Notorious Iowa Rep. Steve King Gets Bad News In Primary Race

(Tea Party 247) – While you may have missed it, what with the whole nation apparently on fire, but there was a series of primary races scattered across the country last night.

That’s right–there’s an election in November!

That is, if we last until then.

All right, all right, all doom and gloom aside…

Among these primaries was the race for Iowa’s nomination for a northwest congressional seat, which incumbent Rep. Steve King lost to Republican state Sen, Randy Feenstra.

This would have been King’s ninth term, but he was knocked aside by the race’s forerunner ahead of three other primary challengers to the controversial congressman who has lost the support of the GOP due to past comments on immigration and alleged white supremacy.

“I said from day one that Iowans deserve a proven, effective conservative leader that will deliver results and I have done that in the Iowa Senate, being in the Iowa Legislature for the last 12 years, and I promise you I will deliver results in Congress,” Feenstra said during a Facebook Live appearance.

King, 71, was famously stripped of his committee assignments in 2019 for comments he had made which were framed as having questioned whether or not criticism of white nationalism was valid.

It is to be contested whether King really said what he was accused of, or was misquoted for the sake of media sensationalism, as he claimed when he defended himself.

But, in a political climate in which Republicans have been eager to cast off any even loose association with the alt-right and white supremacy, his defense did not seem to hold much water and he was shunned by the rest of his party.

Now, apparently, the constituency has also weighed in.

Just the News notes:

He mused in a New York Times story about when the term “white supremacist” became offensive. King said the remarks were taken out of context, according to the Associated Press.

The 71-year-old had piled up provocative statements throughout the years, comparing immigrants to livestock and appeared to make light of rape and incest in defending his anti-abortion views.

King’s defeat definitely made the cut in the top headlines about the outcomes of Tuesday’s primaries.

Politico noted:

In other races, Democrats’ top recruit for the Iowa Senate race advanced through the primary to set up a competitive general election that could determine control of the chamber. And Valerie Plame, the CIA agent who was outed during the Bush administration, failed to parlay her 2000s-era celebrity and profile into a New Mexico congressional seat.


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