New York Data On Coronavirus Reveals The Truth About Fatalities That Liberals Don’t Want You To Know

(Tea Party 247) – The coronavirus crisis is causing a lot of problems for the country and not all of it is directly related to the physical effects of the illness. There are a lot of people getting seriously ill and quite a few who are actually dying from the virus, but what’s worse is that the “cure” for the disease — social distancing — might be worse off than the actual sickness itself.

Due to shutdown orders from many local and state government officials, many “non-essential” businesses have been forced to shut down, which means they aren’t producing products and services and thus not making any money. Tons of people have lost their jobs and many others have actually lost their businesses due to this crisis situation.

One of the biggest issues we’ve been facing with all of this is a lack of solid information analyzed by trustworthy experts to help us navigate the dangers posed by the illness so that we can make sound decisions about reopening the economy.

Of course, Democrats don’t want the economy made open because then there’s no reason to ask for more “relief money,” which is just an excuse to craft another bill with a bunch of goodies from their wishlist attached to it.

Well, new studies are revealing the truth about the coronavirus death rate that everyone needs to see.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Initial data out of New York show a pattern consistent with the rest of the world – the elderly and the sick are almost exclusively at risk by the coronavirus. Individuals without pre-existing conditions and younger Americans under the age of 65 are at a very very low risk of dying from the coronavirus.

Steve Elliott Grassfire reports today that the “New York Coronavirus Data Confirms EVERYTHING about age and condition of victims, meaning it’s time for a more targeted strategy”.

Data was finally located related to the China coronavirus deaths in New York:

We’ve been searching and searching for REAL U.S. DATA on COVID-19 deaths by age, and it’s been mostly missing other than a passing mention by the CDC that “80%” of those who died were over 60.

Until we saw from that New York City posted death by age and condition data for the city (as of April 2).

And the numbers confirm EVERYTHING the global data has been saying (and perhaps our government and the media have been hiding?). Namely that:

* The VAST MAJORITY of the victims are older (NYC, 70% 65 and over)

* Very few are under 50 (NYC, 5.8% under 45)

* Almost NO teenagers or children (NYC, one death under 18, or .07%)

* Only a fraction have NO OTHER HEALTH CONDITIONS (1.29%)

So, if this data is totally accurate, then maybe, perhaps, we ought to consider allowing the young and healthy out of quarantine — that’s exactly what this is, have no doubts about that — and let them get back to working and providing for their families since this illness doesn’t pose as much of a risk to them as it does the elderly and immunocompromised?

Then again, it’s critical to consider the possibilities of accidentally transmitting the disease to those individiuals by causing so many others to be exposed to it. We have to really be careful about the actions we take here. We do not want to cause more death and destruction and end up having to go back into a crisis mode like this again.

But we also must consider the devastating effects this has on the economy. The economy isn’t about money, it’s about each and every human being in this country. We are the economy. It affects our everyday lives in dramatic ways that cannot be ignored. There has to be a middle road we can take that considers both sides of this issue and provides a practical solution.

What that is, at this point, is anyone’s guess.



  1. Lets clear up some misconceptions about Covid19. The seasonal flu is not as deadly as Covid19. Not even close. Using CDC numbers for 2019 to 2020
    : seasonal flu cases range from 39 million to 55 million, with deaths from 24,000 to 63,000. The death rate is from .0006 (0.06%) to .0011 (0.11%). Covid19 cases are 325,185 with 9267 deaths. A death rate of .0284 (2.84%) Apply that death rate to the seasonal flu, and you get 1.1 million to 1.56 million deaths. It’s simple Jr. High math. I understand that the vast majority of deaths are 65 and older. The vast majority of the rest are 45 to 64. I also understand that some of you out there seem to think that those are acceptable losses. The aged and infirm are expendable. It’s easy to be daring and defiant when the gun is pointed at someone else’s head. Some will also believe that this is a “false flag” hoax. This is a deadly and highly contagious disease that doesn’t care what anyone may believe. Our, already, overwhelmed medical system is no illusion. The overwhelmed medical workers are no illusion. Resources are being diverted. And that is with widespread “stay at home” orders. Open society up and the resulting Covid19 cases could crash the system. Is there a “happy medium” ? I hope so. A shut down economy is not sustainable for long.

  2. If a person who is suffering from heart disease contracts COVID 19 and dies, what was his cause of death, heart disease or the virus? Where is the data that shows otherwise healthy people dying of the virus? All the numbers are simply being used to scare people, not to provide any real information. Also, whenever Congress enacts some comprehensive relief legislation, it always includes at least a few Democrat wish list items that have been negotiated in. If you put all of their comprehensive acts together, you find that they have managed to include all of their wish list over time. It’s time to demand that Congress legislate only one subject per act and that it be fully transparent.

  3. It is simply a matter of common sense to believe that any disease that would or could cause people to become ill or even die should be confronted with as much protection as possible. If it is a disease that can be transmitted from one person to another by close contact, then people should avoid this possible transmission by not coming into close contact with anyone who may have the disease. Keeping a safe distance from other people – even if you think they are free of carrying the contagious disease is perhaps the best way of avoiding exposure. If there is no urgent need to exit your residence, then avoid public areas where you could possibly come into contact with a person who could transmit the disease to you. If you must leave your residence for reasons such as purchasing groceries, medications, etc., or getting urgent medical attention, then you should confine yourself to your residence. An exception to that would be if you are employed and you are required to perform your job; grocery, medical, postal, law enforcement and emergency personnel are examples. Just complying with suggested methods by competent agencies or personnel is certainly your best means of keeping yourself and others safe from the disease. Political matters should not be considered, as confronting the disease safely is the foremost of importance. Do not react as a result of rumors, opinions of the news media, or suggestions by people who are not confirmed medical specialists. Think carefully about what you are doing – before you start to do it.

  4. try it like Texas is we work just stay 6 ft away from others when possible. clean hands something forgotten by the young and stupid people! as for going back to work not stopped working 6 days a week and falling behind. their are many trades that workers are staying home but for those construction workers who can’t make living on a computer instead do honest work with their hands and not sit on their butts and spread all day we have work!.it really not that hard gloves something to cover face if you go into public place and for God sake wash your hands often. know many people don’t believe in doing such but will help not just with this but with flu that is current running at the same time. yes i am over 50 but healthy cause i work for a living!!

  5. What I find most eye opening is that in my state, which is NOT Dem run, the Dem areas (cities & counties) are the hardest hit. Mami-Dade, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, along the I4 corridor between Tampa & Orlando – does this say anything to any of you? It sure does to me!
    My family & friends have been watching reports on this viral outbreak since January, just like we do when a hurricane is forecast to hit us & we’ve been preparing, after all, Hurricane Season Starts June 1st, 2020!
    People Wake Up – As Adults WE Are Responsible For Protecting “Our Families” As Much As Humanly Possible – That Means Food, Housing, Electricity, Insurance, Medications, Etc – When Things Like This Disease or a Huge Storm Happens THEN You Ask For More Assistance.
    Don’t Depend On AnyOne or AnyThing To Save You When You’re Greedy, Lazy, or Irresponsbile – The Bible says to take care of the infirmed, widows, & orphans – it doesn’t say a word about Crooks, Leeches, Liars, or Scumbags!

    • You speak just like Jesus would, compassionate, caring, with blame and name calling, while you reference the bible. And by your analogy, California is the biggest democratic state, so it should be hit the worst, yet it has been the model for how to do this properly. We killed that curve. Does that fit into your blame game? Maybe the democratic places were hit the worst because they are the most populated while people live closer together, you know like big cities. Your anger is always someone else’s fault, it’s your job to find a connection and attack. The teaparty, the party of blame and non responsibility. Just like the article, who said, and why would the dems not want you to know that mostly older people die from this? We never tried to hide that? You just need to oppose. You are the older people.

  6. I hear some good suggestions here! Let us old folks self-quarantine. We who are retired don’t need to go to work! Let those who need to go to work do that! They are the ones we need to deliver our goods! We can wear masks when they deliver so we don’t infect them or get infected by them! We can invest our money without having to leave our homes! But the financial markets need to continue!!!

  7. Brazil, Sweden both are calling this COVID-19 a world wide Scam concocted by globalists to tank president Trumps Nationalism. Clear facts show this plain and simple and yet, The Corrupt Media, Corrupt Big Pharma, and The DNC are in Cohoots with each other to bring down our president. Their other phony attempts failed miserably, and so this is their last ditch attempt. I don’t buy into it. Most libertards do, and lots of our doctors and health workers are avowed Libertards. Even Dr, Fauci is one. Is there any reason not to believe this or at least a part of it ? History will show that this Corona Virus is a Conspiracy.

    • I assume most here are “Right To Life” advocates. Yet most here seem to be okay with a fatality rate of 5.8% for those under 45. Do the math of your city’s population. You okay with that? Maybe you are with people you don’t know. Note: the virus doesn’t care. Are you ok with the odds of your kids dying? You okay with a percentage of virus transmitters who are asymptomatic (no virus symptoms-healthy)? Are you okay there’s currently no vaccine or medicine to kill it? Think about it.

    • Find it weird all the ones who are under 45 are perfectly healthy….when it hits the old and the sick more?…ever wonder about that…Sherwood?

    • Excuse me, Sherwood Lee. You misunderstood the meaning of that 5.8% thing about those under 45. That doesn’t mean that 5.8% of those under 45 who became infected died. It means that, of those who died from the virus, only 5.8% of the fatalities were among those 45 or younger. Assuming that the average lifespan is 90 (ridiculous, but it makes the math easier), and assuming an overall mortality rate of 6% (way high, but we’ll run with it), that would make the mortality rate for those under 45 — about 1/2 of the population in this scenario — represent less than 1/16 of the mortality. That would make their demographic rate somewhat less than 1%. And if even a tiny fraction of them were on a reasonable health regimen of Hydroxycholoroquine, zinc, and Azythromycin, or something comparable, before they died, I’d bet it would be front page news everywhere.

  8. Why is it we panic over this virus yet never do over the flu that is as deadly or more so, nor did we over H1N1. We need to figure out how to re-open our businesses and continue to produce and maintain jobs. Our nation can not sustain itself without productivity. Time to take stock of how we can get back to work, who is less likely to get ill if they do go back to work and how to maintain our way of life. We are Americans and we built this nation from very little and we can keep it going even if we have to start over with very little but we MUST NEVER ALLOW SOCIALISM OR ONE WORLD ORDER TO OVERTHROW OUR WAY OF LIFE.

  9. Another problem people aren’t considering is that the more germs you kill the less likely your are to build ujp enough immunity to keep from getting ill. It is necessary to be in contact with germs. You must keep clean but don’t go overboard.

  10. It’s time to grow a set and go back to work. The Democrat Party in NYC will never let this crisis go to waste. They did such a bang up job preparing for a pandemic that Gov Cuomo has signed an executive order to have the National Guard conviscate ventilators from rural upstate NY hospitals. Whats next FOOD??

  11. This is just more repulsive repugnant Reputricants propaganda filled with crap 💩!!! Impeach all in this grossly inadequate ineffective administration…

    • Just think, the states with the highest count of coronavirus are democratic, also their mayors and or governors said to ignore Trump’s sound advice and go ahead and gather in large groups as the mayor of NY did thus causing their citizens to go out and get infected. This also happened in LA, and CA is doing likewise, and least you forget, Pelosi also encourage the citizens of our nation to gather in large groups. Think beyond your hatred of Trump about how and why nine of the top ten states with the highest count of coronavirus are democrat. Come on, step beyond the propaganda and use the thing between your ears. It isn’t hard to figure out.

  12. We should do as Sweden is doing. Allow the younger part of the population to continue with their lives and do social distancing and quarantine for the older part of the population. I am also an older person and perfectly happy with that type of scenario.

    • Kudos to you Clyde. Too much common sense for all those smart people, like the one that said no problem before the super bowl about the virus, and it would ruin the plans of many to make government more powerful and control more of our lives and not bring the CEO’s down or fundamentally change this country. Notice no is talking about how much of this was due to open borders and trade.

  13. This is spot on. I personally am in the higher age category and I do have a couple of “underlying conditions”. Having said that our society can deal with all this with a much saner approach. Yes, open up the economy and limit the “quarantine” to people like myself while everyone else goes about the business of “business”. The quarantine can be lifted on the oldsters when the virus either plays itself out or a reliable treatment and/or vaccine is ready to mass produce. I still work but I can run my organization from home and rely upon others to take care of everyday business. It is quite insane to ignore these statistics while our economy is being destroyed. It has turned into a political piss fight at the expense of the citizens of this country.

  14. With the help of WHO and the media this virus is panic driven to destroy not only a President, but our families, our way of life and our industries.

  15. Agree. Let the business of life resume.

    Those of us who are in the ‘high risk’ category will continue to protect ourselves.

    Life goes on and this throwing tons of borrowed money at it solves NOTHING. In fact, it CAUSES more problems down the road.

    New business suggestion: Food shopping and delivery services for those quarantined. I live in a gated community of 1600 homes. All of which are supposed to be over 55.


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