Movie Featuring Liberals Killing Conservatives, “The Hunt,” Is Back On Schedule To Hit Theaters

(Tea Party 247) – A horror movie featuring liberal “elites” with guns (a “fantasy” movie, actually) hunting conservatives for fun is back on track to be released to audiences after months of delay.

The movie, aptly called The Hunt, was canceled after a series of mass shootings over the summer and President Trump calling attention to the violence the movie promotes. You just can’t stop liberals, though, so now the movie is back on and expected to hit theaters in March.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Hunt, which was promoted as political satire, told the story of a group of “elites” who hunt other people known as “deplorables,” ostensibly referring to the nickname given to Trump’s supporters by Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. The film was slated to hit theaters in September, but Universal Studios pulled it after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

The movie will now hit theaters on March 13, according to a new trailer posted Tuesday.

“It’s probably the most judged movie that’s ever existed that everyone who judged it hadn’t seen,” producer Jason Blum told the Hollywood Reporter. “We weren’t going to win the conversation around that, and so it was our decision, in holding hands with Universal, to take the movie off the schedule.”

In August, President Trump shared his thoughts on the movie in the lead-up to its canceled release.

“Liberal Hollywood is Racist at the highest level, and with great Anger and Hate! They like to call themselves ‘Elite,’ but they are not Elite,” the president said on social media. “In fact, it is often the people that they so strongly oppose that are actually the Elite. The movie coming out is made in order to inflame and cause chaos. They create their own violence, and then try to blame others. They are the true Racists, and are very bad for our Country!”

This movie is completely ridiculous. Liberals want to cry over guns being bad while Democrat lawmakers are literally attempting to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights wherever they have a stronghold, yet Hollywood makes a movie in which supposed liberals are out hunting conservatives with guns. Right.

The left truly wants to have it both ways. Then again, Hollywood has always been full of chameleon hypocrites who are willing to do and say anything for the almighty dollar. Nobody cares what celebrities have to say for this very reason.

Hollywood elites claim to despise sexual violence against women yet they have no problem starring in and producing movies that feature women being raped. Female actresses are completely fine with being completely and totally objectified on screen while shouting #MeToo on Twitter.

Now, Hollywood wants to continue lecturing all of us ignorant conservatives about how bad guns are while putting a movie out there in which they (liberals) are killing us (conservatives) with guns. It truly boggles the mind!

Hopefully no one is still wondering what might happen should liberals ever successfully take away our guns. (That would make a great fantasy movie.)

In the meantime, be sure to tune-in to Twitter for the latest celebrity rantings on the most current hot-button issues. To strongly oppose something only to turn around and promote it for a paycheck is a whole new level of dedication to the cause and “wokeness” us conservatives just aren’t familiar with.

Liberals claim President Trump is destroying America while they pump millions of dollars into the pockets of these garbage-promoting celebrities. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.


  1. Definitely going to see this one.

    Need to know how your enemy thinks, eh?

    Might give some good ideas to turn on him, too…..

    Make the follow-up movie sequel: DEPLORABLES HUNT BACK

  2. This is America where for many years we were allowed do and be who and what ever we wanted. That is until we were told to be more tolerant, give special rights, kill the unborn and unwanted. Then those who tolerated were then called intolerant because we said what we believed.
    That All Lives Matter, all are equals, all are free to become the president if your the best person for the job. We have never fixed an election, mo dead people really can’t vote. We simply vote for those who believe in freedom over control. We will do everything necessary to preserve our freedoms for the generations to come. That includes putting down rabid animals who attack.
    I stand as my grandfathers did over 200 years ago and have ever sense. Freedom for all who are willing to fight for it and allow no one to take it from them. As for the pansy sympathizers who call themselves demo-rats. Who bow cowardice heads to islam the religion of hatred, fear and death. We will help you pack. I suggest air drop over I-ran as a peace offering from the Free United States of America.
    Live and let live until we are attacked then we set things right!!!

  3. This is not a time to screen such a film. There are many left wing mental’s in metro areas of the US that might take the movies theme to heart. Civil war is always a possibility. Remember the chaos Orson Welles radio broadcast created ?

  4. If this isn’t a hate speech movie, how to do it, nothing is. How about some conservatives make a counter movie where all the actors in that movie are all killed? Wonder how the left would react to that?

  5. The mental disorder widely exhibited by the liberal “elites” is called mass hysteria and extreme anger and paranoia!
    This is really very dangerous stuff! It could sow the seeds of gun fights in the streets, and eventually civil war! Unbelievable! But possible!

    • I would likely buy a DVD of it and, secretly, give its to my Mom’s husband, since he is a Canadian left wing sympathizer.
      (He tends to hates me for being of a conservative mindset, possibly, even to get me involved in a fight, whereas my Mom would enter the dispute, supporting him. I really don’t want that!)

  6. There should be a movie of liberals getting the dog shit knocked out of them and being assed out by there ignorant shit bag democrap candidate. There’s something about being assed out that makes them happy.

    • Sadly, unless it is bad enough news for us conservative minded people, the word would unlikely get out. Unless, the word gets out in the form of tweets, just like President Trump uses so to get his words out, bypassing the MSM.

  7. This movie is open to false flag terrorisium, where liberals massacre liberals and blame it on conservatives.Tnhis is adangerous movie regardless of your political viewpoint. If there is blood following its release the lawsuits should destroy the hand of all who touch it. Remember Los Vegas.

  8. I recall a story with the theme of someone hunting people for sport. It was on a private island, and was one on one. I can’t think of the name of it, but the last lint went something like ” well, I succeeded in that, said Raines to himseof.

  9. I have been reading prophecy of late and it seems to me that this film and what the left is doing to our God, religion, our Churches, our Constitution, the turmoil in the EU, China, North Korea, Israel, our President, may be the beginning of the end times.

  10. This is an outrage, Can you imagine if it were reversed? What protest there would be. Even if it was reversed. I am a conservative and I would be outraged. Universal is just adding fuel to the fire concerning the division in our great country. I am saddened to see America heading down this road. Everyone should boycott Universal Studios and also this movie.

  11. This is hollyweirds sublimal message to the ignorant left walking dead. The Marxist elites would love to see this movie become a reality. Be careful what action you advance, for there is always a backlash. The Americans on the right also love to hunt. Can you say about 20 million.

  12. I knew that this was coming..It will only take a couple of brain dead followers of either party to load up and start our next civil war. Hollywood is totally out of control with their Hate and won’t be happy until the world ends up the way they depict it in all of their movies. Maybe one day God will give them what they deserve.

  13. How many sick minds will be influenced by the production. I thank God every day that I was born in the original great America where movies were viewed and accepted, censored or rejected by a state board of adults. Parents (at least mine) then decided further if a movie was appropriate for their children. There was a time when we didn’t have ratings. AND movie owners also determined if certain ages would be allowed in. No, it wasn’t taking away our freedom to choose, it was to protect children who were not old enough to comprehend much less see the content. This protection was conducted by ALL adults, not along party lines. I’m with Judge Jeannine – it’s not what is politically correct, it’s what is MORALLY RIGHT!

  14. It is my understanding that the outcome of the movie is that the “deplorables” actually turn the tables on their pursuers and defeat them. That would be interesting.

    • Hmmm. I really wouldn’t know, however, I believe it is being produced so to create chaos, start a civil war or, fuel this onethat is already in existence.

    • I cannot help but wonder if the producers of this movie are closet conservatives. Their motives for making the movie may be actually to show the world what the liberals mindset really is. Considering that conservatives win in the end of the movie, it seems very plausible. The real messafge of the movie is anti-liberal, not anti-conservative.

  15. Yes. Liberalism, socialism, communism are mental and spiritual disorders. Those who hold these views cannot distinguish good from evil for they have embraced evil. Isaiah 5.20.

  16. Just shows how SICK the liberals really are ! I’m thinking this a war the liberal RATS don’t really want, who is going to be in charge for the RATS ? Sanders , or the guy who kisses his husband L M A O

  17. This is just beyond disgusting. If a movie was made that depicted conservatives killing liberals do you think it would even make it to the theaters? What a bunch of complaints there would be!!! Maybe even riots (antifa style)!!!! What a bunch of hypocrits!!!!!

  18. I’d say they best watch their backs! I do think there are many more “Deplorable conserves ” that actually own and know very well how to use a weapon! Because most are ex service personal that were trained to do just that! And these very people put their lives in danger to protect this country and our Constitution! And they will do it again if needed! To protect from any and all forms of aggression both foreign and DOMESTIC! We are sworn to it!

    • Exactly.. I don’t watch any new movies out there in movie theaters or on TV when it comes to any liberal actor or actress they do not get my money and I believe everybody should be doing the same thing..

  19. It is not a movie that I’m going to watch. It premise is perverse, promoting the killing of people that have a different opinion. It is set up to encourage violence. Don’t we have enough problems involving violence. Then you have a group of people who believe they are better than anyone else, who trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment encouraging gun violence. No interest in the film and I hope it goes the way of many other films that bombed in the theaters.


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