Muslims Celebrate Burning Of Notre Dame – Western Governments Turn Blind Eye

(Tea Party 247) – It should come as no surprise to anyone that Muslims found joy in the burning of Notre Dame in Paris last month. The official Facebook page of Turkey’s pro-government daily, Sabah, is just one example of this celebration.

Here are some examples of comments left by followers of the page:

Reader comments included:

“While it was burning, I prayed to God, saying, ‘Burn it even more, oh God, curse and ruin it.’ You wonder why? One feels like rejoicing over the burning of the colonialist, brutal France, which shed the blood of about 1.5 million Muslims and then 1 million additional Muslims; which beheaded them and exhibited their heads at museums; and which falsely accuses Turkey of massacring Armenians…. What can one even say to France that mocks our prophet and wants to change the verses in the Koran?”

“If you don’t respect my mosques, my holy book, my prophet, then you experience your punishment in a worse way. I am not sad at all.”

“They’ve destroyed the monuments in the Middle East that belonged to us. Maybe this will be a lesson to them.”

“Why should I feel sad? They destroyed Baghdad; so many mosques and madrassahs [Islamic schools] are gone. Let them [Christians] be in an even worse situation. I hope such beautiful news comes from the Vatican, God willing, as soon as possible.”

“Who cares? So many Muslims were killed in New Zealand and are still killed. It is just a building. They can build it again. Or maybe they themselves burned it. Maybe they wanted to renovate it but could not get permission for that, so they burned it.”

Others called for the destruction of other non-Muslim monuments and nations:

“That is such a beautiful sight. May other places of icons meet the same fate.”

“Send me the ashes. I will plant beans. I can spread the ashes underneath [the beans].

“Let’s grab a few pieces of wood. [The cathedral] hasn’t been burned to ashes completely yet. Let us help [the fire]…”

“May the whole of France burn down. They’re enemies of Islam, enemies of humanity.”

“May [the cathedral] be reduced to ash. Then may a storm break out and make even the ashes disappear, God willing.”

These comments clearly show the disdain and hate Muslims have for not only Christians but all non-Muslims. There is really no distinction in Islam between Christians and other religions. To Muslims ALL non-believers (kuffar) are the enemy and hated equally. Islamic hatred is not determined by geography, it is wholly centered on faith.

Within predominately Muslim countries other religious groups are just as vehemently hated and targeted. Yazidi, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Hindu religious temples and structures are targeted and destroyed. The destruction of religious establishments is a common tactic of Jihadists.

In France, authorities were quick to rule out arson as a cause of the blaze that destroyed major parts of the cathedral. Around the world churches have been the target of Islamic terrorism for centuries and yet the media doesn’t want to talk about it and Western governments don’t want to acknowledge it.

Given this historic precedence of violence towards other faith’s religious houses it is shocking that Notre Dame has just been dismissed as accidental and swept under the rug.

While Muslims celebrate the burning of an iconic Christian cathedral, Western governments and liberals continue to make excuses for and defend Islam. Until we wake up and realize that Muslims hate us and want to see all non-believers destroyed, we will continue to see unchecked destruction all around the globe.


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