MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Gets Immediately Called Out After He Makes This Claim About Reporting On RNC Chair’s Hacked Emails

(Tea Party 247) – The majority of Americans don’t trust the lying mainstream media anymore. Their credibility is completely shot. They don’t even pretend to be unbiased anymore and it’s downright shameful and appalling.

The MSM talking-heads literally lie right to our faces with impunity and the worst part is liberal lock-steps gobble the propaganda right up then proceed to regurgitate it in their social media echo chambers. The leftist media is working hard to fuel hate and anger among leftists by spreading fake news.

Just look at the way they have treated President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus “pandemic.” They have blamed the entire economic collapse and the over 200,000 American deaths that have been “attributed” to the virus solely on President Trump. It’s a complete sham.

The worst part about it all is that they even lie about lying. They will claim that they never said this or never said that when there is literally video evidence or Twitter evidence of them actually doing or saying whatever it is they are denying, which was always a lie to begin with.

A prime example of this occurred Thursday morning when MSNBC host Chris Hayes made the claim that he never did any stories about RNC finance chair Elliott Broidy’s hacked and subsequently leaked emails. This was, of course, a downright blatant lie and surely Hayes knew it. He told it anyway.

On Twitter Hayes attempted to virtue-signal saying, “We never did any of the Broidy emails on the show for precisely this reason.”

He was immediately called out for his lie:

Here’s an actual clip of Hayes doing the piece on his show:

The media pundits are nothing more than glorified criminals being paid to protect the establishment. They’re doing a miserable job of it. The American people see right through their lies and shenanigans. Nobody is buying what they’re selling anymore yet they continue to operate as though they have the unfettered trust of the American people. They have seen their ratings, though, they know the truth.

Big Tech companies like Twitter are also guilty of the lying and double standards. Speaking of Elliot Broidy, why on earth are his hacked and leaked emails permitted to remain in circulation on Twitter when they supposedly have a policy that prohibits the sharing of “hacked” information. After all, Twitter went into full-blown panic-mode when the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s email hit the world last Wednesday.

The New York Post’s story was immediately banned and those who shared it locked out of their accounts. Yet, there remain tons of links still on Twitter that lead to Broidy’s hacked emails. Typical leftist double standards.

The only time Twitter upholds and enforces any of their policies is when it benefits Democrats. The suppressing of the New York Post story was literally to cover for Joe Biden. Meanwhile, allowing the Broidy hacked emailed to circulate hurts President Trump.

They expose their blatant biases daily and Americans have had enough.

Copyright 2020.


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  5. The hacks at MSNBC might as well be working for the CCP. The network seems to support a socialist agenda. Looking at the disaster in Venezuela, the former East German State, the collapse of the USSR, the ghastly Chinese Communists internment of a million Uighur inhabitants in at least eighty five concentration camps….it’s not a reasonable position for a thinking American.

  6. I would say that if this nation is ever turned over to a socialist/communist government, that there will wind up being no ABC news, CBS news, NBC news, MSNBC news, CBNBC news, or FOX news, NPR news or any other news outlets. There will wind up being only one news outlet and that would be the government socialist/communist news. What an irony it will be because all of the aforementioned news outlets who are daily supporting the socialist/communist agenda will loose their jobs. There will not be enough openings in the Government run news to hire all of these idiots that we put up with daily. What a bunch of clowns they are!!!

    • This may well be, but all the hacks in the MSM would have jobs waiting for them in the NWO. The only exceptions to these would be the current roster at the Fox News Channel (FNC), who would be permanently consigned to the unemployment line.


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