New Law Set To Go Into Effect Next Month Has County Clerks Mounting A Revolt…

(Tea Party 247) – New York is continuing its transformation into a total liberal dystopia. In June, the “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act” was passed by the state’s General Assembly. The amendment, passed with an 87/61 vote, would essentially give illegal aliens access to drivers licenses. How can anybody possibly think this is a good idea? It’s truly amazing the lengths Dems are willing to go to put illegal aliens on a pedestal.

The law is set to go into effect in less than a month but luckily not everyone in NY is on board with this idiotic law. County clerks are pushing back and rightfully so.

NewsWars reports:

County clerks in New York are mounting a revolt against a law which will enable illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

The “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act” is set to go into effect on Dec. 14th, but some county clerks say they will refuse to issue licenses to illegal aliens, and may even report applicants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to the New York Times.

“If you come into my facility and you have done something illegal, it is my obligation to report you to the appropriate authorities, whether you’re a citizen or not,” said Allegany County clerk Robert L. Christman.

At least four county clerks have reportedly announced they do not plan to comply with the so-called ‘Green Light Law.’

“Although in most states the Department of Motor Vehicles is administered by state agents, in upstate New York these duties frequently fall on county clerks, many of whom are elected,” the Times reports.

“If they deliver on their threats, the clerks could face repercussions: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo could remove dissenting clerks from office or yank D.M.V. responsibilities away from their counties, which keep a small percentage of the revenue they collect for handling these services.

It’s truly mind-boggling how these county clerks could face potential repercussions for upholding federal law. Since when do state laws trump federal laws? This is utter lunacy. Naturally, Gov. Cuomo declined to comment on the matter, according to NewsWars.

What is the incentive to go through the proper channels to become a citizen for those who wish to come here? It’s bad enough that we have sanctuary cities where illegal aliens can flee to once getting across the border or overstaying their welcome. Now we have New York offering up driver’s licenses.

Not all NY lawmakers were on board with this ridiculous bill. Thomas O’Mara, a state Senator (R) has criticized the legislation and pointed a finger a Gov. Cuomo and his band of merry Democrats, accusing them of turning NY into a “haven for lawbreakers,” according to NewsWars.

“It is a radical, irresponsible, and reckless agenda,” O’Mara said in a statement. “I warned before this new legislative session even started that this state would be turned upside down at breakneck speed. Following outrageous parole releases and other questionable actions in the name of ‘criminal justice,’ the next step is to reward lawbreaking illegal immigrants with a government-issued driver’s license.”

“It puts overall public safety and security at risk, imposes another unfunded mandates on counties, and asks local, law-abiding public servants to break the law.”

Strong words that unfortunately seem to have no effect on the actions of Dems in the state who value the “plight” of the illegal alien over the laws of the very country they supposedly serve.


  1. I don’t see why a US driver’s license is even needed or wanted, unless a Mexican national is applying for citizenship. I drive in Mexico with a Texas license. Why can’t a Mexican national drive in the US with a Mexican driver’s license? My insurance agent told me that as far as she knows, Farmers Insurance considers a Mexican license as valid to drive in the country and to obtain liability insurance. I’m quite sure that a Canadian driver’s license is considered valid in the US, so why shouldn’t a Mexican driver’s license be considered valid also?

  2. Gov Cuomo and his merry band of democrats will be breaking the federal law.
    What ID will they have? Will they take the computer test plus driving test?
    This is going to be open to fraud!

  3. Richard Martin, I try not to judge people on hear say, so may I ask to see your proof of your slanderous remarks? With my own eyes and ears not from some other person from me I look at him doing exactly what he said he would do thirty or forty years ago if he were president as well as what he said he would do when he ran for president! I see a president keeping promises! As far as why they keep electing the same communist it maybe for same reason we did unit Trump you vote for lesser of two evils! Could also be the voters are like Mr. Martin and do and believe what they are told by their minders!

    • GREAT IDEA! Have you sent your idea to any Republican elected officials? I don’t live in New York, but am going to send your idea to my Congressman who is on the Judiciary Committee in hopes he will pass it on to the Attorney General.

  4. I hate to say I told you so, but when the voter fraud is finished with New York they will have themselves to blame for not holding their Liberal Representatives accountable for working for themselves and their Party and to hell with “We The People” whom they are supposed to work for! So I guess I will end with Good Luck New York! #IToldYouSo

  5. Why do the America idiots vote for Democrats ? They are killing the nation and the voters keep putting them in office. If this keeps up we will be another Mexico.

  6. Vote Como out of office, as he is a commie, anti America and for the destruction of my country !
    The Democrats will do anything to get illegals to vote against law and order and our freedom and liberty

  7. the only reason this is being done is to make sure that they get all or as many as they can illegals voting in future elections. They don’t care about their constituents who are legal law-abiding citizens they don’t even care about the illegals this is all about money and power and how many people they can get to vote for him regardless of whether they are legal citizens or not. The citizens of New York need to indict prosecute and publicly hang these officials that are putting their lives in danger.

  8. Find out who the ILLEGALS are and DEPORT them! Who cares what the (ROGUE) NY state says? Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  9. Some in authority have a mental block for the word ” illegal ” . Gov Cuomo pardons illegals that were in jail for murder ! Recently there was an illegal in Sodus,NY admitted killing a mother and her baby . Was he one of those Cuomo pardoned and turned loose on the public ? Cuomo should at the least be impeached instead of Trump ! Then we have judge Wolford decided to give a drivers license to illegals . Why can’t they understand what illegal means ? This shouldn’t even have come that far for a judge to decide on it .

  10. Somehow, this Cuomo law of issuing drivers licenses is tied in to the Obamas and dems registration to the right to vote. However it is a violation of the Constitution for anyone that is not a citizen to vote. Therefore this Cuomo law would be a violation of federal law and a Constitutional violation. If this is the intent, then the Gov. stands a chance to go to jail. Let’s hope so.

  11. The Democrats are are so smart they are stupid. Why can’t they just get off the idea of saving the world and help take care of the USA first then we can think about helping others. Again something else way out in left field.

  12. Arrest the entire democratic socialist communist party immediately with cup o, peloshit and Schitt leading them into prison.

  13. We have been fighting this in California for years, and the Socialists ensconced in Sacramento just keep it going. No wonder why native ( conservative ) New Yorkers are bailing like we Californians are. Who’s interested in a 3rd world State run by Communism?

  14. This is a situation where the federal government needs to step in.This state is turning into another CA.Demorats looking for more voters!

  15. In the article “County clerks in New York are mounting a revolt”…
    We need to all adopt the “mounting a revolt” attitude before we are run over one group at a time till there is no one left to mount anything.

  16. I can see the side of this which is to get people who drive properly licensed. But, will they also be required to to have insurance like all law abiding citizens? On the other side, A drivers license is used to register to vote, access welfare rolls and will legitimize their status in our country. Benefits of being a citizens should only be for CITIZENS. Unless those who are living in our country illegally want to go through the process of becoming citizens, they DO NOT have the right to the benefits of citizenship.

  17. Son of Cuomo the Homo needs to be booted out of office. He is the absolute worst thing that happened to the Empire State!! He is the main reason I left for a more conservative state of TEXAS.

  18. We are already dealing with this in Virginia ,accident rates have gone up ..Drinking while driving ,road rage ,and most accident s have been caused by illegals that are not licensed too drive .In the past year there have been at least 6 vehicle fatalities by illegal immigrants and the victims were state residents ..not illegal immigrants ..

  19. Cuomo is a totally idiot .. hopefully this will come back and BITE his idiot ass big time … when illegals start disobeying state laws and committing illegal activities and causing serious accidents and dinking while driving .maybe he might realize his stupid mistakes ..

    • AS soon as they get caught braking the law, the license should be immediately revoked and be immediately be deported.

    • That would be too logical and we both know that is not part of the regressive liberal abilities. I see this as another way to bolster the Dimwit voter rolls.

  20. Enough of King Cuomo’s TDS “thug-a-nomic’s” (trademark term of John Cena & WWE , Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Chairman ) Also, far more smarter and richer than the anointed one, King Cuomo, The know it all of what’s best for we feeble New Yorker’s ! WRONG!

    Erie County Clerk, Mickey Kerns is on solid ground & support that no illegal has any right to be given NY Driver credentials. Illegal’s are just that. They don’t have any right to drive on the roads in the country.

    What they do have the right to is being removed by all police agencies when caught, turned over to Homeland Security and given their day in Federal Courts as this is a Federal issue. That however, isn’t this political gangland commander n’ chief of NY chooses to lead. The tired who come here as our laws provide are taking a back seat to the overwhelming abusive thugs who try to force their way into America with drugs, guns, violent criminals.

    Our Homeland resources are taken away from the real immigrant Lady Liberty talks of. The same Lady Liberty quote abused by Cuomo and his ClownNetNews cheerleading bro., every single day.

    Cuomo has threatened every NY County Clerk with removal from office for not following his order to issue credentials. Let’s face it, like the gun bulloney, (properly misspelled here) There’s not never a licensed gun in the hands of any thug, illegal as “Govenator”King Cuomo & his NJ buddy ( a bad Senator at that) Sinator Corey Booker propagates, as evidenced at the NJ High School Playoff game near Camden Friday night. Another child, a 10 year old caught in gangland crossfire is fighting for his life was not held up in prayer by Booker, Cuomo’s TDS buddy. He tweets his rhetoric about taking guns away as fast as the bullets took flight.

    Not addressing the violence and taking the violence off the streets that’s the real issue. But, never how he pontificates it through his bully horn.

    That senselessness is what’s driving NY’s state of mind back in the sewer. Mob rule, idiot mayor’s who have no mindset and this “govenator”, who rules by edict. The #1 culprit, not forgetting Deblassio, the NYC moronic no-show mayor is behind the mess and lawlessness going on in NYC. Disrespect of and any assault of police allowed must not, and cannot be tolerated. These two rudderless leaders of disrespect are to blame.

    I stand with Erie County Clerk Mickey Kerns and the rule of law that has no room for any crime against the citizens of NY State and the United States of America. He’s on the right side of the road to protect us. King Cuomo’s way off the highway in some deep ditch.

  21. We need to just Carve these States that refuse to follow the Constitution out of the union,cut off all government funding and let them be there own tiny Countries, i.e.,New York and California,Hell govenor Newsom even said that Commifornia
    Was A Nation State on National News,but no 1 caught it,but I did!😎😎

  22. I can’t wait for the lawsuits against Cuomo start due to illegals causing accidents when the do not know how to drive and deliberately cause an accident. Cuomo will end up homeless. He won’t have enough money to pay the “justified” legal citizens. I can just see it now!

  23. The criminal Democrat Party Mob is going to do massive voter fraud all across America by using “illegal aliens as illegal voters in all sanctuary areas all across America to regain power in the 2020 election”!! They are promising these Illegal aliens citizenship if they break our voting laws and vote them back into power in the 2020 election !! They want to “conquer and destroy us as legal American voters by doing so”!! AG Barr, what are you going to do about it before the 2020 election ????

  24. This is illegal to give license to a person with out a birth certificate to prove who you are, & address , now where going to give driver license to those who don’t know are road laws & cant even read a road sign not knowing either their going g down a one way street or when to stop , if you passed this law and it kills or injuries your family member , remember your should have that on your conscience, , this is the most unlawful thing safety on are roads will experience,but, I guess no one will need a driver or a car after solicialize comes , no one will own a car , only those who hold power in this country , like Russia , let’s give every one a driver L, so they can get all the illegal votes for 2020, and then throw them to the wolves , using illegals to get ahead , is wrong and they will find out this will not be the culture of American I know , God forbid

  25. Don’t panic clerks, if someone is here illegally, how the heck do they have six points of I.D. It’s hard enough for those born in the state to put together the 6 points. If any clerk is harassed or fired for adhering to the 6 point rule, please reach out to one of your Republican congress members.

    • Thank you scum bag coumo you bring us closer to the civil war that will help us get our nation back from you whores

  26. Citizenship no longer has meaning when all the privileges & rights are simply handed to any lawbreaker who gets his butt into our nation! America no longer exists as a nation state; the only place it is Tobe found is in the hearts of a minority who still uphold & defend our Founders’ Constitution!

  27. Just another reason to vote out all democrats. They just keep proving how they will lie and cheat to ruin our country. It is amazing how they keep getting away with it. Wake up people, they are finally very open about their goals and think we are too stupid to notice.

  28. Governor Cuomo needs to be ashamed of himself. All I can say is the voters of New York in the next election for Governor needs to vote Cuomo out of office and put in a conservative Governor that respects law and order

  29. Driver’s license will enable them to vote (Democratic) in areas that require I.D.s. This is why Dems want open borders, the only way they can defeat Trump !!

  30. Democraps are going out of their way to prove that being an illegal or doing something illegal is quite alright!! Well at least for Democraps cause that is the only way that they can get by! That and lie with a straight face…

  31. I think the US government needs to come in and make that law, besides that is what the Dumbacrats are trying to do make the gov control, so why a state try and override a Fed law

  32. America is hanging itself with such stupidity. LAws are mad for the reason of keeping people safe. If you issue a license to an illegal criminal, hos is that ensuring the safety of members of the community. One way to stop this is to allow all liberals to be mugged by these criminal illegals, and they may think twice about what they are doing.

    • Maybe if some of these crimes are committed against a family member of Cuomo’s he may begin to understand his stupidity but as long as he does not personally suffer a loss then it is easy for him to dictate to citizens that he actually does not give a @#$! about.

  33. Immigrates come in legally or don’t come in at all, giving away our funds etc is simply nuts, this State run government has lost its mind. Wakeup before it’s to late to come back to reality. This is America, our founding fathers formed our laws and all who think Socialism is the next best avenue go live in Russia. Stop, I repeat stop trying to destroy this state. Please don’t allow anymore laws giving away everything to illegal aliens, stop the craziness before you completely destroy everything and everyone’s life in this state.

  34. They know they don’t stand a snowball’s chance to win in 2020 (legally, that is), what’s wrong with letting illegals and dead folks vote!?

    • Trump is a loser and has been throughout his career. Went out of his way to hire illegals, was constantly in litigation because he failed to pay workmen and businesses. And, that is after entering into a conspiracy with his father to launder without taxes billions to Don and his Judge sister. I must assume you didn’t actually look into Donald Trump and his family beginning with brothels and scams.


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