Must Watch: Journalist Goes Off On California County Officials In Epic Speech Over Coronavirus Scamdemic Lockdowns

(Tea Party 247) – A journalist in Ventura County, California absolutely scorched the County Board of Supervisors earlier this week over the ongoing coronavirus scamdemic measures. His sentiments can be echoed in the majority of counties across the US who are still being plagued with tyrannical mandates and executive orders. The people have had enough.

Journalist John Ziegler stood up before the County Board and said what hundreds of millions of Americans are feeling in an explosive speech that has since gone viral and once you watch it, you’ll want to share it too.

“This board is pretending that for the last three months, your emperor, Dr. Levin, has not been against a mask declaration,” Ziegler began. “Now all of a sudden, we’re pretending that masks are everything, even forcing speakers to use masks.”

“I would like the board to take a position. Was Dr. Levin wrong for those three months? And if he was this wrong, why has he not been removed? Why has he not been fired for being so catastrophically wrong?”

He then went on to deliver an epic burn, “Or do you not really believe that he was wrong, you’re just wearing these masks because it is a signal of your great virtue?”

“Because for the last three months we have not worn them, and Ventura County has done outstandingly well, and continues to do outstandingly well because we are not Los Angeles, we are not New York City, we were never going to be any of those things.”

Ziegler went on to point out how wrong the experts have been, namely Ventura County’s Medical Director Dr. Levin, over the estimated deaths. Again, this is not an isolated incident. This has been the case for countless medical directors and experts all across the country. Their predictions have been wrong. Dead wrong. Yet, we are still living under the worst case scenario and it’s beyond high-time to end the charade.

“Ironically, this was one of the things Dr. Levin was actually right about,” Ziegler said. “He has been wrong about everything. He’s the one who told us we’d have 4 to 600 hospitalizations a day. He revised that to 2 to 4 hundred a day. We still haven’t reached that in one day. We’re barely over 200 for the entire ordeal that you guys have put us through.”

“We’re now panicked over 51 total hospitalizations in a county with eight hospitals! Can you people do math? Can you please do basic math and understand where we are on this?” Another perfectly delivered zinger.

Ziegler then warned the board that they would be held accountable for their reckless actions that have totally upended the livelihoods of the working class and laid waste to the economy.

“This is not a crisis,” Ziegler declared. “You however, have created one! You, in an effort to prevent all death, when we’ve had 43 deaths, have now ended all relevant life. And you should all be ashamed of yourselves. And this will never be forgotten, ever be forgotten! You will all be held accountable eventually, in this life or the next!”

“Ya’ll better hope there’s no hell, because when you die, that’s where you’re going, and guess what? You’re not going to be dying of COVID either,” he concluded before dropping his mic.

Ziegler is rightfully upset. Community leaders across the country have neglected their oaths to serve the people and have instead been serving the leftist agenda only. They should be ashamed but Ziegler is right, we will not forget and come November is when we need to show just how displeased we are with Democrat’s show of tyrannical solidarity against the best interests of the American people.


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  3. AMAZING! Finally, someone who has the GUTS to speak the truth! Nanny Pitlosi wants to make a FEDERAL MANDATE for everyone to wear masks all the time, indoors and outdoors! In my town we have not had ONE CASE of Covid 19! NOT ONE! So someone, anyone please explain to me how Federally mandating that everyone has to wear a mask indoors and out, is fair in ay way to my community that has not had ONE SINGLE CASE! IT IS TOTAL BULLSH!T!!!!!

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  5. Praise the Lord!!! God have MERCY ON THEM. CUZ HELL EXSISTS and takes the corrupted liers. Guess WHAT GOD IS CLEANING THE 🌎 EARTH so, REPENT!!! Great Speech!!! STANDING OVATION FIR HIM!! GOD BLESS 🇺🇸 USA!!!!!

  6. We have a Constitution That is being violated daily by these politicians that swore to obey and protect it. We as citizens are watching our rights being swallowed up by big government. We are watching our lively hoods being destroyed by an over zealous politicians and media that are set on creating mass hysteria over a made up pandemic.Then the people making the rules are not living them and quite often are living in large homes with a constant paycheck coming in. Unlike the people living in small apartments with no paychecks. Now we are watching politicians allowing our neighborhoods and businesses to be destroyed by riots and they are encouraging it. WE are watching criminals be released on our streets and watching crime rates raise. We are watching our safety barrier being dismantled, by defunding police departments. It is no wonder why people are angry.

  7. John Zigler….Paul Revere. You told it like it IS….Leftist Control. WE The People …WILL be HEARD in November….ALL over the country. Oust the Liars and Deceivers.

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  9. Yes Democrats are keeping the academic going to tank the economy and sink America. This is the Democrats goal. They quarantine the people,close businesses all the while aiding and abetting terrorists. All people need to stop listening to the Democrats need to stop voting for them too. This keeps up and America is gone and those animals destroying America will be the running what ever country they will call it. These leaders do not even listen to science correctly we all know science can change with the evidence. Dr Fauci is not reliable. Save America stop listening to Democrats kick them to the curb. They sure as hell do not care about the working people. They surely will want the taxes paid.

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  11. Dude is spot on. This whole over blown circus has been a farce. The national death rate, based on 330 million Americans is 0.045%. I live in GA where the state rate is 0.025%. Covid ranks 7th in deaths per year here and we would have to see a 82% increase in deaths for Covid to move up to 6th. How can people not see how falsified this has been?

  12. Journalist John Ziegler stood up before the County Board and said what hundreds of millions of Americans are feeling

    Well, there’s the problem, where are those hundreds of millions of American voices? Silent, home in their basements with their masks on waiting for someone else to set them free?

  13. The problem is that not only Democrats, but Republicans as well, have bought into this myth that we must wear masks everywhere we go and stay six feet away from others and that only certain businesses and organizations are allowed to be open and operating. Here in Texas, I can’t vote out the Democrat because my own governor, my state representative, my federal representative, my county judge and my local mayor are all Republicans who have bought into the so-called safety myths. Some of us tried to primary out our federal representative but were unsuccessful in our effort, although we got over 40 percent of the vote. The bottom line is that we’re stuck with what we have and can only vote in November to keep them. I would, however, strongly urge voters who have a real choice to dump political leaders who are holding society back.

  14. Just wait as soon as we get closer to Nov all the top dogs that hate Trump will be acting like Coronavirus way out of control and people will have stay indoors and they be acting like control freaks to the max while blaming everything on Trump just like a bunch 7 years old kids

    • yes i was thinking of that tooo. the states will all of sudden push for another lock down close to the elections and us the C 19 as the reason. but is tht going to be true > thre is a mandate here in Calif. but not carried out. no body s is going to jail that i heard of. people are gathering in groups no distancing and no mask. I also think if they bring in the cops to arrest them, here we go again…Blm. so might be fear to arrest. OH and the Mail in vote…will then be a must…i hope there is another plan .

  15. Never let a crisis stop your overbearing leftist agenda. The liberals just get all ramped up when bad things happen so they can get that control they crave.

  16. OMG, I love this man!!!!! Did he hit them right where it hurts! I loved every word and every minute. Especially the last part about them going to h#ll. I bet that singed them (excuse the pun). We need more like this guy. If he runs for an office, he has my vote!!

  17. Nonsense.. that’s all it is.. Russia…impeachment….Covid-19…rioting and looting…Covid-19….I guess you can make this stuff up!!!

  18. Great speech! I guess all us law abiding citizens need to do the job these Democrats will not do! Ass kissing cowards!

  19. The man comments exposes way to many city and county Officials. It also draws a straight line to state government and dually elected federal Officials.
    We the people understand the seriousness of this disease and given truthful information will make the correct decisions regarding their health needs.

    The media and the democrat mayors governors, congressional reps are all complicit in perpetrating this hoax to the point of chaos. Their actions in the face of open confrontation is complete appealing and terrorist to the oaths of office and should be held accountable in the most grievous ways possible.

    The American people should rise up like a storm and remove all of these spreaders of misinformation and out and out lies. Yes that includes some of the republicans as well.

    • All democrats in any governmental office should be removed, they can never tell the truth about anything. So remove them all from the city, state, and federal government offices now, or give up your rights of freedom, to live in slums with no medical, no money, no hope, NOTHING. And live the life of socialist slaves to them as your masters.

  20. John Ziegler is ONE journalist who definitely has his shit together! There should and MUST be others “out there” willing to follow his example! The people need to be enlightened as to how much of a scamdemic they have been exposed to and victimized by! Hopefully, his message will sink in and ominous (for the Democrats, anyway) “course corrections” will be made in November!


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