New Lawsuits Reveals The Crooked Details Of Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Ring…Time For His Co-Conspirators To Face Justice!

(Tea Party 247) – According to three new civil suits filed against supposed financier and known pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s estate, the former friend of the Clintons used a series of shell companies and soulless associates as a “brazen and powerful organization” to facilitate the sex trafficking and psychological control for young girls.

Bloomberg reported that the new lawsuits filed against the $578 million estate, name both the executors and the shell companies themselves. The suits ask for unspecified damages medical and psychological expenses, trauma, and other injuries received as recently as 2017.

That date is important because it means that any accusations against Epstein’s associates would not be covered by the seemingly odd blanket immunity given to co-conspirators in Epstein’s controversial 2008 plea deal. Which should mean that those that assisted Epstein in his criminal victimization of young girls should not be breathing a sigh of relief just because Epstein is not around to talk.

Two of the accusers “Katlyn Doe” and “Lisa Doe” claim to have met Epstein while they were still 17, the third, “Priscilla Doe” when she was 20. The victims assert that Epstein used a “vast enterprise” of associates “for the purpose of harming teenage girls through sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking.”. This child sex trafficking ring was not operated in total secrecy, and it wasn’t done only by Epstein and his illusive handler Maxwell. The list of accused includes “chefs, butlers, receptionists, schedulers, secretaries, flight attendants, pilots, housekeepers, maids, sex recruiters, drivers, and other staff members”.

The women allege that Epstein, and his associates, were constantly reinforcing to the young women that Epstein, through his vast influence, had “extraordinary power to reward and punish”.

Katlyn and Priscilla allege that they were flown to Florida so that Epstein could continue to abuse them, while on work release from prison after pleading guilty to soliciting sex from a minor.

Katlyn says that Epstein would use the offer to pay for medical bills to manipulate her, Lisa and Priscilla say that he offered to advance their careers in dance. He did neither according to the the lawsuits.

Katlyn also describes how Epstein paid her to marry a foreign associate of Epstein’s so that he could gain legal residency, paying her $10,000 for the marriage, but refusing to pay her the other $10,000 she was told she would get after the divorce. She goes on to allege that Epstein forced her into “sexual encounters” with Epstein and another young woman at the headquarters for his Florida Science Foundation.

Lisa alleges that after being offered a job teaching a dance-based exercise class in the home of a wealthy New York man, she was instead forced into “sexual encounters” against her will.

The lawsuits state that “Each of the employees and associates were paid through companies believed to have been funded by Jeffrey Epstein and, regardless of such funding, were disciples of Jeffrey Epstein, constantly informing plaintiff and other victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s power and ability to improve or destroy a victim’s life depending on her level of cooperation.”.

The dates of these allegations give hope that justice can still be done to those that assisted this sick pervert in victimizing these girls. Let’s hope that AG Barr gets the job done.


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