More Leftist Chicanery: We Can Fix ‘Global Warming’ By Way Of ‘Population Engineering’ AKA Fewer Humans Living On Earth

(Tea Party 247) – Leftists might not have any ability to rationally think or use logic and facts but they are clever. They understand well how to manipulate voters by changing the language they use to describe their policies and ideas. While this chicanery doesn’t work on everybody, it has proven to be an effective tactic for the Dems. If only people would wake up and see the scam they would lose voters by the thousands.

For example, when they want to increase taxes they just phrase it as “improving government revenue streams.” If they want to talk about “climate change” they use the term “global warming.” When they want to push the perverse and unnatural LGBT agenda on us they call it “love and acceptance.” Of course we all know the obvious example of them using the world “politician” instead of “criminal” (we’re looking at you, Hillary).

The point is, the Left is clever if nothing else. Their ideas are insane and illogical yet they are able to sell them to huge segments of the American people.

They are up to their old tricks but this time we are talking about “population control” which the Left refers to as “population engineering.” Sounds totally futuristic and fun that way!

What they don’t tell you is that what they really want is fewer people on the earth. The Death Cult Leftists are more concerned with resources than lives and they make very little effort to hide this disturbing fact.

They have made such a moral issue of climate change that liberals are glad to follow along with population engineering for the sake of the planet.

The National Public Radio, an openly extreme-left propaganda outlet, published an online paper describing the Left’s “fight against climate change.”

The author argues in the abstract:

Contrary to political and philosophical consensus, we argue that the threats posed by climate change justify population engineering, the intentional manipulation of the size and structure of human populations. Specifically, we defend three types of policies aimed at reducing fertility rates: (1) choice enhancement, (2) preference adjustment, and (3) incentivization. While few object to the first type of policy, the latter two are generally rejected because of their potential for coercion or morally objectionable manipulation. We argue that forms of each policy type are pragmatically and morally justified (perhaps even required) tools for preventing the harms of global climate change.

This entire paper is based on the assumption that “climate change” is real and while the climate does change this is nothing new under the sun. Climate patterns have regularly changed throughout the history of the planet. So, it is false to assert that WE are the cause of climate change. This just illustrates the delusions that fuel Leftist ideology.

In order to accomplish this goal of global engineering they have to push as many abortions on us as possible, poison us with toxic food products and pesticides, inject our children with as many dangerous vaccines as they can, destroy women’s fertility (by way of vaccines and chemical foods), make us voluntarily use spyware in our homes and personal spaces, and replace capitalism with something that doesn’t allow for choice and free will.

They are well on their way to creating this Leftist dystopia. Resistance is becoming futile as this is not just happening in America, but globally.

Thankfully President Trump has enough sense to fight back against these efforts as much as one man can. He did pull America out of the Paris Climate Accords summit which turns out to have been a good move.

To the point of destroying capitalism, JD Heyes says in an article on Evil News:

The fact is, capitalism is the only economic model that has been successful in the past 150-plus years. The evidence is plain to see; our societies transformed from feudal existence that lasted 1,000 years and produced no economic growth or opportunity to build the world’s biggest economy (ours). At the same time, lifespans increased three-and-four fold (which is a problem, of course, for the Marxist climate change hoaxers). 

Naturally we can assume when the Leftists are talking about population engineering what they intend for is to control the population of US not THEM. It’s time to wake up to the Leftist agenda and their twisted ideology and worldview.


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