NY Health Officials Told Residents To Gather For Chinese New Year In “Defiance” Of Coronavirus. That Ended Well…

(Tea Party 247) – Funny how the leftist, propaganda-spreading media outlets are slamming the President left and right over what they perceive as his early dismissal of the coronavirus when that is exactly what every liberal in the country was doing just last month when it was more important to appear “tolerant” than practical.

The idiotic concerns about appearing racist literally drove health officials to make extremely irresponsible and reckless recommendations to New York residents. Now, New York is one of the hardest hit places in the country with the virus.

At least no one can accuse them of being racist.

Back in February, health officials in New York told residents to congregate in huge crowds in “defiance” of coronavirus, a move that could have exposed thousands of people to COVID-19.

New York City Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot posted a tweet on February 9 urging citizens to flock to Chinatown in large numbers to celebrate the lunar new year while suggesting that advice to avoid crowds was “misinformation.”

“Today our city is celebrating the #LunarNewYear parade in Chinatown, a beautiful cultural tradition with a rich history in our city. I want to remind everyone to enjoy the parade and not change any plans due to misinformation spreading about #coronavirus,” she wrote.

On the same day, Mark D. Levine, Chair of New York City Council health committee, lauded how “huge crowds gathering in NYC’s Chinatown” was a “powerful show of defiance of #coronavirus scare,” tweeting four images of large groups of people gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Those tweets are receiving a fresh backlash of criticism given what has unfolded since. Many of the individuals who showed up for the celebrations were Chinese and could have visited China in the weeks before.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus across New York state surged 38 per cent overnight to 20,875 total cases. There have been 157 deaths.

New York is the hardest hit state in the country and New York City accounts for 12,305 confirmed infections.

The advice given by the officials was in line with World Health Organization rhetoric at the time, which discouraged the “stigmatization” of Chinese people.

Imagine that. The leftist pandering to political correctness has resulted in the worsening of the spread of the coronavirus. These health officials literally encouraged everyone to dismiss the virus and all of the “misinformation” in favor of not appearing prejudice or racist. It was more important to show Chinese people that we love them rather than practice pragmatic and sensible caution.

Meanwhile, the constant bashing of President Trump continues as leftist media trolls insist his administration’s response to the virus was not serious enough. These idiotic NY health officials encouraged people to go partake in a massive Chinese celebration and now the state is being relentlessly plagued with the virus.

Meanwhile, Orange Man Bad calls it the Chinese coronavirus and gets slammed by every liberal media sycophant in the country as a “racist.” All of the hypocrisy truly does boggle the mind. It’d be hard to even believe this stuff if we didn’t see it all right before our very eyes.

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  1. There is only one way to MAGA. That will be to exterminate 100,000,000 POS LIBTURD’S !!! If you voted for Odumbo in 2012 or even thought of voting for Crooked Hillary in 2016 you fit square into the group that has to go. Do this Nation a service and self Abort yourself and at the least self Deport yourself and renounce your your U.S. citizenship. TY in advance you POS

  2. Yeah they only encouraged people to come out for new years after Trump claimed that the virus was “Russia Hoax #2”
    Its Trumps fault!

  3. @MarkLevineNYC
    In powerful show of defiance of #coronavirus scare, huge crowds gathering in NYC’s Chinatown for ceremony ahead of annual #LunarNewYear parade. Chants of “be strong Wuhan!”

    If you are staying away, you are missing out!

    LOLLOLLOLLOL…..You are missing out alright…. YOU MISSED OUT GETTING INFECTED!!!!!!!

  4. Seems to me that the democrats, some of which said this would kill more conservatives or wished it would, are now learning that stupid is not going to stop you from getting the virus so don’t do a stupid act because a democrat tells you to or more of you will become sick and die and no one wants that. Despite what you may think, conservatives don’t want you sick or dying but we do want you to stop listening to stupid and stay healthy.

  5. When I was a kid, I had what was known as the German measles. So what are the liberals going to do, call me a racist because I used the name German? CHINESE virus. GERMAN measles. It’s called what is is for a reason!

    • Um you aren’t exactly implying we weren’t racist in what we called things back then N* toes – N* rigging …?

      But ya I never considered either of those racist back then, but for sure later realized they were when I grew up… but my parents were raised in the years of White Only – drinking fountains and all that…

      Honestly it’s been made very clear that some born and raised Americans of Chinese decent have been harrased, threatened and beaten because of idiot Americans – so why go out of the way to fan that attitude. It was the US banking system and sub prime housing market, and highly corrupt rating agencies that caused the global financial crisis of 2009 – I don’t hear anyone going out of their way constantly to call it the US caused global crisis (maybe they do in other countries tho?)

      This virus could have started anywhere – I see no reason why anyone needs to go out of their way to specifically call it the Chinese Virus when it’s clear it causes hurt/pain and other brain-dead people to blame their 100% American neighbors because their great grandmother was born in China?

      I mean have we ever got proof it wasn’t one of the many visitors to that city that was the real patient zero but they left after passing it on to that 1st family? It can be very hard to find the true patient zero in a brand new virus like that…

      If we want to start labeling things based on the Country that caused it – than half the Countries in Europe should call their refugees the American Refugees since most of them ended up their do to US invading their country and turning their cities into rubble

    • Whit Marie – Have we ever got proof it wasn’t one of the many visitors to that city . The democrats have tryed for 3 years to undermine our government and get Trump out of office . Two visitors at the time the virus got going was Biden and his son supposedly making a million dollar deal with who knows who . The Chinese have all the knowledge and facilities to create and make anything with their experience of making much of the medical supplies they sell to our country so a virus would be easy for them especially since they hate Trump for confronting them on their trade policies . Now after 3 years , the democrats found a way to hinder Trump , but still not stop him !

    • GOOD IDEA .KEEP THEM INFECTIOUS NEW YORKERS IN NEW YORK .Evidently they failed to practice social distance .Probably all have TDS too.

  6. That is only .0007% that died from COVID-19 The flue normally kills .017%. There is a high rate of survival from the viruses and those who do die, it is from pneumonia. I still don’t see why the shut down especially at such a low rate. When, during the Obama era, the swine Flue or influenza killed 12469 Americans and took out 203,000 world wide. With Biden in charge, the same the position Pence is now, nothing was done for about six months. With those numbers we didn’t see the the panic we see now. With that history you can see the democratic NY officials encouraging the gathering in China town. If I was one of the Fake news reporters, I might be screaming Racism.

  7. One cannot help but wonder how many of those people who went to that celebration are now dead. Or ill. Karma, New York. It’s called karma.

  8. Please tell me that this article was sent to Governor Cuomo, and Mayor DeBlasio. You would think they would know what was going on. I certainly hope all N.Y. health officials were fired.

  9. NY should not be receiving any medical supplies until all the other states have received theirs. The military ships should NOT be deployed to the state either. Or to California. They are in the mess because of their management and political correctness and racism. They need to shut up and the health officials should be fired immediately.

    • Hold on a minute young lady! I am one of the good guys living in NY and am over the age of 70 by a bit. I may need these supplies and would be very disappointed not to be able to access them. Pls reconsider! However, you are right about the dimwits running these cities. Cuomo suddenly turns on President over respirators not getting there yet, but it turns out that in 2015 our Gov turned down a whole shipment in order to address other dumb ventures. Too bad, for a couple days there he sounded “smart”

    • Mr. Alexander how can you survive among those dumb as88ss? I read the article that they actually knew if this happened (pandemic and respirator shortages) they would assign colors to people . Other words death squads… You get saved next guy dies. And attendind doctor would have no say over who got one and who did not. CUOMO IS THE ENTIRE BLAME ..HE has no business blaming TRUMP.

  10. My roomate’s mother makes $67 every hour on the internet. She has been fired from work for nine months but last month her paycheck was $21270 just working on the internet for a few hours….

  11. Commissioner Barbot is a true IDIOT ! With that dumb, and ignorant tweet, she put hundreds, or thousands in danger of getting the coronavirus. I have never seen as many stupid people, as I am seeing now, and they are all on the left !

  12. This is why a wall should be built around NY and CA. The progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party will endanger everyone to gain power and wealth. Health and safety of Americans is of no consequence, they just blame someone else. Sadly, people don’t see how they are being used by this evil party and will blindly follow and support them.

  13. Democrats encourage lunacy!!! They also want you to disregard facts!!! Never mind what gender you are physically, you must choose to be the opposite!!! And you must do it before you even know what”gender” means!!! Preferably before you start preschool or grade school!!!

  14. Wow! The city and state of New York need to start removing these officials who place their political games above the health and safety of the people, by force if necessary! And start with anyone named Cuomo or De Blasio!


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