from them and of course, our country.

  12. I wonder who created the tax laws that allow Trump and all the rest of the people to offset their taxes. Maybe it’s the same elite career politicians who have no plan to fix the tax loopholes they created. I wonder why? We should get to see all the politicians tax returns; I think we could learn a lot.

  13. President Trump is truly our ‘Trump’ card to clean the political swamp filled with corruption and pedophiles. He may not always be ‘politically correct’ but I do believe he is doing his BEST to serve the American people, and NOT the self-serving liberal political agendas of the past. Bravo, Mr. president. Forge on!!!!

  14. Dems and gop prez have all released their returns trump is just a liar and people fall for it. He’s a crook and traitor get rid of him now! And Biden didn’t get 900 million? Get your facts straight

  15. Who cares this was 84 to 95, makes no difference, and by the way, there is no law or regulation that states a president or any political candidate provide tax returns….that’s all bull, there are laws and regulations that protect people from having their tax returns released weather state or federal…so again the left trying to use lib judges to get things released that if you were to follow the law and regs like judges are supposed to do would never be released, of course biased media is also involved…

  16. There have been no accusations of wrongdoing, so how can a newspaper get anyone’s tax reports? They are nosy and have no business in anyones tax returns.

  17. Maybe Trump had an unpaid parking ticket,that should be enough for impeachment. When do we get to see all the dem tax returns?

  18. I have an idea….let’s get the tax records for 1985 to 2019 for the Clinton’s, Schumer, Nadler, Pelosi, Schiff, and don’t forget Waters.

  19. Do people understand how serious the purloining and release of people’s tax information is? If President Trump’s tax returns are faulty, it is up to the IRS and the tax courts to deal with it. No one’s tax returns should ever be reased except voluntarily. Remember, if people can do this to President Trump, how easy will it be to do it to anyone else? To you, for instance…

  20. Trump simply isn’t aggressive enough. He should sue NYT. Easy. He really needs to get Atty Gen Barr to kick it into gear. Inspector Gen Horowitz needs serious prodding too.
    Then to fix the country…because it is certainly broken in a very uneven way…he should shut down Google, FB, for sure Twitter and shut down the absurb liberalism that is clearly ruining America. Cross dressers in schools and public library’s doing story time. Schools are literally indoctrinating our nations children to believe the mentally ill LGBT belief system. Liberal slanted so called news shows should be raided while in live TV and arrest the host like Mika and Joe, Chuck Todd, oh hell…all of them! Charge them with Sedition which is punishable by death. And I really believe Martial Law desperately needs to be enacted so military can be in all places at the same time to handle this. If citizen crazy liberals mouth off. Shoot them. And THAT will fix things real quick. Its past time to kick liberalism and gay trans sickness out. That is who does a lot of mouthing off. They need to be shut down in a very real way. One more thing about Martial Law: the liberal wacko judges will be arrested and charged with seditious behavior which is exactly what they do. Shoot them and place a dead lock on public mindset what will not be tolerated any longer. Once things get back to normal..then we can think about releasing prisoners and seditionist who were the most virulent anti American will stay in jail or be executed. We need this in the U.S. in a serious way. If you think Martial Law is too strong and punishing mentally ill sickos that are indoctrinating children by death is wrong..then you are a liberal. America cannot continue with liberalism. We simply cannot tolerate it anymore.

    • Hard to believe I got my ass shot at in Vietnam for people like you. Did you make it through high school?

  21. What about Joe Biden????? We need his tax return for 2012! When he received $900,000,000.00 From Ukraine, that is nine hundred Million when he was Vice President of the United States, And over a Billion from China. Can Someone Please look into that?!?!?!?!

  22. Who the hell cares? He is a great President.
    I am sick of the Libbs trying anything and everything to belittle this President. These assholes are going to be sorry one day.

  23. We have yet to see a birth certificate of Barrack H. Obama to prove he was even legal to be our president. To me this one fact has greater impact on this country than a tax return

  24. So what folks!??
    Our family business went south and had to file small bankruptcy…government us to be allowed tax free for a few years to catch up. It was an investment for the government, today we pay a huge percentage of our business in taxes to the government ! That is good business. So it did the same for Trump
    and now rake in billions of tax money from them. It’s the AMERICAN way! Viva la Capitalism!

  25. I think the NY Yimes and whatever IRS agent turned it over should be heavily fined and held accountable. Just another rouse to keep impeachment going. I’m sure half the country’s largest businesses suffer losses


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