New York Times Celebrates 2020 By Bashing White People For Absolutely No Reason

(Tea Party 247) – The New York Times launched a brand new year of fake news with a huge feature story trying to spark outrage over a University of Wisconsin Homecoming Committee video which featured a lot of white students.

Although the video featured several non-white people in it, the New York Times nonetheless characterized it as “virtually everyone” in the video “was white” as if this was some sort of logical critique at the university as a whole.

“A 2-minute video was meant to unite the University of Wisconsin,” The New York Times said. “Instead, it prompted a reckoning over race: Virtually everyone in it was white.”

“The outrage was almost instantaneous,” the Times declared, before insisting that the video had “galvanized and divided a university plagued by a history of racist incidents.”

Newswars notes that “The first article the Times linked to claimed some people allegedly shouted a racial slur out of their car, someone scrawled a racial slur on an Obama biography and some sororities girls mimicked an Asian accent as part of a skit. The second article was a story about someone having scrawled the N-word in a bathroom.”

“It made people uncomfortable, seeing a lot of people who look alike representing the university,” a student reporter, Emilie Cochran said, as quoted by the Times. “And it woke people up, saying, this is actually what our university looks like.”

“UW-Madison is home to Black students who fear for their safety because of the color of their skin,” student Payton Wade claimed.

This being an American college campus we’re talking about, the video was deleted and a groveling apology issued on the spot.

This was not anywhere near enough for the outraged mobs, as it never is.

The Wisconsin State Journal, the second-largest publication in the state, ran an article in Oct 2019 which highlighting the supposed outrage over the video featuring “almost exclusively white students.”

In a very interesting sequence of events, a few weeks after the video was released supposedly anonymous students staged a hate hoax, writing on a sign “UW 4 WHITES ONLY.”

Naturally, as The College Fix reported, the school assumed it was evidence of “hate and racism” on their campus at the hands of all those evil, evil white students.

More signs were discovered, however, which indicated to a different culprit: “UW DON’T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE” read one, and another, “I’M TIRED OF HAVING TO TEACH MY TEACHERS.”

It dawned on school administrators that it was not a hate crime. At least, not the kinds of hate crimes the left will admit exist. (Sidenote: how much do you want to bet that the authors of these signs were virtue-signaling white students?)

Regardless, the New York Times, still considered by many to be a shining pillar of journalistic integrity, described this incident as sparking “a big explosion of racial tension” and said the campus was left “shaken and confused once again.”

By their own ignorance, perhaps?

Officials from the university “declined to identify the people involved” and the Times reports “[n]o one claimed responsibility by name, but a group of anonymous students issued a public apology.”

It doesn’t matter if all the facts stack up against their favor, the hysterical left will always.

Even when hate hoaxes are exposed, white people are still cast as the oppressors and those who staged the hoax are still cast as the victims.

Anti-white, hate-filled racist outlets like the Times love to headline race when white people are portrayed as the oppressors but hide race when white people are shown as victims.


  1. So many anti Caucasian groups with Kill Whitey attitude, frankly what would the New York Times expect.?The backlash will only get bigger as confrontational behavior continues toward Caucasians.

  2. Remember when the Great Newspapers and reporters tried to fairly report the news.
    They became household names and we subscribed to the papers because we trusted that we be told the truth.
    Now there were papers that leaned one way or the other, but we knew it and had some discussions and arguments on both sides.
    They forgot about the truth and that they reported it.
    Now they make the news instead ,believing that they know everything.
    To bad most lost their honesty and just make up shit to appease their egos.

  3. Acts 17:26 ….”He made from one, every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times, and the boundaries of their habitation,” …. I wonder what race that one was? Oh ya, the human race!!!

  4. Since colleges these days are hubs for training future Libtards, the Liberals are scared that they are about to be exposed as the most racist party in the country

    • The NYT article actually talks about White People are the Jews, this is a Liberal News paper Dr. Julius Streicher would have loved to have had for Hitler. The NYT is a German Hook Nose Jewish owned paper.

  5. So 60.7% are white Americans
    12.3% are black Americans
    12.5% are Hispanic
    5.6% is Asian
    What the f… are we talking about.
    How can we not have more whites in pictures?And why does it have to be so equal?
    1 white in picture and to make it so right we need 1 black in picture.
    In my street only white Americans.I want to make a picture of our street party? Do I have to go out and grab some black people of another street To make it right?All the left is nuts.And indeed all those dumb white people who buy the NYT to be scolded at!

    • Absolutely agree. Other races are always invited to attend all universities, it is the individual’s choice. I wonder how many white folks are pictured at black colleges that can even advertise that they are black colleges. This racial nonsense needs to stop already! There are no white colleges. This is 2020 and race should be a non issue!!!

  6. Jewish students in American universities are increasingly being harassed and attacked by misguided, hypocritical, antisemitic and reverse- racist factions. Where is the media coverage and outrage over this?

  7. If you live in Washington DC, and if you go to a Howard University basketball game, the team is all black as is most of the crowd… come? Must be the fault of old white men.

  8. It was white man who fought and died in wars (since the Revolutionary War) to give the NYT the freedom to print this garbage.

  9. To all races: God created and loves all of you! You are all precious in His sight! Please focus on Him and His desire to be with you eternally. Though we all have sinned, He has provided forgiveness through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ! We all need to look to Jesus who loves the whole world and died for our sins in our place so we could be forever with Him! You can not say that you love God whom you have not seen while hating your neighbors whom you have seen. Love your Creator and you will also love others! Praying for others is the proof of your faith in Jesus and your obedience to His command. 2020 could be the year for “perfect vision”…the time has come for us to “see” how glorious our God is and it begins with love for others whom He loves just like He loves us.

    • Dr. J, You are correct, BUT also believe as SCRIPTURE speaks, that this “universal happiness” will not happen until after the 2nd coming of the Messiah and His mission on earth to “admonish wickedness” is achieved will there be “one love and one peace forever”. During “the final days”, strife will escalate immensely world-wide in all forms. Look around, there is no peace, strife is everywhere, climate catastrophe is escalating world-wide, famine is a major problem everywhere, even in the USA. The Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation speak of this. Scripture says to be “vigilant and know that the end time is nearer by watching the signs”. World peace is not going to happen until the “end of days” is over. Still, as you, Dr. J speak, let ALL heed your words for the betterment of the moment.

  10. Do you remember Starbucks “Talk about Race” campaign in 2015 where they were encouraging baristas to start a conversation about Race with customers? I was so outraged I replied back to her, “Will you look around this room please? There are whites, blacks, hispanics, asians all coexisting without bothering each other. NOBODY CARES! ” i believe most Americans of all backgrounds feel the same way. We just want to live our lives, enjoy our God given freedoms, and simply treat others with kindness and respect. Liberals, politicians and the media are the ones always trying to stir up trouble. They plaster any minor racial incidents, even fake ones, across the news as if the entire country of 350 million is guilty. You can remove your bumper stickers now – we already COEXIST out here!

  11. It’s so sad 2020 and still can’t recognize we are all brothers and sisters. Our ancestral climate gave us the color of our skin. Let’s not blame our skin. It’s the one whose heart is of love or hate. It’s the freedom of the human race. CHOOSE to make America what it was intended to be.


  13. The New York Times is the Left’s New “Pravda.” The Libertards and The New American Communist Democrap Party follow it like flies on Horseshit. Funny thing is …THESE IDIOTS BELIEVE EVERYTHING THAT RAG SHEET PUBLISHES.

    • Good points Mr. Greenbough.
      I will add : my analysis is 95% of tv media and the largest newspapers, especially the NYTimes and the WashPost are on the path of creating as much unhappiness and angst as possible in the hope everyone across the land will blame Trump and vote Dem. Best wishes for the new yearl

    • Remember when the Great Newspapers and reporters tried to fairly report the news.
      They became household names and we subscribed to the papers because we trusted that we be told the truth.
      Now there were papers that leaned one way or the other, but we knew it and had some discussions and arguments on both sides.
      They forgot about the truth and that they reported it.
      Now they make the news instead ,believing that they know everything.
      To bad most lost their honesty and just make up shit to appease their egos.

  14. The only way we will ever accomplish racial equality will be if we can somehow quit talking about it. We have tried to legislate it, we have tried teaching about it You simply can not legislate morality, talking about it has resulted in reverse racial discrimination and victimizing whites. Who can justify the current bad mouthing about “white privilege”. I certainly in 80 years have never seen how I or all of my friends could be classed as white privileged. The liberals constantly accuse the conservatives of racism and all it has done is to accentuate race & put barriers between us. There is a great difference between prejudice & bigotry. We are all prejudiced in some way or another. If I am white & my family is white we naturally tend to gather with other white folks. I would never be offended if someone Asian, Hispanic or African American or any other race were to join us. My wife’s family is also white but at our wedding in 1960 we had several African American friends in attendance. Former President Obama did more during his presidency to widen the gap between whites & African Americans & he could have just as easily eased tensions by just being wiser about what his words or his support could result in. We may very well be another generation getting over his influence. Why can’t we simply Let Love Reign? I John 4:8

    • Frank I’m over 80. Also. I don’t like Whites, I don’t like Christians, I don’t like Blacks, I don’t like Catholics, I don’t like Muslims. I LIKE. INDIVIDUALS. It does not matter what they look like or their religion if they are good people and we get along I like that 1 individual. Cosquently
      I have very good friends from every group I mentioned and of course all other groups.
      You see. I do not like groups I like people.
      Remember Everyone can Help Someone in Someway Everyday
      And the Universe Loves us all
      Again each individual can help some other individual

    • When we are lazy we use racism as a crutch. When we want something free we use racism as a crutch. When we have no political insite we use racism as a crutch. When we don’t like common sense border security we use racism as a crutch. Wake up America! Liberals are destroying this country. Racism is their only tool.

  15. Democrats know exactly what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. The Democrats are following marching orders to spew out anything and everything negative about Trump and Conservatives knowing some small percentage each time influences some voters who only read the headline and never research the truth. The sad thing is, this is very effective and will result in voting results that will leave those of us who know better asking how can this be happening in this country.

  16. Disgusting reporting that sets out to inflame & divide instead of working to get all races to see the value in hard work, post-high school training of some kind, and developing friendships out of their comfort zones. Don’t you think it’s time to be more ethical in reporting positive news & analyzing divisive effects of present biased as well as prejudicial methods that only weaken our society as well as our country??? When/If a foreign government that favors government control & censorship, how will that work for your profits???

  17. The NY Slimes is a rag and writes only garbage. Everything to them as with the Democrats is racists-except if you are a liberal. FAKE F**KING NEWS !!!!

  18. And so almost everyone at some black universities are all black and your point is ? isn’t that their constitutional right —don’t ever APOLOGIZE FOR THE GOD GIVEN COLOR OF YOUR SKIN OR YOUR HERITAGE — YOU’LL BE PLAYING RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE NEW MARXIST WORLD ORDER THOUGHT POLICE

  19. Nothing new from the MSM. This is just another attempt to galvanize the Dems 95% AA base. They know a mere 5% loss will doom any Dem hopeful in the general election. One thing is for certain, those 8 years of POTUS Barry’s ‘okey doke’ worked out great for him and Moochie. Got to love that 29 acre, beach front manse on Martha’s Vineyard, the Georgetown abode and their modest ‘starter’ home in Chiraq.

  20. wake up the haters want to keep all of us fighting among ourselves they want social unrest they want us to destroy ourselves dont get sucked in

  21. Look up the names and locations of the shit that runs this rag. These are mortal enemies. They desrve to be punished beyond belief.

  22. the new york times is the problem most never left the comfort of mama to feel the real world sure there are people that may be racist but in general most whites respect blacks as people not color

  23. Geez I wonder what liberals would think if they visited a historically black college?!?!?!?!? Or for that matter just an area that is predominantly black like any inner city in the US?!?!?!?

  24. Dear New York Times:
    Where do you get the right to voice over White People, You publish Trash, sounds like your having a problem
    go to your Content Developer…I Love My Country and I Stand With My President…after reading all the comments looks like your DOOMED!

  25. Just saw a shot of the stands at an Alcorn State football game . Imagine my shock at not seeing any white students in the stands. GET A LIFE folks.

  26. Ah, yes, the Knee Jerk Times – the premier news outlet for the city so nice that they had to name it twice – Knee Jerk, Knee Jerk!

  27. Next thing, Democrat communists will send white people into concentration camps. Democrat communists did it in Russia, Germany and China, so it would be nothing new.

  28. OK white people bashers, what do you plan to do with all the 100’s of millions of white people living on the planet???????, since WE supposedly are the problem for all other races of humans. Do you want to shoot us, gas us, neuter us, throw us in volcanoes, put us in isolated desert areas and nuke us, throw us all in Arctic waters, burn us with flame throwers, how about ALL OF THESE. Yea that’s best and add axes, knives, bats, and whatever necessary to destroy the white race. Ok, you did it, we are extinct, NOW WHAT, all the other races will live in harmony. You white bashers are so full-o-crap that ALL of your eyeballs are pushing out feces from your colons thus blinding every damn one of you. I’m a whitey tidy and certainly proud of it, just as all of you other color people should be proud of your race and skin color.

  29. Remember this is the same NYT…that denied and turned it’s back on what was happening to the European Jews and and millions more …which hid it buried it until 1944…when the rest of the world was figuring it out…here’s the kicker …the owners of the NYT were Jewish and their families were trying to escape and survive it…just like Soros!!!!God help us!!!…Opinions will vary…

  30. SSDD….but everybody is catching on…they see what happens and then hear what the left media, fake news says and it the opposite of what happened….after almost 11 years of …finally they, we are starting to get…we knew it all the time on the Right the Conservatives , moderate, Republicans…now people are speaking up and out…2020…is gonna be a total crush that they will not recover from for a generation or 2….Thank God, The Republicans and President Donald J.Trump…opinions will vary….

  31. When will the race baiting cease? Some colleges, or universities, for one reason or another, do not attract minorities. This does not mean that they are not wanted, or more importantly, desired, in order that the perspectives of Americans be more diversely desired.

  32. Every last one of these “RACIST” Left Wing “FOOLS” who want to trash White people simply because of the color of their skin can go straight to hell. I’m WHITE and I’m proud to be WHITE. You ignorant RACISTS who want to belittle White’s simply because they’re White, just hang on, you will get what you have coming.

    • The white/black dipole has been presented as reality by political race pimps on the government grant teat. We, most of us, are pale, tawny, and brown and all in between. We are Americans. I never saw myself or anyone else as defined by the racist race hustlers and never will. The virtue signalers, social justice warriors, and racist pimps are only the young fools of the hour.

  33. So who’s stopping blacks from showing up!? It’s white people’s fault that blacks don’t have any gumption to show up??? Probably because it’s too much like work!!! NYTimes is so full of CRAP!!!

  34. So some white girls mimicked an Asian accent in a skit. Better warn Hollywood not to be so insensitive than since it is common there.

  35. Not sure how anyone can or would want to work for the liberal left media. People are putting their lives on the line for the left, only to divid America & constantly lie. Americans are going to take matters into their own hands & things are going to get ugly…real fast….at least for the anti 2nd amendment left.

  36. How fuc*in stupid do you have to be to keep playin that tired old race card every day, when your organization is goin in the crapper because of it!?



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