Muslim Police Officer Hired To Promote Diversity Gets Arrested For Sex Crimes Against Teens

(Tea Party 247) – As Europe continues to prove, not all cultures are compatible with Western civilization. As we continually report, violent crimes and sex crimes continue to sky-rocket right along with the number of Middle Eastern and African migrants all across the continent. We’re not saying all migrants from these areas are too heavily influenced by their cultures to properly integrate into Western societies but it does seem a lot of them fit that bill.

In yet another example of this, a Muslim police officer in the UK has been arrested for being part of a grooming gang that sex trafficked teens and children. The corrupt police officer was hired in an effort to promote diversity among law enforcement. Apparently, the police department was in need of more criminals and sex offenders on the force.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

West Yorkshire PC Amjad Ditta, also known as Amjad Hussain, was charged with sex offences against children aged between 13 and 16.

Ditta was appointed in 2016 as a diversity officer “to boost numbers of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people applying to join the force” after then Prime Minister Theresa May said the number of black and Asian officers in the UK was “simply not good enough.”

Upon his appointment, Ditta said the police force should reflect the community it serves in terms of diversity.

Three years later and it emerges that Ditta abused his position to target teenage girls.

According to BBC News, “The allegations include several counts of rape, sexual assault, supplying drugs and trafficking. Mr. Ditta, who was attached to West Yorkshire Police’s Protective Services Operations, was a serving officer at the time of the offence he has been accused of.”

Now the department has been forced to suspend their face of diversity.

Here are the names of the other men arrested along with Ditta: Vaqaas Abbas, Nadeem Adalat, Sajid Adalat, Vaseem Adalat, Amjad Ditta, Christopher Eastwood, Metab Islam, Mohammed Rizwan Iqbal, Ishtiaq Latif, Asad Mahmood, Arfan Mir, Younis Mohammed aka Younis Khan, Nadeem Nassir, Shahzad Nawaz, Shazad Nazir, and Sohail Zafar.

Anybody else notice a theme? How can we expect men who come from parts of the world in which women and children are viewed as and treated like objects, to suddenly protect women and children? Ditta saw an opportunity to exploit teenagers in being part of law enforcement, and he went for it. We shouldn’t be surprised by the revelation that he was part of a grooming gang.

In some cases, law enforcement and government officials try to cover-up these crimes in an attempt to protect their precious diversity. One such shocking case happened in Rotherham, in which over 1,500 children ages 11-18 were sexually abused while the people who were supposed to be protecting them, turned a blind eye.

A report by The Guardian states that there were 110 people considered as suspects in this case and 80% of them are of Pakistani decent. Imagine that.

Is the protection of women and children really all that important if it impedes progress in diversity? Liberals don’t seem to think so.


  1. I’m sick and tired of seeing diversity represeted as a strength when it is actually a weakness. The democrats simply use it as a tool to control the voices of others and as a tool to pander to certain demograhics.
    An excess of diversity has a name, Balkanization, and that inevitably leads to strife if not that most uncivil of all wars, civil war. The bottom line is this, the democrats will say or do anything to gain power. It’s that simple. They are now reduced to trying to import an electorate because almost all Americans are familiar with their policies and will not vote for them so they go out and try to import votes, even illegal votes. Their media cohorts will cover the law breaking for them.
    Well now we have them on the ropes and I want to bury them, deep.

    • 100% agree. Musl8ms are trained from birth to hate all infidels. Their society is not allowed to go against the “profit” they have no respect for life, especially american lives. Yourdiversity will kill you. I will not be part of this corrupt PC culture.

  2. I’m 100% ok with being called a racist. Muslims are all shit bags. I look forward to the fight and we won’t be cutting off heads, we will smash there faces entirely off the bodies with our boots.

  3. The above comment by Mike is the best comment I’ve read bar non. He is so right on, and knows what he is talking about. The Muslims are bent on conquering the
    West by breeding like rabbits, infiltrating our government, demanding our laws be changed, and not assimilating into our culture. We are in grave danger, folks, and we had better do some house cleaning soon are we will be facing a civil war of cowboys and Muslims.

  4. Obama and Biden and liberal congress and senaters have already sold our country down this same river, along with the ‘fast and furious’ arming the mexican cartels along with pos. Holder “mr corruption himself” and having the nerve to criticize Barr.

  5. The founding father’s never took a salary . OK they were rich for the time. Plosie and her co hart’s & fillithy frends to top paying job’s take the most salary’s appoint all takers & her fag husband is a billionare..

  6. By Islamic law it is no crime to assault a non-Muslim, even rape, torturer, rob or kill. Plus Islamic law can never be changed because it is “the words of Allah.”
    Only fools let them in. If they want sanctuary let them go another Muslim country or deal with it.

  7. Ditto ditto ditto, Mike!
    Try these pigs (pun intended) in a western Court, if guilty, castration!
    Then wrap them in bacon and immediately ship them back to the shit holes they crawled out of.
    Enough of this Bull Shit

  8. That voting rights in American are given to every American (Not necessarily legal??) regardless of their astuteness, knowledge of history, understanding of consequences, or ability to discern truth from lies….can be a tragedy and a final test of our survival as a democratic Christo/Judaic country. It is amazing to me, that so many average people are so driven by appearing open, welcoming, and assume everyone in the world has good values. they really believed that – they wouldn’t lock their house or car!!! IF they understood that too many Moslems that profess to assimilate…still carry their 7th C values.and WE pay the price….by the very many atrocities that have occurred here do their inherent belief systems. Our wish that THEY uphold OUR values is merely wishful thinking….but, we pay the price.

  9. Really, and just what did they expect once they hired this MF so their office could be diverse? This is what happens when government and public offices try to be politically correct!! Wake up America could already be too late.

    • You may be right Steve but when Trump is reelected next year I do not rule out the left starting a real revolt ie civil war. If that should happen Islam will stand with the left as the left is stupid enough to believe they are the “Religion of Peace”. Muslims have a couple dozen terror training camps here in the U.S. and they will be very dangerous. On the other hand they will then be vulnerable to retaliation. It will be the media which will be our biggest enemy if this scenario comes about and how to deal with them is the question?

  10. Islam is incompatible with Judeo/Christian ethic of Western society. Muslim immigration should be highly restricted. Practicing Muslims, if they’re true to their beliefs, want to destroy democracy and institute a caliphate. Having a Muslim as a law enforcement officer in a Western country is madness.

  11. we’re all different for a reason! muslims & Christians have been fighting each other for centuries & it won’t stop until JESUS comes to rule over the earth! people wake up! America we have to STOP this INVASION of our country! muslims don’t want to be Americans they want Americans be to turned into whatever country they came from!

  12. Western politicians are destroying our civilization. Pretending that those sick and evil people can integrate into our societies.
    How stupid our politicians can be? Anybody with average intelligence can realize that Muslims are working hard to take over the west and destroy our Christian-Judeo civilization.

  13. You can take the Muslim out of Islam, but cannot take the Islam out of a Muslim.

    This looney toons John Smith must be a liberal Limey. Refers to “American cops”.

  14. ALL, ALL muzzies must go down. DON’T YOU FOOLS KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THESE PIGS. READ…..A……..BOOK……NOW………..AND……….THEN !!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP !!!!!

  15. These parasites eat the guts out of Every country they infect,When are people going to get sick of their women and children getting Abused and Killed.It’s Astounding to me!??

  16. I’m realizing more and more how incredibly stupid so many Americans are for letting the enemy into our country in the first place. God help us.

  17. Diversity, carried to extreme, becomes perversity

    Every time.

    East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.

    It is foolhardy to try to make them meet.

    • DIVERSITY EQUALS MEDIOCRITY AND FAILURE – PERIOD. these people are inferior, substandard, incapable of redemption. There is a reason that the military took so long to integrate – there is a reason that the NASA space programs originally had no blacks – there is a reason that the jails and prisons are full of blacks and Mexicans – these people are inferior – they use resources that they don’t deserve and put nothing back. they can’t compete. they have no morals. they are incompetent. they are malicious bums.

  18. The cry of islamaphobia is the same socialist/communist cry of racist. If the leftists disagree with you they say you are racist. Now the islamaphobia is the new one. Islamaphobia is spreading because of the Islamics crimes against women and children. Crimes the leftists aid and abet because they ignore them and promote them with their “diversity” goal.

    • Muslims invented the word islamaphobe, islamaphobia, realizing the left’s movement for political correctness and blind acceptance of abnormal behaviors, would work for Islam too. It has worked in Europe, and see what the results are there, i.e., countries on the verge of social and economic collapse. Is it our turn too? Do we just sit back and “accept” that political correctness is the law of the land?

    • yes, John Smith, but only after they robbed a bank or raped a white woman. look at your boy from Ferguson – he robs a Korean 7-11 and then proudly talks down the middle of the street – and all the blacks complain that the police had the temerity to challenge his conduct – and then the blacks burn the town down. You are one dumb negro, John Smith.

  19. European countries who allowed these things to happen have no one to blame but themselves. When will they realize that Muslims will NEVER assimilate and conform to western beliefs and values. Damn idiot liberals…..destruction of a society for the sake diversity? SMMFH!!!

  20. We must stop all hiring of Muslim police officers or illegal immigrants this sounds like something the democrats would do is to hire evil to go along with all their other evil agendas.

  21. And the world is afraid of Climate Change.
    When they really should be worried about Primate Change!
    I would say Castrate the Bast rd!
    But, There is a market for used weiners these days!

    • john smith is simply blind to any truth or facts; if a black is killed by cops, it is automatically a racist murder. He totally overlooks cops have killed more white criminals than black, and they have killed asians and hispanics too, all of whom were committing crimes, typically violent gang-related crimes, and likely would have killed another police officer if they got the upper hand. Which they do murder cops from time to time, including downright assassinations of cops just sitting in the patrol cars or walking their beat. John smith is simply ignorant and blind to the truth. Question to you Smith, do you wear saggy pants below your butt and the hoody and act like a hoodlum about to commit a crime? If you look like a hoodlum, act like a hoodlum, then it’s highly probable you ARE a hoodlum, meaning a criminal. How many assaults, thefts, murders are such hoodlums allowed to do before they deserve to get shot down? I think one time is good enough reason to blast their ass.

  22. Muslims have been enemies with the west since the religion of Islam was first made up. They were the first enemies of the USA when Britain lost and stopped protecting USA shipping. To the shores of Tripoli was the first mission of the newly formed USA Marine Corp. Muslims attacked Europe before the Crusades. The Crusades were defensive. They have always tried to expand their caliphate. Now they are infiltrating all western nations, out breeding whites and native people and intend to take over from within without an actual fighting war. And liberal snowflakes don’t see it, invite them in and are paying the price already. Look at he no go zones in NYC, Detroit, places in Minnesota where Muslims use sharia law. And London. With a Muslim mayor, significant no go zones and terrorists attacking at will. Pay attention people. It’s happening right under your noses and you’re thanking them for it.

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