New Poll Reveals 83% Of Americans Blame This For Mass Shootings

(Tea Party 247) – With all the hemming and hawing about gun control, it appears that Americans are catching on to the true cause of mass shootings.

It’s not AR-15s. It’s not the Second Amendment. And it’s certainly not Donald Trump and his “rhetoric.”

It’s mental health, and a new poll reveals that 83% of American voters believe that the majority of mass shootings can be blamed on a “failure in our mental health system”.

This was the most popular choice among a list of potential factors voters feel are to blame “a great deal” or “a fair amount”.

It may seem reassuring, but this could actually be a slippery slope in the line of reasoning, as the second most common reason Americans blame for mass shootings could demonstrate.

After failures in our mental health system, the second-highest perceived cause was “the spread of extremist viewpoints on the internet,” with 79 percent saying it causes mass shootings.

Third, perhaps most telling, was “Easy access to guns” which 69 percent of voters blamed.

Next was “drug use,” which might as well have been called “pharmaceutical use” and could likely be blamed most fully for the rise in mass shootings as virtually all mass shooters are on some kind of pharmaceutical medication for psychological issues.

Another 58 percent said that “inflammatory language from prominent politicians or political commentators” was a factor. So there you go–in spite of recognizing the glaring mental health issues behind mass shootings, voters are still clueless enough to think that politicians insulting their opponents is causing people who just so happen to have severe mental issues and often have slipped through the cracks of an utterly incompetent criminal justice system to pick up rifles and mow down their fellow man.


We’ve had guns in this country, usually far more easy to access than in the last few decades, but violent, gruesome mass shootings are a recent phenomenon.

As Summit News points out:

The findings come at a time when Democrats are blaming the President directly for shootings and pledging to enact strict gun control measures, including enforced government buybacks.

While these initiatives are “common sense” to advocates, if one takes the time to examine the data and evidence, it becomes abundantly clear that gun control in this form will do little to reduce gun violence.

No Democratic candidate has focused on the mental health aspect, which most Americans clearly think is the overriding issue.


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