Mystery Deepens After Comments Made At Russian Sailors’ Funeral

(Tea Party 247) – During the first part of July, fourteen Russian sailors were killed on board a Russian submarine, which we now know was nuclear-powered, but what’s really getting everyone up in arms is all the mystery surrounding what the sub was up to, with all sorts of wild theories popping up across the Internet.

The fact that Washington, D.C. and the Kremlin have been keeping a lot of the details surrounding the incident under wraps isn’t really helping matters any. Some say it was sent out to “kill the Internet.” Others that it had engaged with a U.S. sub off the coast of Alaska.

Some reports are stating that the sub may have actually been carrying a cobalt thermo-nuclear bomb. And the comments recently given at the funeral for these fourteen sailors is only deepening the mystery.

Via The Washington Standard:

On Monday, eulogies that were given during the funeral for the sailors there were some strange comments made.

According to Business Insider:

A top Russian naval officer said that the 14 Russian sailors who died in a fire aboard a secretive Russian submarine last week sacrificed themselves to prevent a “catastrophe” on a planetary scale, Bloomberg reported Monday, citing Russian media reports.

“With their lives,” the unnamed Russian officer said at a funeral in St. Petersburg, “they saved the lives of their colleagues, saved the vessel and prevented a planetarycatastrophe.” Kremlin spokesman DmitryPeskov, who said he was unaware of the officer’s comments, denied that there was any risk of a broader threat.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said last week that the submarine’s nuclear reactor survived the fire because the crew took “necessary measures” to protect it, the Independent reported.

So, I pointed out the use of the phrase “planetary catastrophe” on Monday in my reportwhich mentioned these comments.

However, we’ve been told that there was nothing to worry about and that even the fact that Vice President Mike Pence canceled his event in New Hampshire that day and that President Donald Trump didn’t even appear for one press conference or make a statement on the day of the event yet, the message was basically nothing was an “emergency” seems to suggest it was an emergency.

Anyone else alarmed by the use of the phrase, “planetary catastrophe?” That sort of has an urgent, important, “need-to-know” kind of feel to it, wouldn’t you agree?

So why isn’t anyone talking about what happened? What kind of catastrophe did they stop?

Well, the first possibility is that the sub really was carrying the thermo-nuclear bomb, and thus, they somehow managed to stop the bomb from going off in the fire or something of that nature.

Secondly, and the most likely scenario, is that the submarine’s nuclear reactor was compromised somehow and they contained it.

If scenario two is what took place, how was the reactor compromised? Did they really engage that U.S. vessel off the coast of Alaska or did something else cause a leak?

The next question is whether or not the leak, if that’s what happened, affected the water surrounding the submarine.

Hopefully, these are answers we’ll receive in the coming days as this story unfolds.



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