Must Read: Huge Revelation Drops About Disgraced Comey And A Clue About Who Gave Him Orders To Go After Flynn

(Tea Party 247) – The plot continues to thicken in regard to the whole Michael Flynn fiasco, as more and more information comes to the surface that reveals just how deep the rabbit hole goes with the Deep State working within the government to oppose Donald Trump and who is responsible for orchestrating it all from the beginning.

A new report has come out that indicates that disgraced former head of the FBI, James Comey, left a big clue in his testimony before the House that indicated former President Barack Obama is the one who gave him the orders to go after Flynn.

We are living in unprecedented times, ladies and gentlemen. This is truly shaping up to be the biggest political conspiracy maybe of all time.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Former President Barack Obama did not like General Flynn for numerous reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that General Flynn had promised to uncover Obama’s corrupt actions in the making of the Iran deal. General Flynn said that if Trump was elected, he would uncover side deals between Obama and Iran, and this scared the hell out of Obama. Obama had to get Flynn and destroy him.

Recent transcripts from fired Director Comey’s testimony in front of Congress indicate that Obama ‘tasked’ Comey and the FBI to go after General Flynn:

In the testimony from fired Director Comey, he states that we (presumably the FBI or a broader group within Obama’s Intel community) “were all tasked to find out” some information related to Russia’s reaction to Obama’s outlandish actions against that country. Obama had instituted very harsh actions against Russia, a month before President Trump was to be sworn into office:

It seems pretty clear, with all of the emails and testimony that has come out from the folks who were involved in this scheme, that they had it out for Flynn from the get-go, using him as a pawn to nail Trump so that Hillary Clinton could be president and continue building on the progressive infrastructure that Obama put in place during his two terms.

When that failed, everything switched over to a plan of removing him from office, hence you have the Russia probe and the impeachment scam. These folks are desperate to get back in the White House and continue the “fundamental transformation of America” Obama promised back in his first presidential campaign.

Comey obtained the call between General Flynn and the Russian diplomat and claims that he shared the transcripts of the call with Director Clapper. But the key sentence is before this when Comey notes that “we were all tasked”.

Comey works for the AG who oversees the Justice Department. Comey says “we were all tasked”. To be tasked is to be ordered or directed to do something. Comey’s boss was the Attorney General. At this time it was Loretta Lynch. So either AG Loretta Lynch or her boss, President Obama, directed Comey and others to look into General Flynn.

Justice Department Deputy AG Sally Yates was in the meeting with President Obama in the White House in early January 2017 and per her testimony, she was surprised to find out that President Obama knew about General Flynn’s call with the Russian Ambassador. This indicates that the DOJ did not know about the call with General Flynn but the President did. If the DOJ did not know about the call, they most likely did not give the order to Comey to look into Russia and General Flynn.

What this means is that only President Obama could’ve given the order to the FBI to look into Russia and that whole mess at the time. All roads lead back to the White House on this one.

Obama proved while he was in office that he cared little for this nation and was willing to do anything it took to change it into something unrecognizable to those of us who have fallen in love with liberty and free markets. These are what make America special. Well, its people working in and through those two things make it special.

Here’s hoping all those involved in this are held accountable for what they have done.



  1. As I have said and many others say the same, nothing is going to happen to anyone that has been involved in this corruption which was a failed coup. The majority of the Republican representatives do not have the backbone to FIGHT BACK and indict and make all those involved accountable. This is proved by the statement that was made by Barr and is so very disappointing to many. Who is on the hook or have been paid off by these corrupt politicians and the deep state in order to cover their butts.

  2. Obama was not born in the USA. His father’s family in Kenya has said that, being the son of the tribe’s chief, he had to be borne there. It is probable his mother went to a Kenya, had him, and returned to Hawaii where his birth was registered out of sequence of the hospital’s birth register. Why are there no records of his schooling @ Columbia and Harvard? Pictures of his wedding? Pictures of friends while in school? Records of his children’s birth? And why oh why did we ignore his association with the communist preacher Wright? Is Soros responsible for placing a Manchurian candidate as president in his intent to turn America into a socialist country? If so, he and Obama ALMOST succeeded. If we are able to place Obama in prison, take Soros along, too.

  3. I agree with all of this How did he get back in Congress as crooked as he is we all know he is here to try and destroy us .We need to get him out of there.

  4. Reading these comments from my fellow American allows me to have true faith in the American experience. I want my grandkids to grow up American, that’s all and it should be that way, period !! We all are education in the TRESONOUS behavior of the people in power that are inside the beltway. What we should be doing is starting at our local levels of politics. We cannot relied on our school system in teaching our children, but we can take them with us to our local voting process to insure our future for our Be Loved Republic !! Starting at our living levels of power we can support our mayor’s, judges and Governors. Finally voting out the enemy ! Seeing that when we do nothing as “Free” people we lose our freedom. Fighting for Freedom is a everyday job, PERIOD !! Since 1913 we have allowed the enemy to win because we don’t fight for Freedom…

  5. Why are the democrats so “he’ll bent” for Trump’s tax returns, and are so silent on Obama’s sealed records? Am I missing something?

  6. Why are the democrats so “he’ll bent” for Trump’s tax returns, but every one is silent for Obama’s sealed records. What am I missing here?

  7. The democrat philosophy is, “If you can’t win legally, then cheat and corrupt everyone that is against you.”

  8. Barack “Osama” Obama is proving to be not only the worst President in US history, but also the first President who has conspired to destroy an administration and have a President removed. All of those involved should be tried for treason including, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Stzrok, Page, Yates, Lynch, Schiff, Nadler, Biden, Obama and any others found to be part of this cabal! This conspiracy cuts to the very foundation of our Democratic Republic, and just punishment must be done in order to insure that this can never happen again!

  9. All the more reasons the democrats must loose the elections. A successor to all the corruption will be at the helm carrying on the legacy of the former President. America will evolve into a little bit of China, a little bit of Iran, a little bit of South America and so on. Voters must not forget who did their damndest to stop them from carrying on with their daily lives with unending lock downs.

  10. When this is all out in the open it will make Watergate look like the 3d rate burgulary that it was. If justice is truly served there should be prison for some and a firing squad for others.

  11. The most telling paragraph is towards the very end which states that Obama while in office, proved he cared little for this nation.



  13. Bush Boy Barr is the problem here. He’s done absolutely nothing to stop this coup and he has no intention of prosecuting any of his pals in the Obama Clinton Cabal.

  14. The good guys in the FBI must do all that they can to expose and to help save America from the deep state.

    • If justice is not done legally then someone will put a strategically located, well deserved 50 cal in the middle of the monkeys head.

  15. Those who stoop so low as to attempt to take down a sitting president of the united states should be indicted on charges of treason and receive the maximum penalty by law. PERIOD !!!

  16. Let me get this straight in my mind: Comey has never been charged with any crime whereas Flynn has been indicted by a federal grand jury and has admitted his guilt in open court and under oath. And Comey is the bad guy? You gotta be a Trump supporter to buy that.

    • Only the blind or a deranged liberal/socialist can’t see the real word.

      If you or your family have been bankrupted and the FBI says that they will do the same to your son unless you admit to making a false statement to the FBI what would you do? Kind of like when the FBI put Martha Stewart away for a year for not commiting a crime but instead the corrupt FBI claimed she lied to them.

      Gen Flynn did not perjury himself, as Obama keeps claming to deflect inspection of his actions, but various members of Obama’s cabal have done so under oath.

  17. DJT must initiate immediately an “ anticipatory blanket pardon “ for Barack Obama and appropriate Obama minions.

    This action will inspire needed indictments, media
    hysteria, and deep state catatonic / rat out / run for
    cover fear.

  18. Good sensible article I don’t think there is any doubt Obama is behind this . There are many issues that conservatives have with the response from the Republican Party on this matter first off this is old news and when the Republicans has both houses why wasn’t there a bill on the floor for an investigation not just for this but the Clinton email and foundation matters . Why did Paul Ryan And Trey Goody and other smart young and influential officials suddenly leave office . Why has Rod Rosenstien not been indicted for making accusations to try and have others where a wire to wire tape the President and have him removed from office for mental incompidence . Why has Adam Shiff and Jerry Nadler not been issued a summons to appear before the Senate and under oath not behind closed doors be questioned as to there accusations that They have incriminating evidence Trump is a Russian asset and has collided with Russia on our elections . Here’s what is obvious there was NO urgency from the Republican Party to get to the bottom of these matters and others like the Ukraine and the Bidens corruption . Now we are to close to an election for this to play out and if we loose the senate this all gets washed away and this is why this investigation has taken so long . The odds are all of this corruption and the attempted Coup will be lost with this election in November of the senate changes hands and the odds are it will. For all the redirect from Lyndsey Graham and others No one has pushed for a real investigation yes the deep state is alive and fluid in both parties just look at Jeff Sessions the latest Benidict Arnold

    • I am afraid you are asking all the right questions, the answer is simple as you already know sir. One party system, the same anti American power runs both. And they are winning ever since 1913. Our HERO, our founding Father George Washington in my opinion explain it best. Do not be loyal to a political party but to your country, your constitution and to your fellow American…Until this happens, again I am afraid it will only get worse as time goes by, look at Hong Kong…

  19. Barryobama never had ONE LEGITIMATE RECORD
    He WAS NOT qualified to be AMERICAN president therefore he’s guilty of TREASON and can be put into GITMO
    Open his sealed records.
    Do your job!

  20. Most AMERICANS knew this! Was a great cover up by Dem o 🐀 S.
    Barryobama is just a feeble old man trying to recapture his growing up in a FOREIGN COUNTRY. Amazing how Soros got Barry elected. A NOBODY
    Lied and was so corrupt until A MAN,A LEADER was ELECTED by the PEOPLE

  21. What has surprised me more than anything about this entire sordid affair is that Obama stepped down from the Presidency relatively without incident after Trump defeated Hillary in the 2016 elections! I fully expected that Obama would declare martial law in order to justify an extension of his Administration for some Marxist BS reason, but it didn’t happen! I guess that it was such a shock to the system that they were just too unglued to mount any kind of opposition to Trump’s election! Since then it’s been one damned thing after another on the part of the Democrats in so far unsuccessful attempts to remove the President from office! If the voters would exercise that same mindset in November and remove all the Democrats from office, the situation here in this country would improve significantly overnight! One can only hope!

  22. if they are guilty , put them in prison without the chance of parole from anyone including the president. Be sure to include Hillary Clinton and any of her associates.

  23. Obummer did it ! Unseal his records and lets’ see what else he is guilty of and if he was even qualified to be president.


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