Must-Watch: Steve Bannon Delivers Ominous Warning To Henry Kissinger Over His Ties To The CPP

(Tea Party 247) – Henry Kissinger, a former Secretary of State, penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal over the weekend where he called for a new Post-COVID World Order, which did not go over very well with folks who love liberty and the values that have allowed America to be one of the most prosperous nations in the history of humankind.

Former Chief Strategist for President Trump, Steve Bannon, spoke out on Monday issuing a warning to Kissinger that all of the skeletons in his closet are about to be dragged out of the dark and brought into the light.

In the day and age of the Internet, such a threat is not at all an empty one. Many folks have had their dirty secrets aired out for all to see thanks to creative individuals who have no qualms about rooting through someone’s garbage to find a little scandalous material to take someone down.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Steve Bannon: We do not need to hear from you about the liberal world order. You’re guilty sir. You think you have blood on your hands for the bombings back in the Vietnam War? You have blood on your hands for this. You have been the mouthpiece and the prop for these people from the beginning. You propped up the Chinese Party and not just that you took the blood money from them. You’ve been paid for decades by the Chinese Communist Party. It’s all gonna come out. All the Wall Street guys in business with them, all the corporatists in business with them, all the think tank guys in business with them, taking blood money? It’s all coming out!… The world is going to stand in judgement of you. Because you’re just as bad as the devils, in fact you’re worse. Because you didn’t even believe in the ideology. You believed in the money.

Steve Bannon has been speaking out for years now on the threat of Communist Chinese regime.

China has become a huge threat to our national security in light of the COVID-19 crisis, which has rendered it almost impossible to hold them accountable for the part they have played in starting this pandemic in the first place.

The main reason for this is that many of our products that we depend on, like medicine and other medical supplies, are produced in China, which means that at any time the Chinese government could simply put a stop to these much needed exports. Having this sort of leverage means that our government can’t take a strong stance against them and hold them accountable for lying about the initial number of cases of coronavirus they had and how many deaths resulted from the beginning of the outbreak.

Numbers like that could have helped to save lives as countries around the world could have taken better precautions to prevent the virus from getting into the nation. Many of those who have died in America is the result of China’s lack of concern for the rest of the world, and they really should be taken to task for it.



  1. In the book ” The Final Days ” Kissinger called military men ” dumb , stupid , animals , to be used as pawns for foreign policy ” !

  2. Kissinger sold us out in Vietnam Peace talks. Two years later the North invaded the South. Vietnam is now a communist country.

  3. We are all wasting energy & money worrying about all these smoke screens! The only meaningful fact is that the Dems are no longer really concerned about winning the White House. They are diverting all their resources to KEEP the House and win those 4-5 Senate seats and then they can’t be stopped making Trump’s time unproductive and worse! Every fear you have about America as a Socialist Country will come true. Put your money and your mouth behind House & Senate Republican Conservatives- not Deep State RINOS like Romney! Just saying!!

  4. I believe the Chinese have kept Corvid19 figures low by the use of a BACK HOE.
    Someplace I read that “THEY” were cremating people who were still breathing!?

  5. Why can’t we threaten to turn all those huge ships full of their crud around if they threaten to stop our antibiotics? Where would they be US buying their junk??

    • Why turn them around? That will only put the product into a third party’s hands and into the country that way! What we need to do is evacuate the crew from the ship and use it for target practice.

      The crews deserve to live, but the product needs to be sunk to the deepest parts of the oceans.

  6. I totally agree with Mr. Bannon about the CCP threat. Somewhere in the Spring we had an unclassified briefing about China. To sum up the unclassified briefing: China is our enemy, always will be our enemy and will destroy the USA economically. That has happened under past Democratic and Republican Presidents and their administrations with the concent of both house of congress. We should never have let them in the WTO. We were stupid to ship manufacturing to China. I been saying that for many many years.
    I would love to tell you all about classified portion, but I can’t and won’t. I still honor my requirement to keeps secrets I know.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.
    MAGA/KAG 2020


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