MSNBC Reporter Tries To Shame Citizens For Not Wearing Masks…Until They Point Out His Own Camera Crew! Ha!

(Tea Party 247) – Oh, fake news media hacks.

When will you learn?

MSNBC’s Cal Perry got scorched on social media after he tried to shame citizens for ignoring coronavirus mask guidelines…before his own camera crew was busted out for doing the same.

“You can see, here,” Perry told Katy Tur, who was in studio, as people without masks walked around nearby him.

“Nobody’s wearing them, nobody’s –,” he continued to lament, before a man passing by, who was doing his own “reporting” on his smartphone, noted that Perry’s camera crew was also unmasked.

“There you go, ok, ” Perry feebly admitted, before his words failed him.

“Striking images,” Tur said, dramatically, clearly trying to squeeze any fear she could out of the segment when it had already fallen flat.

Twitter was quick to request the video that the man who called Perry out had captured, so the man complied:

BizPac Review notes:

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany set off a wave of liberal pearl-clutching earlier this month when she called out the media for their obvious bias and hypocrisy, unloading a list of false reporting on the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, she slammed the mainstream media for its “apoplectic” reaction when President Donald Trump said he was taking hydroxychloroquine to protect from COVID-19.

Perry’s exchange over the face masks set off a wave of mockery on social media where Twitter users slammed the media again for fear-mongering while failing to heed their own reporting.


  1. This is just as bad as the Weather Chanel guys standing in a ditch in waist deep talking about how bad it is while people walk past in the background with no water.

  2. Mind your own business Perry you fake news reporter. How about actually doing your job correctly by accurately reporting the news with zero bias. Do some investigation into your stories before spewing your made up fake news. And stop harassing innocent people. It’s a free choice whether you wear a mask or not except for those business that are drinking the cool aid by making all wear mask. This is the United States of America that is governed by the law of the land called The Constitution of The United Staes of America.

  3. Hmmm…one would think that IF someone was going to do a story about face mask shaming that they would be smart enough to prep ALL their crew with face masks. But, we are not dealing with smart people now are we? Good job MSNBC way to continue showing how you contribute stupidity to the gene pool.


  5. Once again the liberal left is saying “Do as I say, not as I do”. Just more fake news media trying to create the story and their own narrative. Even more proof would be the three ads above this comment which are trying to distract everyone from the truth.

  6. The fact MSNBC and the rest of the lamestream propaganda media unmasked themselves is old news. The naked out of the closet hypocrisy of their agenda is becoming more entertaining in its desperation for credibility than anything else.

  7. The MSM doesn’t seem to have the intellect to understand that many Americans are not buying their propaganda any longer.

    Americans are awake and thinking for themselves……..we know how to determine the facts…….we don’t need someone in the media trying to persuade us into thinking along their lines……!!

    The Socialist media is losing more and more credibility every day……and we know it….!!!


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