Nigerian Pastor Who Praised God In Ransom Video Beheaded By Violent Boko Haram

(Tea Party 247) – Christians in America have become way too comfortable and complacent. When we look around at the state of our current culture and society we truly have no one to blame but ourselves. We, as Christians, have stopped speaking out against sin and have slowly begun to accept what is wrong as normal just because we’re afraid to be labeled as “hateful.”

Meanwhile, Christians all around the world are targeted and persecuted violently every day. One pastor in Nigeria was just recently kidnapped and beheaded because he is a Christian and refused to denounce God.

The Christian Post reports:

Andimi was declared missing on Jan. 3 following a raid by the Islamic extremist group in Michika. Video posted online appears to show Andimi being forced into a vehicle by his captors. 

Days later, Andimi was seen in a video released by his captors calling on fellow Christian leaders and state government officials to secure his release. 

Despite the situation, Andimi said in the video that he was not discouraged because “all conditions that one finds himself is in the hand of God.”

“By the grace of God, I will be together with my wife and my children and all my colleagues,” he said. “If the opportunity has not been granted, maybe it is the will of God.”

On Monday, local sources disclosed to ministry partners in the United States that Andimi was murdered. 

A source told the U.S.-based nongovernmental organization Save the Persecuted Christians that Andimi’s family was notified about the pastor’s death by the CAN office in the Adamawa state on Monday. 

“They have slaughtered him in Sambisa forest,” a source told Save the Persecuted Christians, according to the nonprofit’s Executive Director Dede Laugesen. “They murdered him because he refused to renounce his faith. And because they couldn’t raise the money for his ransom.”

The local source, whose name could not be revealed for security reasons, told Save the Persecuted Christians that Andimi’s captors demanded 2 million euros in exchange for his release. However, the under-served church community was only able to raise 2 million nairas (4,969.88 euros).

This tragedy is not an isolated incident. Christians are regularly kidnapped and murdered because of their faith. This pastor had died a martyr for Christ but so many Christians in the US aren’t even willing to regularly attend church. What a sad reality.

Sadly, Andimi was not the only Christian leader murdered this week.

Pastor of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, Denis Bagauri, was reportedly killed by unknown gunmen in his home in the Nassarawo Jereng of Mayobelwa Local Government Area of Adamawa State Sunday night, according to The Daily Post. 

Christianity is something people around the world are willing to die for and this should serve as yet another reminder just how much the world hates Christians and how good we have it here in America.

President Trump has been defending our religious freedoms since being elected but how many Christians in America even care? How many of us are even willing to defend our faith in the face of hateful leftists?



  2. This is a prove that fools sayin their heart that their is No God.Our God will fight our battles and He will surely give us victory.The God that parted the Red Sea for the Children of Israel to pass will not fail His People.The God that is Mighty In Battle,The great I am that I am,In You we will continue to put our trust.

    • You got to be kidding, they just kill them. There are Muslim that are smart enough not to buy into the Mullahs rhetoric. But they fear reprisals. Most third world Countries produce great people, unfortunately, very few are civilized.

    • You should study History, they since the times of his original philosopher because is what he was he wrote the Koran trough the years and based in his changes of thinking , but at his time they used to put a cross in the Floor, and made the Christians piss on it , and renounce the Believe in God Almighty and pray the Prayer to Allah or if not done been Decapitated in top of the Cross and other times were dismembered by the pulling of 4 horses on their limbs, and if you read the Koran tells you lie to the infidels is OK to gain the trust and when strong enough make them to live to pay ransom and if not kill them, and to kill all male infidels, and the Females make them slaves to satisfy the desires of them , also if dying doing it will have the Virgins waiting for them in the afterlife….

  3. The greatest gift from God is our free agency. With it comes responsibility and accountability. There will be a judgement day and there will be no slick lawyers to get you out of it.The blessing or punishment will be just.Not all faithful of the Islamic faith are evil and they are no different than you and me. They just want to raise their families and live in peace and they quite will move to an area where Islam is their faith not their government.The irony is they are targeted by the the Fanatic sect of the Islamic religion and are often beheaded as well. The trouble we have is knowing who’s who.The goal of the fanatic sect is to rid the world of non believers and prepare for the prophesied return of the Mahdi who will rule the world under Sharia Law.
    Now all has been brought out into the light for all to see. It is ignored and pushed off to the side like it never happens.The question is WHY, What are they afraid of? Why, with all the crimes being committed, the murders, rapes and ETC. are they so unwilling expose the truth?
    There is one truth that will happen. Future generations will look back on us and judge us on how we used this knowledge and what we did about it. That will be our legacy.

    • You are right to a point, if you read the Koran is not possible to be a Muslim and a true follower of the “Religion” and to do not follow their precepts as KILL ALL THE INFIDELS, meaning any NON MUSLIM..

  4. 501(c) 3 is the bribe (ie thirty pieces of silver) dis organized religion has accepted to remain silent, in order to keep their tax,-exempt status.No wonder churches worldwide are becoming empty.Never give even one cent to any church, their are filled by corrupt clergy and perverted priests

  5. Never praise a god who allows half a century of unborn babies to be aborted, nor keep his own people in bondage for 400+ yrs, or who allows six million Jews to be persecuted, all while he stood by & did absolutely nothing to stop any of it This god should never be praise, respected by anyone…ever

    • Our founders described in the Constitution, as the creator, (Deism). Like politics, religion has been the opioid of the people, who buy into phonies like swaggart, Schiff ect, mindless people fail to examine facts. Exploitation is rampant in both entities. Nothing wrong with both when administered to fairly.

    • Dunkin, you’ve a poor understanding of God vs free will. I pray you seek counsel from a pastor. Do it without delay. Ascribing evil to God is treading dangerously close to Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, the one sin that is unforgivable.

  6. God bless these families in their time of loss. Their husband’s and father’s are now in the arm’s of Jesus, free from the evils of this world and forever surrounded in perfect love. Heavenly Father please keep their families safe until they can be reunited again. Amen.

    I will never be silent about my love for Jesus and God. Doing so is to sell one’s soul and nothing is worth my relationship with Him. Now do I have any problems pointing out sin. Most times it’s not about what you say, it’s about how it’s said. I ask for guidance from God daily so I remember to be kind, gentle but focused in His word as well. With the guidance of God, I’ve never had any problems with offending anyone, including the unbelievers I’ve dealt with, and ultimately prayed with. I think it’s crucial to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. When you do that even unbelievers will listen and show you respect.

  7. We in America need to examine where we stand. Our Christian foundation is falling apart because we are allowing the radical leftists to dictate what to believe. Christians all over the world are being murdered every day for standing up to those trying to force them to convert to radical Islam and we say and do nothing. A high percentage of us don’t even attend church on Sunday but have the audacity to call ourselves Christians. It is coming to America and we are sitting on the fence watching it happen. Wake up people.

  8. Very sad about the Islamic/Muslims. I sent this, “Hi, what the US needs to do is come back to the US and not fighting in the Middle East area. I posted this on Facebook.

    “US needs to remove ALL ISLAMIC people. There was a 1952 US law not to allow Islamics in. In the early 1990s it was dropped, sad! Need to get all the US military back to the US and load up ALL the 3.5 million Islam/Muslims back where they came from !!!!”

    And this,:”The Islamic-Muslims have always fought among themselves. The US needs to get them out of the US, when there are some more in the US they will be fighting with the Americans if we dont walk away from GOD and Jesus and get in the Islamic religion !!!”

    I did send this to VP Pres today, I hope he will show this to Pres Trump !

    And then Pres Trump real really get it done !!!

    Roger A Evans

    PS: You might got to FB and see it…
    Have to get them out of the USA !!!

  9. My prayers go out to his family and community. We have a lot of evil in this world and I feel it’s a test from God. I would have died the same way because I would never denounce God. God Bless!

  10. Boko Haram & Al-Shabab are perversions of Islam. Thugs that loot and plunder. 3 Americans were killed in Kenya. School girls abducted and raped. I don’t hear the Mullahs denouncing this behavior. Seems these vicious groups need to be hunted down and exterminated.

  11. Prayers for the Pastor’s family and his parishioners. Yes, we take our freedom of religion for granted and are lax in sharing our faith as well as standing up for what’s taught us in God’s word.

  12. (The following was sent to me by a fellow commenter and I felt it worthy to share with others.) It’s easy to criticize Trump’s style and disposition until you realize that his ego and unapologetic behavior is necessary to take on the Democrat Party. You can’t have a weak, submissive, scared or apologetic person in Trump’s place. He’s taking on a multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerate fake news media network cartel 100% committed to destroying him, along with entrenched, corrupt bureaucrats, CIA agents, military contractors, lobbyists, and government crooks who have been at this for decades. A very large percent of the bureaucracy staffing all the Federal Agencies were there long before Trump and are working daily to undermine his leadership and efforts and to undermine the will of the citizenry, which they view in a condescending manner as mere peasants who they lust to collect taxes from all the while ignoring their will.

    • The administrative bureaucracy of federal, state, and local governments has been aptly named the “Fourth Branch” of government, but unlike the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative, the bureaucracy is virtually answerable to no one. It is that which makes up the rules and administrative “laws” called “regulations”, and who decides and imposes permits, licensing, penalties, fines, taxes, etc., upon the American people. It is the “fat cat” bureaucrats and those who work for the bureaucracy who enlarge it more and more, thereby imposing more authority over the people. Instead of the People governing through the servants of the People, that has all been reversed. Ask yourself, how much money do YOU have to pay out each year to this Fourth Branch of government. Local governments, needing and wanting more tax dollars, can create all kinds of property regulations and then impose penalties, even have you put in jail if you don’t pay them, effectively creating debtors prisons that were supposedly outlawed many, many years ago.

  13. Our time is rapidly approaching in America, as the demonic left grows in boldness and evil.

    Meanwhile, Andimi from Africa is sitting in the presence of The One and Only God which he serves.

  14. Hey The Burgie, you don’t even have a clue what you are saying. I bet you have shit for brains. Were you there when he told 15.000 lies? Did you watch the Adultery with your own eyes? Of course not. You are just another Liberal Flunky, who makes up lies. Go back in your shit hole and sleep it off.

    • You’re calling another Liberal?

      Your language AND your nastiness CALLS YOU a liberal. Am I mistaken?

      NOW I look down and see The Bergie’s comment, and understand your comment much better.

      But still, don’t stoop so far to their level when calling them on stuff.

      And YES, I am a hypocrite, because they often incense me to stooping quite low responding to their evils.

  15. Pray for their families! And pray for our Nation! What I have seen in the past 90 years breaks my heart—political correctness, drugs, lack of family teaching of the Bible and family worship, and public education to satisfy one or two people. I do believe our Nation will pay the price for disobedience!

  16. I may not agree with the doctrine of other religions but everyone has the right to worship who they want, however they want, and what they want. No one has the right to force their beliefs on anyone. That is pure Satan doctrine.

  17. This people are all cowards. They cover there face and supposedly do it for religious reasons. This is the work of Satan not God. May God Bless all Christians and others against these Demons

  18. Islam calls for the deaths of ANY & ALL who refuse to convert to their perverted beliefs. Yet liberal leftists allow these political killers to hide behind the cloak of religion to promote their murderous behavior and hate for ALL that are in anyway different from them or dare disagree with them. They are in our country to CONQUER & KILL us not to convert us!

  19. And we think it cannot happen here? We have people right now in our own Congress who would stand by and watch Christians beheaded, without a word to save them. We had better wake up!

  20. I’m sorry, but you are mistaken about President Trump! He has repeatedly committed ADULTERY! He is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR (over 15,000 lies and counting) and has fallen at the feet of Vladimir Putin and calls murderous Dictators his friends! President Trump is not to be trusted!

    • You’re an idiot America haters who side with the sick perverts and communist bottom feeders while watching the rights of you fellow citizens being taken away and more rights given to the sick dirt bags of the LGBT community and illegal criminals that are being protected in santuary cities. A bullet would be to good of a death for you and your kind, long prison time would be much more serving as justice for dirt bags like you.

    • Are you a Democrat bullet point preaching ahole ALL THE TIME or just when you are posting your evil leftwing poison, NothingBurgie?

      How many years did it take you to become SO pathetic?

      Trumps done a good job of trying to fulfill his promises to America, despite all you seditious basturds getting in his way. HE’S GOT MY VOTE TIME AND AGAIN.


      Army vet, pissed off at IDIOTIC MORONS like The Burgie

    • How sad you would believe the DEM propaganda machine regarding Trump. He is for America FIRST which is how it should be. Adultery?? Talking Bill Clinton here? In Trump We elected a man to fight for us, not a saint. Get over it.

  21. The evil of Islam triumphs while secularist claim Islamic Terrorism is not religiously based and while Christians attakc thos who question Islam as being Judgemetnal


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