New Report Reveals The Real Motivations Behind The Deep State’s Witch Hunt To Impeach Trump

(Tea Party 247) – It’s no secret that the radical left has been on the warpath against President Trump since the very first day on the job, but what a lot of folks don’t realize is that it’s not just outspoken Democrats in Congress that have been working against the commander-in-chief.

In fact, the biggest threat to this administration, the worst of the attacks he’s endured, have come from folks who work deep within the government, the entity of resistance known now as the “Deep State.” These individuals have dedicated themselves to doing whatever is necessary, legal or otherwise, to take down Trump and make sure he pays for his 2016 victory.

Not only that, the Deep State has been working over time to ensure that Democrats seize the White House in 2020, which is one of many reasons why they are spearheading this whole impeachment craze against the president.

A new report from DC Clothesline explores the other motives behind the Deep States efforts to impeach Trump:

The Deep State has gone all-in against one of the most popular and effective presidents in recent history. The curtain has been thrown back exposing the unholy alliances between Washington politicians (across party lines), our intelligence apparatus, agents of foreign governments (including our enemies), a globalist media consortium, and international big donors.

Carefully hidden from public view for almost a century, the question is why the Deep State is coming out in the open to impeach a president who only has one year remaining in his term? Is it fear he will be reelected—if so, why is that worth the risk? He has been more or less effectively blocked from pursuing a large portion of his (and America’s) agenda by the Pelosi gang in the House, and Mitch “Shanghai” McConnell in the Senate. Surely this UNIPARTY has mastered the art of Kabuki Theater well enough to suffer through five more years.

In 2016 the unexplained happened, the nation bypassed the opportunity to elect the first female president, and chose instead a real outsider, a crass poster-boy for everything anti-PC and non-presidential. The national conscience was so alarmed by what it had witnessed over the previous sixteen years, no matter how many bimbos pointed their fingers, no matter how many negative press stories were broadcast, and no matter how many rude comments were uttered by candidate Donald Trump, he was the one chosen to lead the country.

How could a person like Trump win? During the Republican primary he shared the stage with a veritable cornucopia of stars. We saw a political family-dynasty, two minorities, a Canadian, a governor, a well-known Christian commentator, and a libertarian, just to name a few. Even conservatives seemed to be split after the field was winnowed down—yet the loud-mouth New Yorker won our hearts and minds, and our votes.

As right as we were in selecting this untested political asset, Donald Trump didn’t actually win the election—the establishment LOST! Congress had hovered around a twenty-percent approval rating for years, yet they managed a 97 percent reelection rate. Post 9-11, the republican congress refused to do anything to stop either Bush or Obama from putting us under the heavy thumb of government agencies. The media had historically been rated lower than used car salesmen, and our national debt had skyrocketed a Trillion dollars under Bush and Congress. Obama and the Republican-Democrat consortium added another 400 Billion dollars to the debt. In sixteen years our debt increased from 18 billion dollars to 1.4 trillion. That’s nearly 800 percent.

By 2016 most Americans had lost faith in a system that was corrupt and unaccountable to the electorate. Many pundits believe Clinton lost the election because she was so unpopular, but the truth is she had become the face of the establishment. She lost because of the backlash against everything that was perceived as wrong in government. The hated media couldn’t help her, and mega-donors couldn’t throw enough money at the election to make a difference.

Since the election of President Trump, the SWAMP has been churning as its denizens thrash around trying to regain their political footing. The bigger the spectacle, the more assured Trump supporters are that we made the right decision—and we’ll make it again in 2020. Polling shows that the more the Deep State attempts to reverse the 2016 outcome, the more determined we are to hold our ground.

The leadership of the UNIPARTY, the complicit media, traitors in government, and politicians on the dole all know the jig is up, temporarily. The 2020 presidential election result is a foregone conclusion—what comes next is what frightens them most. How much more of their gravy train will Trump overturn?

President Trump demonstrated that America-first trade negotiations are possible, thereby cutting off foreign sources of payola enjoyed by corrupt politicians, their family members, and career government employees.

In response to our President’s attempts to secure our borders, cities and states have created safe zones to harbor the very people who prey on us and our families.

By stopping immigration from certain nations, President Trump attempted to limit terrorist access to our shores. In response, federal courts ruled against him, proving to us that even our judiciary is part of the cesspool. The recent SCOTUS ruling allowing gun manufacturer, Remington to be sued for the actions of criminals is the most recent example.

The only hope for the Deep State is for the newly-awakened electorate to go back to sleep and forget everything they saw—or at least give up on being able to make a lasting difference, returning our nation to its constitutional foundation. If they can convince us “We the people” are out-gunned politically, things will go back to “normal.” The constant barrage of anti-Trump rhetoric being played out in Democrat impeachment hearings and on every television and radio network, is designed to wear us down and energize the other side.

So far their strategy doesn’t seem to be accomplishing anything but taking the spotlight off the weak field of Democrat candidates vying for a chance to run against President Trump. The Democrats have accomplished nothing noteworthy in this session that would get their base fired up–certainly nothing to compete with President Trump. Their only hope is to score big on impeaching the Orange Man, hoping that momentum will carry over to next November.

The report goes on to suggest conservatives and Trump supporters watch for Republican senators to start resigning from office, especially those who have not done much in the way of supporting Trump and defending him against the multitude of attacks and assaults he’s had to endure since being elected to office.

If Trump is re-elected, those who didn’t openly support him and defend him are likely going to either step down from office or end up being tossed to the curb by their constituents.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see just how deeply this all runs in the administration. Until then, pray for Trump and his success against these strategies of revolution so that our system of government, one run by the people and for the people, will endure.



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  2. This is the Lords intervention! He is saving the USA with this impeachment! He wants Trump out of office and punished! Praise Jesus

    • I agree that the Lord has intervened but not for above reason. Could it be that he opened people eyes to what is going on in Washington? The Lord will not intentionally cause the President to be kicked out of office before the 2020 election. That is the man who gave Israel back Jerusalem and their people.

  3. Just read an article in “The Epoch Times” by Trevor Loudon that there was some collusion between the Chinese Government and the Democrat Party apparatus that was responsible for the results of Virginia losing to the Democrats this month. Just to try and summarize the article, one of the key individuals was responsible for identifying areas to target for democratic door to door campaigning. He was someone very familiar with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a Steve McClure who in the 1970’s was active in the Pro Mao Revolutionary Student Brigade, has worked with the Geography Department of Wuhan University in China and is a key research associate at that university. He used his knowledge of GIS to supply highly targeted voter identification information (lower-income / high rental) areas that would be positively responsive to the democrats messaging. This was all done under the direction of a group called the “New Virginia Majority”. They targeted minority communities since they lean left anyway. My first question is if this group is associated with Communist China, why the hell hasn’t the mainstream media reported on this? My second question is where have the Republicans been in all of this? China would like nothing better to have Donald Trump lose the election. This would pave the way for them to succeed in replacing us as the superpower. What most people don’t seem to realize is that this would drastically reduce the living standards in this country, since our leadership in technology would be curtailed, our military superiority would be gone and China would have control over our actions, trading and manufacturing. I cannot understand why democrats are so blinded by their hatred for Trump that they cannot see that the current crop of Democrat candidates for president do not have the experience, toughness or savy to negotiate with the Chinese for our benefit. No one Democrat or Republican has been able or willing to do this in my memory and I remember Kennedy being president. A third question for the young liberal “progressives” (?). Twenty or Thirty years from now when your children are grown, what are you going to tell them what you’ve done to fight this when they have to face this new reality.

  4. Good article. It dates the Deep State back about a century, no doubt with the Wilson administration in mind. Fair enough, but to my mind the banksters behind Jeckyll Island, etc. actually comprise one of the Deep State’s antecedents. I think it more useful to understand the Deep State as the bipartisan cabal behind the assassination of Pres. Kennedy.

    The new evidence and scholarship makes it clear that Lyndon B. Johnson and CIA elements, working with the Mob, LBJ’s Suite 8-F Clique, and certain senior members of the military and Secret Service, were behind the JFK assassination. Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, and CIA media assets then managed the coverup.

    The Deep State is the treasonous coup government secretly set up behind the scenes in 1963 and operating with impunity ever since, much like Iran’s Guardian Council, as an unelected, unaccountable fourth branch of government. Its operational arms are the corrupted FBI and CIA. And it serves the same reactionary interests as ever before: banksters, industrialists, the defense and security sectors, etc.

    Whatever one thinks of DJT or his policies, he is the first overtly anti-Deep State president since Kennedy. The Deep State fears him. It was desperate to prevent his presidency and now is desperate to end it.

    Its secrets nearly surfaced during Watergate and perhaps again in October 2017 when the last JFK assassination files were due for release. CIA dissuaded the president from releasing all of them then. But they come up again for review during what could be Trump’s second term in office.

    By then, may it please God, the Deep State’s present machinations will have been exposed, failed, and repudiated at the ballot box. This will be the time when the president should unseal the files, expose the true nature of the Deep State, and carry out a rapid, decisive operation to destroy it.

    It’s already too late to save the republic, our having already lost it in 1963. Our task and duty now is to restore the Second Republic.

  5. Talk about TREASON! . . . Convict them ALL and sent them to LEAVENWORTH (military prison). Make sure to strip ALL these individual of their “golden Parachute” retirements since they are guilty of TREASON and SEDITION. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  6. Great comments and a great article. I pray that Republicans can regain the house to keep Pelosi and Shiff in their place. It’s a wonder the liberals/democrats/deep state that they don’t realize what they’re doing it don’t. Probably their reasoning goes deeper than that. What is so funny is that they are discussing Trump of the crimes they like Biden havebcommitted.

  7. We were warned about the deep state in 1959 by President Eisenhower, with his warning about the military industrial complex, who pay for all the action or inaction of government. That is why it takes someone like President Trump, who has none of these ties, to ferret out and dismiss the rats. The problem will be what fills in the rat hole when they are gone?

  8. Once again Pelosi thinks she is better than God. She supports killing His children and now she is trying to get rid of the man we voted to be President with our free will given us by God. The first one to do this was Satan and it certainly looks like she is following in his footsteps.

  9. people have to get out and vote as many as these democraps and libturds out as possible. they have done nothing but ruin this country starting with the clinton, bush and especially the human waste obummer. this bunch has done nothing but divide this country. but theirs always going to people who will vote for them because they by the lies the morons and fake news tell them.

  10. The Dems are so fearful of losing their corrupt powerbase of government, control, and domination of the people they’re desperate to take out Trump and all Republicans. Maybe they shouldn’t have been so corrupt and dirty that they oppressed the people of the United States. If they can’t accept the facts that they lost the presidential elections because they screwed up, that’s their problem. They need to stop screwing over the people and this nation because of their greed.

  11. I wish the Democrats would shut-up and let the man do his job! All the Democrats are spoiled losers when their person didn’t win and have never supported the president

    I fought for this country and gave it 23+ yrs- so I have a right to say what I want. What have they ever done?

  12. This article should be read by everyone that cares about real justice. We have been put through a wringer by the actions of this DS and it has gotten very tiring. We have to remember though that it was God that put Pres.Trump in office. The D’s don’t know that so each time they have dragged out another scheme God has turned it against them. We now see the things they are willing to do so we have to stand strong with our President. God is working out a plan and it will be His will that is done not Pelosi’s or Schiff either one. Keep praying.

  13. Praying Trump gets elected again. He is doing a great job for this country. Hopefully everyone feels the same. Thank you President Trump & God bless our President.

  14. Great stuff you write here: the utter truth. My deepest gratitude for all you do in support of my beloved President Donald John Trump!!!

  15. This “extensive coverage” of the very sad status of “Constitutional Denigration and Unites States Decline” is quite factual and truthful! Although this degradation/decline was gradual; starting shortly after WWII, that I was able to observe, it’s negative direction could be seen in the late 1980’s. At this point in time President Trump, Obviously, offers the greatest opportunity, of “Regaining our Nation, Constitutional Rights, Freedoms and lost Integrity!!

  16. Trump 2020 . A Republican Congress will help, but , some of them are just as bad as Democrats. Lets return our government to “ by the people, for the people “ as our Founders intended. Instead of TO the people, like it is now! We can change things if we want to, President Trump is proof!

  17. Very True!

    We are in the fight of our life to save the United States of America!!!

    Trump was the perfect person to call me along to be strong enough to fight-back against this this Evil, and WIN!!!

    • Do not take me wrong, I am all for Trump, but there is a problem here that creates a major decision that has to be made by the voters. And that decision is voting for members of Congress! Unless we can come up with a whole bunch of new people to replace what is in Congress now we will only be helping Pelosi and her cronies. I remind you we elected a republican House of Representatives, and a republican Senate while voting in Trump in 2016 which failed to produce! As it stands now, controlling the House is possible with even some hold overs as long as they are not the wrong leaders. The Senate is the problem, only a few of them are up for election! And some of them are part of the swamp, if we loose them we loose the Senate.

      What needs to happen is forcing the Senate to act, defend Trump now, not after the election.

  18. This country needs the swamp drained. We need a president that will help the American people get this accomplished. TRUMP is the only one that can make this happen. #trump 2020

  19. This article is right on. President Trump has been amazing at what he has accomplished with all the “crap” the haters have thrown at him. He is one strong individual and a great Patriot. Thank you President Trump.

  20. PERFECT interpretation of the deep state and the other denizens of the swamp that D.C. has become. I don’t believe that the founding fathers of this great country would even recognize what the pols and other creatures of the swamp have turned the nation into!

  21. Perfect commentary. Everything is true. Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to common sense, love of country, constitutional idealism.fairness, and love of your fellow men, the desire to hold your cruel degradation of another person and for those who claim to believe on a higher being, at least to think how it feels to be in another person’s shoes to be berated publicly day in and day out.

  22. Trump is a threat to the pool of power, money and corruption that has been embedded in the “establishment” for way too long. That is a major factor in why he won. His mistake was not weeding out the Obama holdovers. He should have recruited Gingrich as an advisor. He still should do both. McConnell screwed up the midterms by revisiting repeal and replace two weeks prior. My question is how Republicans/conservatives combat the massive disadvantage they have in the “media”?

  23. The swamp is DEEP and DANGEROUS. We a long fight ahead of us to get our Republic back from the swamp dwellers. Just look at how they LOOK DOWN ON US FROM THE LOFTY PERCHES. This, this whatever you want to call it in Washington DC, the most corrupt city in the world, The televised scam is further proof that we have don’t have a constitutional republic any more, but a political monarchy run by both sides of the aisle.

  24. So far it’s not looking good for Trump with the elections in Kentucky and Virginia so we’ll have to see what’s next. This unending democrat harrassment of our President is having a negative effect and if you don’t think so then you don’t see what the rest of us are seeing. We have to do more than wait and see. The amount of Democrat voter fraud that happened in 2016 is nothing like what you’ll see in 2020, and that hasn’t even been uncovered and probably never will. I’m a huge Trump supporter but I don’t think just waiting is going to be enough.

    • republicans act like stiff-people. Sometime we fail to act. Let’s get out the vote, and we need the cross over voters. It is time to speak up Republican- loud and clear

  25. I believe that the nation has become decadent due to the infiltration of social Marxism. I am 71 years old and grew up in a society which made sense. The absurd in everything is incredible. Western Civilization has declined in the past 60 years into a very sorry state indeed.

  26. Well said, the liberals and the deep state are truly rotten and discussing! They are so unpatriotic they should be banned from this country!

  27. Thank you for the insight and truth. It is time for all patriots to get behind Trump and send a lasting message to the CORRUPT washington elite…..SEND THEM ALL PACKING! This is OUR COUNTRY AND WE ARE GOING TO DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO KEEP IT FREE! The Left, Fake Right, socialist, communists, extremists, media….your countdown has started, November 2020 your time is OVER! You can take that to the bank! AMERICA LET’S git ‘r done!!

  28. sad day for America when we the people don’t have a say. Pelosi, shimmer and this clown schiff decide what’s best. Need to stop working against us and start doing the job you were elected to do


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