North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Duped Us All With His “Death” But Was It Deliberate?

(Tea Party 247) – Here’s a story that sounds like it’s straight out of a Hollywood action movie. It has been revealed that Kim Jong-un has deliberately faked his own death for the express purpose of discovering who the traitors were in his inner circle. Apparently, the only way to find out who would take advantage of his death by seizing power was to fake his death. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Over the past few weeks, rumors had been spreading like wildfire that the authoritarian dictator was gravely ill or that he had died following complications with heart surgery. These rumors were put to bed after Kim Jong was seen at a ribbon cutting event last weekend.

The Daily Express reports:

It is now possible that the leader will use the responses from his long period of absence to begin “purging” those he believes colluded to take over.

Mr Morrow [Sky Outsiders host] said: “What has probably gone on here that the rumours of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

“He decided to do this, lay low, and see how things broke power-wise, and see who tried to take power in the event of his actual demise.

“I suspect we will see some purges in North Korea pretty soon.”

The leader’s reappearance into the spotlight has ruined the credibility of high profile defectors who had suggested Kim Jong was suffering from a life-threatening illness or had died.

North Korea’s deputy ambassador to Britain, Thae Yong-ho, was one of the defectors who had escaped North Korea in 2016.

Thae is now living in South Korea after he had managed secret funds for the despot in England.

He said in a statement: “I am aware that one of the reasons why many of you voted for me as a lawmaker is with the expectations of an accurate analysis and projections on North Korean issues.

“I feel the blame and heavy responsibility.

“Whatever the reasons [for his disappearance], I apologise to everyone.”

Another defector Ji Seong-ho said in a media interview that he was certain Kim had died after surgery and an announcement was pending.

“I have pondered on myself for the past few days and felt the weight of the position that I’m in.

“As a public figure, I will behave carefully going forward,” Ji added.

The pair have faced criticism from the ruling Democratic Party in South Korea for causing damage with their statements.

Ji’s party has acknowledged that he has made “rash, careless” comments, but said that the Democratic Party is trying to stir up hatred toward them.

Kim Jong-un may be a lot of things but apparently he’s no fool. A few days off the media radar caused rumors of his death to swirl about. Perhaps he simply capitalized on the rumors and wanted to see what would happen if the world did believe him to be dead. Or, he is a manipulative mastermind who plotted out the entire fake death from start to finish in order to oust those among his inner circle he deems as traitors or untrustworthy.

We’ll never truly know what his motives were or how involved the planning of this rouse was but one thing is for sure, Kim Jong-un is very much alive and well.


  1. About 50 years ago a picture of Chairman Mao appeared on the front page of a New York paper. He was in his coffin and the headlines were of his death. I had a friend who had escaped from China as a young girl. When I showed her the paper all she said was “Don’t believe it. I’m telling you he is not dead. It’s just propaganda.” Sure enough a few months later he was out and about in China. Nothing was ever mentioned about his premature death announcement as far as I know.

  2. Very interesting turn of events in NK and seeing how things are carried out in Communist countries. Everyone turned their eyes on his sister. Seeing he had his half brother assassinated makes you wonder whom he will go after now.

  3. I feel like Sean Hannity when he speculates premonitions. When they first announced his death, I said Kim was up to something.

    Not to say the man may not be dying from his destructive habits, his ploy provided the rest of the world time to plan for the event. Kim’s successor will be his sister who is allegedly a heinous evil to reckon with.

  4. Fatboy Kim doesn’t need to fake his death to oust people!
    One snap of his chubby fingers is enough to do the deed!
    Too bad that he didn’t kick though!!

  5. My room mate’s sister makes $159 on her back by turning tricks.She gets a bonus when she goes around the world.

  6. People always missing the boat, little fat face rocket boy, starves for ongoing attention. First he was satisfied with the ego pumping he received from his isolated/enslaved people with his big tv screens in the shopping mall constantly showing him, that got old his ego got bigger so, he started sucking up all the eyes/ears of the word with his rocket sh_t, the virus took over the worlds attention well, now this, an ass is an ass……

  7. Now only fools jump at conclusions, a smart person waits for aninvestigation or other factual evidence about things before operating mouth with things they know nothing about.

  8. I mean no offense by this, BUT if Kim Jong Un had ‘died’, there would have been a funeral to end ALL funerals! When nothing happened it became pretty clear that he was alive and well somewhere. NK is a violent country and I can certainly understand his concerns for preserving his ‘leadership’ such as it is.

  9. That sly dog! I was even taken in by it! So much for not believing ANYTHING you hear and less than half of what you see!

  10. Dead/Alive – it makes no difference to America! We have traitors, in plain sight every day, still actively working for the FBI or moles hiding in government jobs given them by the previous Administration for the sole purpose of undermining The Constitution and the Current President! Stop worrying about NK! Start paying attention to the daily assault on our Constitution by the DemocRATS and the media!

  11. Brilliant!! I’d fake my death, too if I was that insecure!!
    I pity someone that is that afraid of being unseated.
    God only knows what would’ve happened if he had actually WAS dead!!
    Hopefully, he’ll take good care of himself.


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