Muslim French Official Celebrates His Birthday With This Offensive Birthday Cake – Is Anyone Surprised?

(Tea Party 247) – Muslims should not be involved in the politics of western cultures and societies. They are far too radical to be objective and unbiased. They zealously live by the dictates of Islam which are opposed to democracy. Although fundamental Christians are criticized heavily for living by the tenets of the Bible, Muslims are not only allowed to live by extreme Sharia law and be as hateful as they want, but they are protected by the left at all costs. We dare not offend any Muslims! They are victims after all. No matter that they carry out ideologically driven terror attacks all around the world on a regular basis. They are the actual victims and they deserve protection from public scrutiny.

As long as they continue to enjoy this level of protection they will continue to get involved with the political systems of the west, which will inevitably lead to their successful conquest of the infidels (that’d be us). Muslim politicians will always act in the interests of Islam first and foremost.

Thanks to their liberal defenders, Muslims can get away with displaying blatant anti-Semitism. Just look at Ilhan Omar and how much bigotry she gets away with. The focus of this article, however, is an official in the French town of Montpellier who celebrated his birthday with a positive and uplifting swastika cake. Imagine if a white government official did that. There would be riots in the streets. The left loves to call white men racist for being nationalists, meanwhile they allow actual racist and anti-Semitic Muslims to rise up to positions of power. Absolutely mind-boggling.

The French official, Djamel Boumaaz, shared a picture of his swastika cake on Facebook, saying, “I spent a beautiful day with my family, music, food in the home of my SS friend, then my birthday cake arrived, a gift from my SS friend.” Yet, he has not been removed from his official position at this time and will likely not be. It does appear that the Facebook post has since been removed and that his Twitter account has been banned.

Boumaaz, a Muslim, has a history of anti-Semitism. He is a former member of the extreme-right National Front party but left in 2015 when he felt as though the party leader, Marine Le Pen, had expressed anti-Muslim sentiment. Apparently, what’s good for the goose, isn’t good for the gander. Boumaaz has also been fined for flashing the quenelle, which is an inverted Nazi salute, at a session of the Montpelier city council. The gesture is illegal in France.

Boumaaz is also “a known associate of Holocaust denier Alain Soral and anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala.” You know what they say, you are the company that you keep! In 2016, Boumaaz was “investigated by city prosecutors for his Twitter account, which was marked “forbidden to dogs and Jews” and featured tweets mocking and denying the Holocaust.” (The Times of Israel)

Boumaaz represents a bigger and more widespread problem in western societies and that is the involvement of Muslims in the political systems. Islam stands in direct conflict with democracy and as you can clearly see, Muslims cannot just hide their contempt for certain groups of people. They particularly hate Israel because of deep theological disagreements but it won’t be long before there are enough Muslims in positions of power and they have found comfortability in the public arena of the west, before their contempt for all “infidels” turns into public displays of hate. Will the left continue to apologize for them then?

An international Jewish rights organization, The Wiesenthal Center, has sent a letter to Benedetto Zacchiroli, the president of the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism urging the coalition “to condemn Boumaaz and to urge the Mayor of Montpellier to take measures to remove him from his municipal functions.”

Don’t hold your breath though. Nothing will likely come of his obvious anti-Semitic birthday celebrations. He will likely continue to serve in his capacity as a city official despite his radical hostility towards Jewish people. This is “love” and “tolerance” in the 21st century, folks.


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