New Poll Reveals That Almost 29 Percent Of Americans Support Dissolving The Union… Could This Really Happen?

(Tea Party 247) – A brand new poll is indicating that more than a quarter of Americans alive today, living in this country right this very moment, have so had enough of the current state of the Union that they are totally supportive of dividing the nation into sovereign regional unions.

According to Big League Politics, a whopping 29 percent of American citizens are supportive of their own region of the country seceding from the Union and becoming its own sovereign country. The polling that reveals this shocking new trend in thinking among the citizenry was conducted by Bright Line Watch, which is a neoliberal group.

The polling suggests that support for secessionist ideas is exploding with an incredible increase of support over the last 10 years. Back in 2014, only 24 percent of Americans were in favor of secession. That’s a pretty big increase, right? Folks, this is how far divided along political lines we’ve all become. Many of your neighbors believe that the Union needs to be chucked out because the divide is too great to overcome.

We no longer can come together over a shared set of values. What a sad state our nation is in right now.

The group of individuals most in support of seceding from the Union are southern Republicans. Almost 50 percent of that demographic supports splitting off into regional secession. It seems that support for this particular idea had a lot to do with which party is predominant in a given area.

“Only 10% of Americans “strongly” support the notion of regional secession, a development to be expected for such a drastic proposal. Nearly twice as many respondents- 19%- somewhat support the idea of regional secession. Republicans were far more likely to support the idea of national division- although remarkable, independents were the most supportive of the concept overall,” the BLP report notes.

“Democrats in the Pacific Northwest and California were the demographic most supportive of secession outside of the southern United States, with 41% supporting a regional secession. The political homogeneity of the three most western continental states could make such a prospect the most realistic in coming decades,” the report continues.

Bright Line Watch got this particular set of data by querying 2,700 Americans across the country from February into the month of January.

It really is hard to picture any region of our country actually going through with plans to secede from the Union any time in the near future, especially with economic ramifications to consider. But what this poll reveals is that we are more divided than we’ve ever been before in this country with the conservative and liberal worldviews no longer being able to find any sort of common ground or shared set of values to uphold.

We won’t likely be experiencing any sort of major unity anytime soon, either, which is a real bummer. How did things get so bad? Why are we so hateful toward each other and unable to find common ground in our shared human experience? These are just some questions worth considering.

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  1. The South will rise again, but you can keep Virginia in the Northeast. We don’t want to incorporate known traitors.
    Oxford, Mississippi might be a good place for a new Capital. We NEED to Secede….NOW.

  2. It all hinges on the educational system and the indoctrination of our youth! Instead of teaching and discussing our shared values as we have in the past, the institutions of learning are magnifying and exploiting our differences. The fringe elements have captured the megaphones of information dissemination and are purposefully using them to sow division. The silent majority must wake up and let their voices be heard!

    • You hit the nail on the head! Our public schools have been Government Indoctrination Centers for far too long. John Stormer spelled it out in “None Dare Call It Treason” decades ago and it has become worse since then. Lincoln warned us that if we are ever destroyed it will be from within, not from without. Now we have a President who is bent on handing us over to Communist China.

  3. The HATEFUL rhetoric spread because of NOT loving your NEIGHBOR . . . And, we’ve STRAYED away from the LOVE of GOD. If we get back to God and HIS Word, these lines of division would DISSOLVE, and we would be doing ONLY what God wants, which is LOVE they neighbor. The ENEMIES of our NATION would LOVE to see the U.S.A. dissolve! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA 9WE’RE NOT going away!).


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