Nigel Farage Explains What Is Happening To The Populist Movement…Globalists In Crisis Mode

(Tea Party 247) – Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has a stern warning for the globalist elite who thought they had Europe and the UK in a stranglehold.

Celebrating the results of the historic election in the UK last week, Farage declared that this key victory was proof that the faceless EU bureaucrats were being rejected, and that the revolt against globalism is spreading.

Amen to that!!

Summit News notes that “By standing down Brexit Party candidates in close fought seats between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, Farage was instrumental in delivering a large majority which will allow Boris Johnson’s Conservatives to finally deliver Brexit on January 31st.”

On Wednesday Farage returned to the European Parliament to celebrate what he called the “beginning of the end” of the EU.

“After three and a half years of deception, we will be leaving this prison of nations at the end of January,” he said.

“We’re going to become an independent, self-governing nation and you can delude yourselves inside this cathedral that all is well but it isn’t,” he continued.

“People do not want to be run and governed by faceless bureaucrats…you’re being rejected,” he said, referring to EU leaders.

He then highlighted how the revolt against the EU is spreading across Europe.

Opinion polls reveal that a majority of Poles believe they’d be better off leaving the European Union as well.

“Brexit is the beginning of the end of this project, we are giving leadership to a Europe of sovereign states, working together, being friends together but not being run by the gang down at the middle there,” Farage concluded.

We should be heartened to see the success of our conservative brethren across the pond.

They are standing up to the elite, to their own swamp in Brussels, and draining it of the kind of globalist scum who think that Europeans need to foot the bill for civilization jihadis who are invading their country!

They’re standing up to tyrants, just like Trump and his supporters are here at home.

The tides are changing across the globe, and those who love God, freedom, and country will come out on top!


  1. It all sounds good! . . . but, keep your friends CLOSE and your enemies CLOSER. Keep your “eyeballs” open at ALL times. team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. Getting rid of Government involvement in education is the next step. The globalists nexus of power lies in the secret societies controlled by the bankers, whose tentacles spread through the CFR, BRS, Bilderbergers, etc., whose monies influence pushes this anti-God one world (Totalitarian) government nonsense through their control of major corporations, educational institutional institutions, media, labor organizations, and leftist political organizations. Prosperity for the people comes through freedom. Return education of children to their parents and you cut off the indoctrination of our children into the anti-God Democratic Socialist movement designed to destroy the liberty of all. Leave our children in this atheistic government indoctrination system for another generation, and the game will be lost! Getting the government out of our education systems is the next step and a crucial one in moving toward a pure republic where family is supreme and self-governance, true government of, by, and for the people (not the politicians and bureaucrats) becomes a reality.

    • …. and ending the climate hoax that continues to fund a lot of their lies.

      Also, let’s remember to be vigilant. Just because our brains don’t work in the sorry ways theirs do and we couldn’t figure out a way to take down the Internet, they will have a plan. Their hijacking of the internet is coming to an end. Let’s put the nail in that coffin too.

    • Getting the indoctrination schemes out of education from elementary to university levels is paramount, particularly in science. This can be done by comparing the science of today [21 century] to 19 and 20 century mythology of origins or how we humans got here. This can be done by showing that the icons of evolution from a common ancestor [star dust to worms to fish to chimpanzees to us] is pure mythology, Such icons as dinosaurs became extinct 65 Ma ago is the key one. Those years simply don’t exist. Dinosaur soft tissue, radiocarbon in dinosaur bones and dinosaur depictions by our ancestors and the fantastic DNA that compose all life forms are just a few. Search the internet for these facts that destroy the godless mythology of evolution.

  3. The leftist scum stole the internet that could otherwise have been used to teach young people the truth and help them with their lives and how not to succumb to these human parasites. Thankfully, that phase of humanity is coming to a close, although we can expect more from the parasites of humanity. Be vigilant.

  4. Finally, the adults have taken back their rightful place as the leaders of the nation of Great Britain. I hope and pray that the U.S. will follow suit, and deal the liberals and globalists a stunning defeat in 2020

  5. It could have and should have never been allowed to become anything more than a trade bloc like EEC, in the first place.
    It should never have been allowed to metastasize to World Government 1.0.
    Figures that the ilk of Poland, from the Eastern end of Europe where they are not immersed in the Disneyland alternative reality of the neo-Marxist NW Europe, would be next to reject the Third World colonisation and Islamization forced on the ‘progressive end of Europe.

  6. The UK leaving the EU is a major change in the structure of Europe. If the EU were to end it would bring about a uncertain future. The rise of nationalism as proposed by Trump and the end of the present EU would put the world in a situation we have not seen for 80 years. The last time Europe had nationalism led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany and a terrible world war. Is that what we want again. The present world order was put in place by USA and the UK after their victory in WW 2 to prevent another war from happening in Europe. Other wars of nationalism in Europe was WW 1 and the rise of the French Empire under Napoleon which led to another European war. So we should cautious about bringing about a new world order, or bringing back the old world order of the past.

    • Letting things go as they have been was leading to an inevitable conflict, not this very mild correction.
      I would not rule out war or conflict in Europe again, but it will not be international conflict between the old states, as of >1815 or 1914-18 or 1939-45.
      It would look like a series of urban civil-wars, Lebanon and Syria style, dotting Europe.You already have numerous no-go zones around Europe, in France, in Belgium, in Sweden.This is the 1st phase of the process actually in train.
      To speak of Germany vs France and UK etc, again, anything vaguely resembling that, is ignorant of both the causes of those old conflicts, and the new reality that your stubborn
      complacency and naivete have wrought.

    • In fact, the EU was the major change in Europe. Phil, I respectfully point out that true nationalism is really nothing but patriotism despite the media and others pretending that it’s some form of ethnic supremacy. It does not require the conquest of other nations. Trump made it clear that he intended to advance the interests of the US because that’s his responsibility as President (which it is) and that he assumed that other world leaders will do the same for their countries. He’s basically encouraging international competition which is a healthy thing. The EU tends to be dictatorial and very unfair which is much more like the Nazis who wanted to rule Europe and destroy Russia. I don’t think that a strong argument that the EU has been a benefit to all of the countries can really be made. On the contrary, I think the EU government has been inefficient on its best day and has been economically harmful. The worst thing it’s done is to mandate the transfer of middle east immigrants to Europe which has certainly been detrimental to be polite. I would also mention that the world order established after WWII was not a conglomerate of nations under one authority but was intended to restore Europe rather than dominate it. It’s the EU that represents the kind of change from the previous system that you fear. England and Poland are both right, in my opinion. They need to run their own countries and allow their unique cultures to proliferate.

    • Before you put your hope in the EU, take a look at the family names of the people who actually run the thing. Unless things have changed dramatically in the last couple of decades, those names will sound pretty familiar, and a lot of them will be German.

    • Yes, there’s a strong argument that Merkel had way more success than Adolf and his Heinkels and Stukas.

      Of course, it couldn’t last.

    • Considering what has been going on in Germany since the migrants arrived and especially how the German government has allowed the victimization of the German people to continue unabated, I am very fearful that Germany as it ought to be will disappear. I’m amazed that Merkel has not only remained in office but that she has not been tarred and feathered and run our of town so to speak.

  7. Durime P. Zherka.
    Maybe his calculation will bring the result that he wish about evil theory “Brexit”, but reality is different about EU. Unite is theory of the Stronger that are fighting every day for accomplishing and challenging every obstacle to give prosperity to all new countries, current and future members of EU. Divide or separate is the theory of the “Failure” that are selfish or are thinking only for their own country. To spread theory of “Brexit” means to have no VISION for future.
    Anyway Congratulation to their British leadership!

    • On the contrary, the EU is allowing Islam to take over. It is not a selfish thing to walk away from evil and show how a free people can make good things happen.

    • Brexit , it seems, in your opinion is wrong and you believe the European Economic Union (EEU) are fighting to accomplish and challenge obstacles to give prosperity to all new countries, current and future members of the EU.
      The decision to leave the is not solely about the policies imposed by the EEU
      but also the right of countries to disagree with them.
      One person said that the EEU should have been about trade only and I totally agree with this because the hard line by the EEU over the immigrant saturation has caused great harm to several countries in the EEU and it will only become worse if those countries do not act to correct it. Vision for the future requires logical thinking and course of action. In my opinion, the EEU failed miserably on both.

  8. The British have their problems also, But it looks like thier masses are finally starting to smarten up also.

    On this side of the pond, we are dealing with Our own version of the brainless entitled elite,

    The Democratards

    They have snuck into position of power, while Good People stood back and did nothing,

    After this corrupt and lawless impeachment we have all had the painlessly watch,

    The masses over here are about to smarten up also.

    If not, this country is done for.

    • Trump’s victory surprised me somewhat, even though I see the currents underneath it.
      But what astonished me, was the ‘Squad”, for example, that something like Ilhan Omar, less than 20 years after 9/11, was able to not only get a (D) congressional nomination, but walk into Congress in her 12th century nun’s habit, and start lecturing you from day #1.
      Even Schumer and Pelosi indicated some discomfort about what has poured from the mouthes of their two militant jihadist muslim colleagues.
      Mind you, Schumer has his own personal handprint on bringing jihadi attackers to America.

    • Jake, the dems did not sneak into positions of power. Too many Americans bought their line and put them there. That is what happens when you let dems run our education system.

  9. The Euros are finally figuring it out that being nice, is not good at all. Ruining there countries, and the people that they opened their arms to, are not nice people.

    • tbh, ever opening their borders to this flood is so mindlessly suicidal, that they almost deserve what they are getting from it.

  10. Screw the globalist. Many say they are globalist but are for MOI. Our dumb Democrats fell for this crap during Obozo and that got us behind the 8-ball. DJT is changing this thinking. He is trying to get us out of these inane useless wars like those in the Middle East. EU may be dying. Good idea at first, but like many programs like this, the lure of power overcomes the bureaucrats.

  11. It will mean some difficult adjustments for U.K. folks but I think anything that kicks the NWO zealots in the teeth is a step in the right direction!
    Now tell them what they can do with their “Global Warming” power (and particularly money!) grab!
    Now Jolly Old England can maybe reverse the namby-pamby immigrant mess their leaders have created. (Their disgusting P/C culture needs a swift kick —as does ours!)

  12. The UK is just as divided as the US is, maybe more so if Scotland breaks away. But what both Trump and Boris Johnson have in common is that they don’t want to see their countries sold out. Especially by left-wing globalists who advocate big government over everything.

    One thing that may good is that both countries will probably mesh out major trade deals. That would be good news for the US and American companies.

  13. it’s about time to throw the Brussel dictators out on the street.
    They, and Angela have caused the destruction of Europe.
    Deport these maggots.


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